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M*A*S*H (TV series)

Radar: Oh, gee. I thought he was doing okay fighting against the war.
Potter: You mean fighting the war, don't you?
Radar: No, Sir. I mean the war against the war. You know. Well all fight it. You fight it by, uh, painting and riding your horse and I fight it by working hard and taking care of my animals.
Potter: Yeah … That makes sense.
Radar: Yes sir. But, uh… Well, Hawkeye's really fought it. I mean, he's made fun of it! He knew it was awful, but-- but he never let it get him. He never backed down. They oughta give him a medal for the way he's fought this war! The worse it got, the-- the more he joked about it.
Potter: And now the jokes aren't working anymore.
Radar: No, Sir. The other side's winning.
Potter: It hasn't won yet. Once upon a time a kid named David went up against a heavy favorite named Goliath… and decked him.
Radar: I know about that, Sir. But David wasn't afraid to fall asleep at night.

Stargate Quotes:

Well I suggest the two of you figure out how to get us back home.
Sir, The only way to do that would be to turn this thing around and go back to where we started.
Right, I'll just go tell the pilot

BJ: If the young weren't so damn good at survivng wars, maybe there wouldn't be any more of them!

But I've been sane a long while, now, and change is good. - Wash

Overmyer: Well, you're wrong. Gibbs: I try so hard, not to be wrong, don't I Kate? Kate: You're very consciencious in that regard, Gibbs. ... Overmyer: Oh, you're insinuating I had something to do with Tom Eagan's death? Gibbs: I try so hard, not to insinuate, don't I Kate? Kate: You rarely insinuate, Gibbs. Gibbs: Yeah. All I'm doing now is taking your records. Overmyer: I'm calling my legal council Gibbs: I would bet that he would insinuate plenty.