User:LrdChaos/Closing a deletion discussion

These are the steps for a sysop to close and archive a VFD (Votes for deletion) discussion.

  1. Close the discussion. To do this, edit the discussion subpage to add the {{Vt}} template at the top of the discussion (above the header and initial nomination) and {{Vb}} below all the voting (both templates should be substituted). The {{Vt}} template takes, as a parameter, the result of the discussion (e.g., keep, delete, speedy keep, speedy delete, etc.), and should be signed with ~~~~. The edit summary should mention that the vote is being closed, and preferably the result.
  1. Archive the discussion. VFD discussions are archived based on when they were nominated, not when they were closed. Archive indexes follow the naming convention of Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/Log/Year Monthname (for example, Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/Log/2007 April). To add a closed discussion to this page, edit the main VFD page, and copy the whole line for the closed discussion ({{Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/PAGENAME}}). On the Log page, locate the right spot (newer nominations are at the top) and paste the line you copied. If you're archiving the first (and/or only) VFD discussion for a particular day, it's helpful to put an HTML comment with the date above the new line (for example, <!-- April 12 nominations -->). Now, remove the date line and the discussion line from the main VFD page, and save it; then save the Log page. (a helpful edit summary for both is "archiving Discussion name").