Urusei Yatsura

Japanese manga series

Urusei Yatsura ("Those Obnoxious Aliens") is an anime and manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi. The anime series comprises 195 TV episodes (1981-1986), six movies (1983-1991), and 12 OVA episodes (1985-2008).

  • Darling!
  • DARLING NO BAKA!!! ("Darling, you idiot!")
  • One, two, three! DIVINE RETRIBUTION!!!
  • We're going to make a baby on Saturday night!
  • visiting Ataru in his classroom: Teacher, husbands and wives should always be together, whether it's raining or windy, in the house, or even at school!
  • Darling! Shinobu can go to hell!
  • Nope! 'Cause in my tummy is DARLING'S BABY!
  • Where I come from, marriage is a sacred institution, so if you cheat on me... [shocks Ataru] (Episode 1)
  • [referring to Rei] Oooh! I will never marry such a tacky man! Tacky tacky tacky!!
  • Thank you, Ran. I will think hard about this...
  • Umeboshi? GIVE ME UMEBOSHI!
  • I don't care if it's a lie. I just want you to say it. (Movie 5)
  • Darling, you IDIOT! Do ya wanna really forget about me!? (Movie 5)
  • Even if it takes a "lifetime", I'll make ya say it! (Movie 5)
  • I refuse! I'd sooner go to Iscandar than fight and be killed by an Oni! (Episode 1)
  • on his game of tag with Lum: But to grab those horns, naturally I've gotta grab the body first... (Episode 1)
  • speaking English while flirting with a girl in Hawaii: Hi! I'm Ataru Moroboshi, Number One Japanese Boy! Please date with me!
  • I'm gonna run away from home! Will that make you happy?! WAAAAAAAAA!!!! [runs out the front door in his sock feet, then comes back for a second to put his shoes on] Damn it! [runs back out the door] WAAAAAAAA!!!! (Episode 2)
  • When will you learn that I always do things without thinking of the consequences? (Movie 2)
  • I HATE YOUR GUTS! (Movie 5)
  • You idiot, if I say "I love you" under these circumstances, How do you know if I was telling the truth? (Movie 5)
  • I'll never forget, I'll... never... forget..., I'LL NEVER FORGET! ...you, Lum... [collapses] (Movie 5)
  • I'll say it on my "deathbed"! (Movie 5)
  • Ne, ne, ne...Juusho to denwa bangou wa?! (Hey, hey, hey...What's your address and phone number?!)

Shutaro Mendo

  • repeated line: WAAA! KURAI YO! SEMAI YO! KOWAI YO!!! ("Waaa! It's cramped! It's dark! I'm scared!!!")

Shinobu Miyake

  • repeated line: OTOKO NAN TE! ("Men be damned!")
  • You flirtatious scum!
  • from the BBC dub "Lum the Invader Girl": I must go to my sweet Ataru! He needs me! He loves me! Even though I know Lum will be with him, I can't keep away from my beloved, my precious. Although, if he's shagged her... I'LL KILL HIM!
  • also from "Lum the Invader Girl"; Shinobu's reaction to Lum's claim that she is pregnant with Ataru's child: You've got... a bun in your oven???

Ten (Jariten)

  • Lum, you'd be better off if you dumped that idiot!
  • It's obvious that Lum is too good for you! (Episode 2)
  • What's that look on yer face? Is that how you look at folks coming all the way from beyond the galaxy?! (Episode 2)
  • You disgusting slimeball!
  • repeated line: Boku ii ko! ("I'm a good boy!")

Ataru's Mother

  • oft-repeated line: Oh, I never should have had him!
  • to Ataru: You are the personification of the word "stupid"!

Cherry (Sakuranbo)

  • Y... your face, my friend... it's hopelessly horrible!!!
  • Praise Buddha, praise Buddha. In the name of Jesus Christ, praise Buddha.
  • Haratama! Kiyotama! (Excorsize! Purify!)

Ryunosuke Fujinami

  • ORE WA ONNA DA!!!! ("I AM A WOMAN!!!!")


  • Oh, that's terrible...
  • If you do not apologize...I shall be angry.
  • Would you like some sherbert while you bathe?
  • So am I sarcastic, the stingiest person you know, or a cold-blooded businesswoman which is it...I am none of those, but that's quite alright with me.


  • Move it! Outta my way!
  • Hey Ran. It's a call from your '"treacherous snake".
  • Ran-chan shiawase! (Lil' Ran's so happy!)


Newscaster: Only one day remains in the game of tag between Ataru and Lum, a game upon which the future of the Earth depends. Complaints are coming in from all over about Ataru's hopeless performance.
Businessman: You see, surely, it's all Ataru's fault! He is responsible for all this!
Baseball Player: I'm worried that if Ataru loses and the aliens take over, I won't be able to play baseball anymore!
Megane, Perm, Chibi: Ataru! Pay us back before you get killed!
Newscaster: Furthermore, we're getting numerous comments saying that if Ataru loses tomorrow, he and his family should be executed, and we've received word that people in their neighborhood are preparing to lynch them.
Mr. Moroboshi: Dear!
Mrs. Moroboshi: I never should have had him!

[Lum is upset that Ataru wants to meet up with another girl.]
Lum: Oh, no, no, no! Please don't go!
Ataru: You can't change my mind! My will is like iron - ironclad!
Lum: Why... why is that, when I love you so much? Do you hate me?
Ataru: No, I love you.
Lum: Then, how come... ?
Ataru: You don't understand, do you? I love you, Lum, and I love Shinobu, Sakura, Oyuki, and I love Kintaro's teacher... in other words, I love you all!

Lum: This is so romantic.
Ataru: [to himself] Boy, what a mess I'm in!
Lum: We've been through so much, but at last we're going to be properly married.
Ataru: [to himself] I want to see Elle! Somehow I must escape from this trap!
Lum: I can almost hear the footsteps of happiness!
Ataru: [to himself] I can almost hear the footsteps of doom!
Lum: Somehow I have this feeling that we're not on the same wavelength.
Ataru: Huh? Must be your imagination.

Kintaro: You're a simpleton whose reasoning abilities are totally primitive!
Jariten: He's not only primitive, but clumsy, satyric, flirtatious, and to top it off, a moron and a total pervert.
Ataru: Geez, what a bunch of little brats!

Kintaro's Teacher: [conducting her class on a tour of "famous places" in Tokyo] Over there is the famous telephone pole! Here's a garbage can, sometimes called a plastic garbage can! Pretty neat, isn't it?
Ten: This is what you call a famous place?!
Kintaro: Teacher, please don't embarrass me!
Kintaro's Teacher: What's the matter, Kintaro?
Kintaro: Just 'cause we're kids, don't think we don't know better! At the very least, take us to Tokyo Tower or Nijubashi! Or if not that, how about taking us to an anime studio?

Lum the Invader Girl (BBC English Dub)

Ataru: Just shut up about omens and evil! We're not going anywhere!
Lum: [hugs Ataru] That's right! The only place we should be going is to bed! What do you say, darling?

Lum: [waves bikini top at Ataru] I'm in bed... come and join me!
Ataru: I told you, Lum, I do NOT want to sleep with you!
Ten: Hey, what's the matter with you? Is your little Ataru not standing up for itself?
Ataru: What do you mean?
Ten: I mean, is your love compass still pointing due south?

Rei ("Raymond"): "Would you please do me the great honour of being my treasured wife?"
Ataru: WOW! Raymond spoke a whole sentence!
Lum: Well, that doesn't count. He was just reading from a phrasebook!
Megane: Yeah, he just recited it!
Kakugari: Where's the romance in that?

Season 1


I'm Lum the Notorious! / It's Raining Oil in Our Town

Ataru: (That's not fair! No-one told me you could fly!)
Lum: (You just didn't do your homework!)

Megane: (Why you..! If Miss Lum doesn't pay what you owe...)
Dappya: [on TV] (...Earth'll go up in smoke!)

Mail from Space -- Ten Arrives! / Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin

Ten: (I'm Lum's cousin, Ten!)
Shinobu: (What a cute baby! I'm Shinobu.)
Ataru: (What a jerk! I'm Ataru.)

The Coming of Rei, the Handsome Shapechanger! / Die, Ladykiller!

Ataru: (I really am susceptible to possession by evil spirits! Help!)

Kintaro from the Autumn Sky! / Gonna Live Like a Man!


Sakura, Raving Beauty of Mystery / Virus in Distress


Black Hole Love Triangle / It's a Lovesick Little Demon!

Dappya: Sentō kaishi mashou! (Let the battle begin!)

Electric Shocks Scare Me! / Voodoo Dolls of Vengeance

Cherry: (Ataru, at times a man must turn his back on reality and make like a stocking and run!)

Ten: (That's fast... "Possibly a new world record, Mr. Guinness.")

Cherry: ("When you curse someone, dig two graves.")

Neptune is Beyond My Closet / That Crazy Age of the Dinosaurs

Dappya: (After hatching, a creature may fixate on the first thing it sees and treat it as its mother. This is known in biology as "imprinting." Takahashi, is this for real?)

Princess Kurama, Sleeping Beauty / Athletics in Women's Hell!


Pitter Patter Christmas Eve

Dappya: [out Megane's eye] (This is unforgivable!)

Megane: Oja Korokke!! (Yo old man, croquettes!!)

Perm: (H-h-hey, she really did it!)
Megane: M-m-mana... (Y-y-yeah...)
Kakugari: Sh-shikashi... (B-but...)
Chibi: (Gee, her electric shock, it's truly shocking!)

Ataru Genji Goes to the Heian Capital


Battle Royal of Love / Father, You Were Strong


Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief / Full Course from Hell

Megane: (Wow! What a...!)
Perm: (She smiled at me! If I don't accept her invitation, there's no reason for living!)
Megane: (Idiot! She's sending signals to me!)
Perm: (Shut up! They're to me!)
Megane: (To me!)
Ataru: Hi! I'm Ataru Moroboshi, number-one Japanese boy! Pleasea deta with me!

Sakura: Remonsukasshu... (One Lemon Squash...) hmm?
Men: Ha-hai, remonsukasshu! Nani ka hoka ni wa? (Y-yes, one Lemon Squash! Anything else?)
Waiter: (Please feel free to order anything!)
Man: (How about a back rub?)

Cherry: (STOP!! You idiots! I heard everything! Just as I feared, I left you alone and you're up to no good!)
Megane: (Where is he?)
Cherry: [pop!] (Right here.)
Ataru: (Ch-Cherry!)
Megane: (Wh-when did you get into my trunk?)

Sakura: (You look pale, Uncle. Are you OK?)
Cherry: Uh, uh-uh... Sore da meiga! (This is fate!)

Cherry: (I have no idea what's going on, but such is fate.) [struck by the thrown octopus] D'oh!

Mendou Brings Trouble! / Constellation-Go-Round

Ataru: (So, if I become class president, I'll make every girl in class mine!)

The Great Spring War / The Benten Gang's Return Match

Cherry: Samui! (Chilly!)

Oh! Lone Teacher! / Terrifying Visiting Day

Kuribayashi: Kyō kara, anata wa keshigomuda! (Starting today, you're an eraser!)
Ataru: Nade?! (Why?!)
Kuribayashi: Kyō kara, anata wa moppuda! (Starting today, you're a mop!)
Ataru: Naze?! (But why?!)
Kuribayashi: Kyō kara, anata wa battoda! (Starting today, you're a bat!)
Ataru: Dadoshdi..?! (Why..?!)

The 4-D Camera / Demonic Jogging

Shutaro: (We obtained it from the British Royal Family, who carefully guarded it.)
Perm: (I see. Some people just have everything...)
Ataru: (Maybe it's just been gathering dust, and won't work.)

Girl's Day! Introducing Ran / Ran's Invitation

Megane: (That Ataru bastard! He's walking in mid-air!)
Shutaro: (As usual, he displays his total lack of common sense. Let's go, we can't be late to Lum's party because of that idiot Ataru.)
Megane: (Oh, right...)

The Tearful Diary of Tomorrow / Whose Kid is This?


Sleepy Springtime Classroom / Peach-Blossom Poetry Contest


The Duel! Ataru vs. Ataru / Wake Up to a Nightmare

Cherry: Oh, nan doyu (What have you)—AAAHHHHH!!!
Ataru: Ahh, (now I can breathe for a moment!)

Ten: (Ma'am! I brought Sakuramboo.)
Cherry: (As soon as Ataru ate my manju, he split in two!)
Mother: (So it's all your fault, yet again!) [a fridge strikes Cherry, reappears]
Cherry: (Madam, please calm down.)

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