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Every user on WikiQuote has their own individual User Page and User Talk Page. This page will explain how you can use your own User Page on WikiQuote (WQ).

User Pages are a key means of supporting communication between users by providing information about users and their accounts, and are widely linked from many locations in order to support this. It is normal to view user pages in many contexts when users want to find out more about a user or user action. User pages are an intrinsic part of WQ's communication infrastructure:

  • user pages are linked from every signature in discussions
  • user pages are linked from every file history (eg where users have tagged pages as having problems)
  • user pages are linked from every upload log
  • user pages are linked from many {{information}} templates
  • user pages of admins are linked from every deletion log entry

</ref> Other uses of user pages are secondary to this.



WQ's software, MediaWiki, allows all logged in users to have their own user page. Anonymous users also have user pages, but they will share these with other users of the same IP. This can facilitate communication among participants in the project. If your username is JohnDoe:

User pages are linked to from page histories, recent changes, the list of users and from any page where you sign your name.

Userpage content guidelines

Babel user information
es-N Esta persona tiene una comprensión nativa del español.
vi-3 Người dùng này biết tiếng Việt với trình độ tốt.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
Users by language

Your user page allows you to present some information about yourself, like your skills (especially language skills), your interests, and what other Wikimedia projects you contribute to. "Userboxes" are often used for this, as these can be localized for different languages. A variety of other content is also acceptable for WQ contributors.



 Y Userboxes, especially

Images and other content about the user


 Y User pages may contain an image to represent the user (especially photographs of the user); these may be tagged with {{User page image}} - a template to put on the file page of a userpage image, to identify it as such for the purposes of WQ:Project scope#File in use on WQ only.

 Y User pages may contain other content about the user, but this

Note that WQ is not a social network and users are not entitled to "profiles" in the way they are on social networks such as Facebook. User pages are intended to support Commons' work by providing information about contributors, especially information which is relevant to those contributions. Regular Commons contributors are allowed a certain amount of leeway and discreet links to relevant web pages elsewhere are normally permitted.