2002 visual novel

Utawarerumono is a visual novel video game series published by Aquaplus. The series has received several manga and anime adaptations.

Quotes from the games


Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (2015)

Haku: Why are you traveling? Do you have some goal way out here--some objective? […]
Kuon: I just want to take myself to as many new places as I can, I think. Like there's a wanderlust deep inside me, whispering to my heart, you know? It wants to go places it's never been, have experiences it's never had, try new things... So as long as there are new places for me to take in like that, I'll continue my travels, I suppose. […] Drinks that can only be found here, food that's only cooked there, seeing the sights... Traveling the open road, wandering a free world with no one to lecture me or force me to study... Really, I have to wonder if this lifestyle is what they mean when they talk about an earthly paradise.

Oshtor: It is natural to hold fear for the unknown, and for unmatched power.
Kiwru: But... I do not have the courage...
Oshtor: […] What is courage? […] Courage is a heart that conquers its fears. It is not one that denies fear. It is one that accepts fear, and finds its strength within that. […] Courage without doubt is mere recklessness. True courage is never born without fear... They are two sides of the same coin. What is important is how you face those fears. So feel no shame in cowardice. You must only accept and confront it. Kiwru... courage is already within your grasp. You need only take the first step... You must believe in yourself.

Oshtor: Ha... ku... […] Do you remember... the day we first met...? […] If memory serves, we first fought together under circumstances similar to this. Back to back, at a cliff... If I close my eyes, I can remember it as though it was yesterday. […] You are... such a bizarre man... Always so carefree, never taking life too seriously, looking for ways to get out of work... But in times of greatest need, you always manage to figure out a solution... I cannot tell you how comforting it has been to have you at my side... a man like a warm ray of the sun... You always had companions nearby, and before I knew it, your little group had grown quite a lot... It was my greatest pleasure to watch you grow, day by day, into a skilled leader... And the days I spent with you... I truly did have fun... Yes... such fun, indeed... […] Heh. Please, do not cry... Nekone. This is the fate that awaits us Akuruturuka... I have no regrets. […] I leave Her Highness... in your hands. ...I'm counting on you, kid. Nekone, live on... and find happiness. And keep the kid... out of trouble... for me...

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth (2016)

Nekone: You must not speak a word of the truth to Mother. […] She is sickly, weak, and has begun to lose her eyesight besides. I do not wish for anything more to happen to her. […] A certain proverb states that lies, told over and over again, ultimately become truth... […] There is no turning back.
Haku: I never intended to. (Yeah, I'm definitely going to hell for this. Straight to damnation. It'd be only proper, considering what I'm about to do.)
Nekone: […] You are not alone in this. I am here. Wherever you go, I... I will...

Nekone: I will lie here with you until you fall asleep. […] I never noticed. I never tried to see... That each day you become more "dear brother" to me... that much less of Haku remains. […] I could think only of my own wants. My selfish need... to have my brother back... But I see now. It was never me. The one hurting the most in all this... the one sacrificing... has been you, Haku.
Haku: It's all right. I chose this...
Nekone: I know my usefulness is... intermittent. If you chose to turn and run from all this, I can only imagine I... I would watch you go. Helpless. But as long as you remain here, and carry on... I will do anything I can to help you. I promise. […]
Haku: I know I cause you more trouble than I may be worth. But don't worry, Nekone. I'm not going anywhere. I promise. […] So you just watch my back, Nekone.

Haku: Woshis... You and I... are the same... You are what I could have been, if I had never met all my comrades... If only we had met each other under different circumstances, perhaps we could have been good friends, too... But now... I can only grant you rest. When next we meet... let us share a drink together as friends!
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