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Bureaucracy is the structure and set of regulations in place to control activity, usually in large organizations and government.


  • Le courant des affaires devant toujours s'expédier, il surnage une certaine quantité de commis qui se sait indispensable quoique congéable à merci et qui veut rester en place. La bureaucratie, pouvoir gigantesque mis en mouvement par des nains, est née ainsi.
    • As routine business must always be dispatched, there is always a

fluctuating number of supernumeraries who cannot be dispensed with, and yet are liable to dismissal at a moment's notice. All of these naturally

are anxious to be "established clerks." And thus Bureaucracy, the giant
power wielded by pigmies, came into the world.
  • Bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress.

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