User:Aphaia/User page draft

Registered Wikiquote editors automatically get two personal pages each: a user page and user talk page. Those pages serve them to help in Wikiquote editing.

Note: This is not an official guideline or policy, but the accepted wisdom on English Wikiquote community. It aims to help newcomers to know how they can utilize their user pages and have them feel at ease. Every suggestion and observation is based on some past discussions on Wikiquote:Votes for deletion, its talk page, and some related discussion pages around some user pages.

About user page edit

The following is the conventional wisdom on wikiquote regarding the utilization of the personal pages.

  • Unless editors violate Wikiquote policy (i.e. no copyright violations, no advertisement, etc.), they may add any useful things for their view to their own user pages.
  • It is generally bad behaviour to edit others' user pages without their permission. On the other hand, anyone can edit any talk page for the purpose of good-faith communication.
  • Totally irrelevant content is not welcome. One example is not editing any Wikiquote articles except your user and talk pages (suggesting that you are using these pages as a personal website). See also Wikiquote:What Wikiquote is not. Note that neither user page nor user talk is "freespace" — it is still subject to Wikiquote policies. In such cases, other editors may get rid of those irrelevant materials.

User page utilities edit

Here are some suggestions and tips, if you have no idea how to utilize your user page, or have no idea how useful it could be.

  • Self introduction - Most of editors put their information on their user page. The amount of personal information you decide to reveal is up to you -- you may give your real name, birthdate and other biographical details. It is highly encouraged, in any case, to describe your wikiquote interests: what kind of articles are you interested in? What kind of things do you specialize in? This will enable the community to communicate with you better.
    • Note that you should not create articles with personal information about yourself in the "main namespace". (Even if you are notable -- wait for someone else to create an article about you)
  • Bot descriptions: If you create a bot account, description of your bot activity is mandatory. See Wikiquote:Bots
  • User's own quotes - Since Wikiquote is a collection of quotes from notable sources, you should not create an article in the main namespace for your own quotes or quotes of your friends and relatives. You should also not create a main namespace article that merely reflects your own favorite quotes from a variety of other sources; this article space is reserved for quotes organized by notable subjects. On the other hand, you can create any of these personal quote collections on your user page.
  • Subpages - Subpages should not be created under ordinary articles (in the main namespace). For convenience, you may create subpages under your user page. These subpages are subject to the same Wikiquote policies as your user and talk pages.

Language issues edit

  • English Wikiquote is an English-language project.
  • However, many English Wikiquote editors might have trouble in English.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you will have some English text on your page, even if it is just a couple of sentences. Otherwise, it is possible the only one who can understand your userpage is you. An example of English text is "I am from area" (country or continent, for example), or "I intend to work on type of articles" (TV articles or People from India articles, for example). Note that if you have no English content, the community might decide to apply more scrutiny to the contents of your user page.

If you have trouble using English, you might want to contact someone in Wikimedia Embassy for help in writing a few sentences in English.