V.J.P. Saldanha

Indian Konkani language litterateur, dramatist, novelist, and poet.

V.J.P. Saldanha (9 June 1925 – 22 February 2000) was an Indian Konkani language litterateur, dramatist, novelist, short-story writer and poet.



On the need for a Konkani reawakeningEdit

  • Generally, it is a question of the people. Particularly, in the present case, it is the question of the Konkani people—at home and abroad. The Konkani people just cannot afford to sit tight while communities all around strive with zeal for progress and honourable recognition; while Maharashtra on one side and Karnataka on the other side make their presence felt and their demands expressive. Emphatically, the Konkani people have a need to unite for uplifting the Konkan. These are the aspirations of all the Konkani speaking Indians. It is with these thoughts in mind, the Konkani people will be proud to hail the Konkani way of life. If the Konkani people give their support and cooperation in the way it is essential, there is no doubt that the Konkani way of life will strive to live up to the sterling idea it has set forth.
VJP Saldanha's quote from one of his editorials in Poinnari, a Konkani weekly. Undated. Translated from it's original text in Konkani and quoted by Edwin J.F. D'Souza in his biography of Saldanha, Makers of Indian Literature: VJP Saldanha, p. 20.

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