Until Dawn

2015 survival horror adventure video game developed by Supermassive Games

Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival horror adventure video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.


  • Don't you guys think this is a little bit cruel?
  • [If Chris shot the squirrel] [Chris: Bullseye!] What are you doing? How could you do that? Chris, that is so effed up! [Chris: What?] That poor little guy was alive about ten seconds ago! [Chris: Oh, come on. Squirrels are just rats with bushy tails.] I cannot believe you just did that. [Gets attacked by a crow] Oh, my God! What is that? Get it away! [Chris: Holy crap! Look out!] [Holds her right eye that the crow scratched] [Chris: [Points up to a cable car] Hey, look, our cable car's coming] [Follows Chris]
  • For Pete's sake. My clothes, really?! Whichever one of you did this is off my Christmas list. Seriously, not cool, guys. Not cool at all.
  • You need to listen to me, I don't care if you believe me or not. Doesn't matter, because you will. You need to go down to the mines. [Reporter: What was in the mines, Sam?] I've seen what's down there– and I'd give anything to unsee it.


  • Come on, guys, we're all friends here, right? No need for violence, just a little harmless fun! We're up in the woods! It's spooky! Come on, let's get into the spirit of things!
  • Oh, fuck nuggets!
  • Shutters are shuttered.
  • Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake, this is fucking unbelievable.
  • [After finding a matchbox] Lookie-lookie, who's gonna fire up some nookie. [Jessica: You've been dying to use that line since we got here, haven't you?]
  • [After lighting a fireplace] Man on, fire zero. [Jessica: [Claps her hands] Very nice. Bravo.]
  • Maybe we should start with a little, you know, making out, and see where it goes from there? (x2)


  • I swear, they just need like, something to bond over ya' know? Some sort of traumatic event to send them into each other's arms. And, knowing Chris, we'll be in the geriatric ward before Chris makes a move.
  • And after all you've been through! Good, good-good-good. I mean how does that feel? How does it feel? Do you enjoy feeling terrorized? Humiliated? I mean, panicked? All those emotions that my sisters got to feel once one year ago! Only guess what? They didn't get to laugh it off! No! Nope! No, no, no! They're gone!
  • Hook, line and sinker for every little stinker!
  • When are you going to take her to the bone zone?


  • [If Ashley refused to let him look at Mike and Emily through the telescope] What? For real? I bet I could find like a cool bear chowing down on a fox or something.


  • [If Matt saved her from falling off the ledge at the Cable Car Station] Yes, Matt, given the choice, I'd prefer not to spend my evening plummeting to my death off a snowy clifftop.


  • Somebody's getting a little friendly– and not in the "friend zone" kind of way. They might need to check the expiration date on their big breakup.
  • Chris, we made her look so stupid, in front of all her friends and the guy she liked. I can't imagine doing something worse to somebody.
  • You were looking on your phone, you dip! What are you tweeting!? Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us?!
  • Go suck an egg!


  • [If he shot himself and not Ashley and shot the Wendigos and survived] I've seen what these fuckers can do. I don't wanna see it again.


  • [After stepping outside the cabin] HEY! Yeah, PRICKS! That means you! I know you're out there! The FUCK are you trying to do? You want to ruin our fun that bad? Well, guess what? You can't! You can't ruin our good time because Michael and I are gonna FUCK! That's right, we are going to have SEX! And it's gonna be HOT! So enjoy it, because I know we're GOING TO! [Goes back inside the cabin and closes the door]


  • [After Beth gives her coat to her] I'm such an idiot. I'm so dumb.


  • [If she found the note and not the bottle] Oh, my god. What did our naive sister get herself into now? Ugh, intervention time.

The StrangerEdit

  • You hold onto your horses. I don't take kindly to you kids coming up here to my mountain.

Dr. Alan HillEdit

  • Before we begin, there are a few things I need to make sure you understand. You see, no one can change what happened last year. The past is beyond our control. You have to accept this in order to move forward. But there is freedom in this revelation. Everything you do, every decision you make from now on, will open doors to the future. I want you to remember this. I want you to remember this as you play your game. Every single choice will affect your fate, and the fate of those around you. So you have committed to commence with this 'game'. This is significant. And I want to help you see it through. Sometimes– Sometimes, these things can be a little scary, even terrifying, but I'm here to make sure that no matter how upsetting things may get, you will always find a way to work through it. Alright, we will start with a simple exercise. Could you please pick up the card? And I want you to look at the picture on the other side, and tell me what you feel about it. It is essential that you answer honestly in order to get the most out of this experience.


[Matt and Emily are at the Upper Car Cable Station.]
Matt: [Tries to push the button to open the gate, but is unable to] Hey! It's locked! The hell? Who did that? Man, there's some seriously uncool shit going on up here tonight.
[While walking to the Cable Car Station.]
Emily: I can't believe Josh is dead.
Matt: I can't believe how he died.
Emily: No, I mean, what if they were wrong?
Matt: What?
Emily: Maybe we should've checked the shed to see if it was really true.
Matt: I don't know. There are some things that once you see them, you can never un-see them.
Emily: Yeah, I guess, but some things you have to see for yourself.
Matt: I'll take their word for it. [Finds a bucket of spilled red paint] Paint? It's still fresh.
[Matt finds a Death Totem which shows himself falling to his death off a clifftop.]
[Matt and Emily arrive at the Cable Car Station.]
Matt: [Finds an axe stuck in the door of the Cable Car Station] Look, an axe. I feel better with an axe. [Grabs the axe and pulls it off the door of the Cable Car Station]
Emily: [Tries to open the door of the Cable Car Station, but is unable to] Oh, what now? This is locked, Matt! Well, break the door down, will ya?
Matt: Whoa, wait a second. We start smashing shit down, he's gonna hear us.
Emily: Well, you got any better suggestions?
Matt: I don't know. What about– look!
Emily: What?
Matt: A window.
Emily: That's great, Matt, I can just about fit my lip balm through that little slot.
Matt: No, come on.
Emily: You will never fit through there, big guy.
[If the player chooses Smash Door]
Matt: Okay, fine. Here goes. I'm gonna huff, and I'm gonna–
Emily: Shh! Just do it!
[Matt uses the axe to break the door of the Cable Car Station open. Matt and Emily walk into the Cable Car Station and find it trashed. Emily turns the light on.]
Matt: Oh, goddamn.
Emily: What happened?
Matt: This is crazy.
Emily: We were here just a few hours ago. This must have just happened.
Matt: What the fuck is going on?
Emily: It's gotta be the guy, the– the one who– who got to Chris and Ash and Josh.
Matt: He's gotta know this is the only way back.
Emily: Don't say that.
Matt: [Points to a cable car] Look, the cable car's all the way up there.
Emily: Well, that's– I mean, that's not far, right? You– you can jump it?
Matt: I'm good, Em, but not that good. Flattered, though.
Emily: Well, Matt, if you can't jump that, what are we gonna do?
Matt: I– I don't know.
Emily: God, everything is like, so busted up.
Matt: I think they knew exactly what they were doing. [Finds the words "DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE" on the wall] Very friendly.
Emily: Ugh. Un-follow.
[Matt finds a map of the mountain, picks it up, and puts it back on the wall.]
Matt: [Sees a fire tower on the map of the mountain] Hey, look! Fire tower.
Emily: Hey, Magellan. Maybe we should get the cable car working and take this show on the road, huh?
Matt: [Approaches the controls of the Cable Car Station and finds the keys gone] Great. No keys, no cable car. So back to square one.
[If Matt looked at the map.]
Emily: What about the fire tower on the map you found?
Matt: Well, I guess it's an option.
Emily: Maybe it has a radio or something. I mean, it would, wouldn't it?
Matt: Probably, yeah.
Emily: Matt, we gotta get to that radio.
[If the player chooses Disagree: Let's head back.]
[If Matt did not see Mike and Emily through the telescope.]
Matt: I don't know, Em, that could work, but I kinda think that maybe we should get back to the lodge for now. Everyone's been split up for so long.
Emily: Wait, so first you wanna leave the lodge, now you wanna go back? You don't know what the right thing to do is anymore than I do, Matt, and I say that we should go to the fire tower and get on the radio and call for more help. And that's that.
Matt: If you feel that strongly about it–
Emily: I do, Matt! I'm surprised that you don't, too!
Emily: I do! I do! Really!
[Matt and Emily walk out of the Cable Car Station and approach a ladder.]
Emily: Oh, hold up! [Tries to pull the ladder down, but is unable to]
Matt: [Puts the axe down] What's cookin', good lookin'?
Emily: Gettin' us out of here, Mister Meat for Brains.
[Matt gives Emily a boost to pull the ladder down. As Matt picks the axe up, Emily climbs down the ladder and shimmies around the Cable Car Station.]
Emily: [Finds a flashlight] Look at this, bad boy. You're comin' with me, buddy.
[Matt climbs onto the ladder, climbs down, and steps onto the ledge.]
Emily: And just like magic. Come on down, we can totally get out of here this way.
[If the player hits Square.]
[Emily almost falls off the ledge, but Matt grabs her arm.]
Matt: You alright?
Emily: Yeah, thanks. Maybe you should go first, to protect me.
[Matt and Emily sidle around the other side of the Cable Car Station.]
Emily: Okay– okay– easy now–
Matt: Okay– Alright–
Emily: Oh, my gosh.
Matt: Okay– almost– almost–
Emily: I'm feeling kinda faint.
Matt: Don't look down.
Emily: Whoa–
[Matt and Emily reach the other side of the Cable Car Station.]
Matt: Okay– okay–
Emily: Holy cannoli, thank god that's over.
Matt: Yeah, for real.
[Matt and Emily walk up a set of stairs and up to a hill. Matt finds a Guidance Totem which shows Emily giving a flare gun to him at the fire tower.]
[While walking up the hill.]
Emily: What if it doesn't work?
Matt: What?
Emily: The radio.
Matt: It'll work.
Emily: But– okay, if it doesn't, we need a plan.
Matt: Maybe we can just climb down.
Emily: Climb down what?
Matt: The mountain.
Emily: Are you serious?
Matt: What's the big deal? It's– It's not like it's floating in the sky.
Emily: It might as well be, it's pitch black out.
Matt: Hey, hopefully we won't have to.
Emily: You think the psychopath is just gonna give up and run away?
Matt: No, but maybe we should find a safe spot, hole up, wait it out. It'll be a lot easier to figure this all out in the morning.
Emily: As long as we don't hide in the lodge, that's where he expects us to go.
[Matt walks into the bridge, steps on a loose floorboard, opens it, and finds Beth's Phone. He picks it up.]
Emily: Whoa, this is Beth's Phone.
Matt: I thought the police, like, swept the whole area.
Emily: Well, looks like they missed this.
[Matt puts Beth's Phone in his pocket and follows Emily to a clifftop. Matt finds a Fortune Totem which shows Ashley opening the door of the lodge to let Chris in.]
Matt: [Finds a broken sign] Watch where you step around here, Em.
[If Matt saved Emily from falling off the ledge at the Cable Car Station.]
Emily: Yes, Matt, given the choice, I'd prefer not to spend my evening plummeting to my death off a snowy clifftop.
[Matt and Emily hear a noise.]
Emily: Matt, what is that?
Matt: I don't know.
[A herd of deer arrive and surround Matt and Emily.]
Emily: Jesus shit!
Matt: Oh, damn.

[At the clifftop, the deer herd surround Matt and Emily.]
Emily: Matt, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?
[If the player chooses Calm: Stay calm, Emily.]
Matt: Stay calm. Relax. They're just deer. They just want to check us out is all.
Emily: No, no, no, Matt, they're gonna hurt us.
Matt: Shh.
[Matt and Emily start walking towards the herd with the herd backing away. The deer blocks the path for Matt and Emily.]
[If the player chooses not to attack the deer.]
[Matt and Emily walk through the herd.]
Matt: Just walk slow. It's okay. Come on, it's okay.
[Matt and Emily jump over a bundle of rocks.]

[If Matt survived the encounter with the deer herd at the clifftop.]
[Matt helps Emily down a rocky ledge.]
[While walking to the fire tower.]
Emily: If we do manage to get someone on the radio–
Matt: We will.
Emily: Then we tell them we need help. What do we do while we wait?
Matt: We go back to the lodge and get everyone else.
Emily: Oh, god, not the lodge. We should stay here in case whoever it is needs to get back in touch with us.
[Matt and Emily arrive at the fire tower and approach a light pole which turns on suddenly.]
Emily: Ahh! That's freakin' bright!
Matt: No kidding!
Emily: I can't see. What is that?
Matt: It's just a security light. Motion sensor probably.
[Emily finds a Guidance Totem which shows Chris putting a pistol down onto a table.]
[Matt and Emily walk up the stairs and to a ladder leading up to the fire tower. Emily climbs up the ladder.]
[If Matt did not attack the deer.]
[Matt drops the axe on the floor and climbs up the ladder.]
[While climbing up the second ladder.]
Emily: Ugh, why is it so windy all of a sudden?
Matt: We're almost inside.
[Matt and Emily climb up the third ladder to the main room. Emily pushes a hatch up and she and Matt climb into the main room. Matt closes the hatch and locks it.]
Matt: You alright?
Emily: Yeah.
Emily: [Approaches a locker, opens the door, and finds Hannah's Poster on the the inside of the door] Sorry, Hannah, you're still missing.
Matt: After tonight, their disappearance is starting to make more sense.
Emily': [Approaches a printer and tries to push a button to print something out, but is unable to] So, no power. [Approaches a radio and tries to turn it on, but is unable to] Ah, come on! Great, no power. Gotta be a switch or something 'round here.
[Emily opens the door of the fire tower and she and Matt walk out of it and around the tower. Emily finds an emergency flare box on the side of the tower, opens the door, and finds a flare gun, which she takes out of the emergency flare box.]
Emily: Here we go.
[If the player chooses Give: Flare Gun to Matt]
[If Matt refused to go to the fire tower with Emily.]
Emily: [Gives the flare gun to Matt] You take this. Might need it.
Matt: [Takes the flare gun from Emily] Aye-aye, captain.
[As Emily closes the door of the emergency flare box, Matt puts the flare gun in his pocket.]
[Emily approaches a fusebox, opens the door, flips a switch, and turns the power on.]
Emily Fuck yeah! Here we go.
Matt: Nice work.
Emily: Okay, score one for Matt and Emily.
[Matt and Emily walk back into the tower.]
Emily: [Approaches the printer, pushes the button, and prints Beth's Poster out] Oh, it's alive.
[If Emily found Beth's Poster after finding Hannah's Poster.]
Emily: [Takes Beth's Poster out of the printer] Sorry, you're still missing too, Beth. [Puts Beth's Poster back in the printer]
[Emily approaches the radio, pushes a button, turns the radio on, and fine tunes it.]
Ranger: Ranger service for Blackwood County, over.
Emily: Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Please say something if you're out there. Please, we need help! Over! Over! Shit!
Ranger: Hello?
Emily: Oh, my god! Thank god! We need help, please!
Ranger: Hello, is someone trying to contact us? This is the park ranger service for Blackwood County. I'm not getting your signal very well. Please speak slowly and clearly, over.
Emily: Please! Please, please, please, help! Oh, my god, we're stuck on Blackwood Mountain and there's a maniac–
Ranger: If you can hear this, please repeat your message as I am unable to understand what you are saying, over.
Emily: We need help, please!
Ranger: Hello? Can you please identify yourself? Over.
[If the player chooses Comply: My name is Emily...]
Emily: Oh, my god, okay, this is– My name is Emily. Hello?
Ranger: You're not coming through clearly. Please repeat, over.
[If the player chooses Inform: We're up on the mountain.]
Emily: We're on Blackwood Mountain by the ski lodge, there's a killer and he's after us and he's already killed one of our friends. Oh, god, please help, you've gotta help us!
[An unknown figure arrives at the fire tower and turns on the security light.]
Matt: Something tripped the motion sensor. Probably a fucking deer.
Ranger: I read you, ma'am. Please do not leave your position. We will send out helicopters to get you as soon as the storm has subsided, over.
Emily: What? When? How long?
Ranger: Dawn, at the earliest. Not until dawn, over.
[Matt and Emily hear the hatch banging.]
Matt: Jesus!
Emily: Oh, my god, he's here! He's coming for me!
[The hatch stops banging. The unknown figure cuts the supporting cords for the fire tower.]
Emily: Oh, my god, Matt! What is happening?!
Matt: The tower!
Emily: Oh, god!
[The tower begins to fall down.]
Matt: Shit! Don't move! What the fuck?!
[The tower falls on its side. Emily screams as she falls and lands on the window. Matt hangs on to a support beam.]
Matt: No! Emily! Emily!
[If the player hits Triangle.]
[Emily rolls away as the printer smashes the window, but she rolls back.]
[Emily screams as she falls through. She hangs onto the side bars.]
Emily: Fuck me! Jesus shit!
[The printer falls, along with the radio.]
Emily: Shit! Ahh! No, don't! No!
Matt: OH, SHIT!
[The tower tumbles into the mines.]

[If Matt survived the encounter with the deer herd at the clifftop.]
Matt: Oh, fuck!
[Matt climbs his way out the tower. The tower shakes a bit.]
Matt: Oh, fuck! Damn it! Damn it!
Emily: Matt! Oh, god, Matt, help me, please!
Matt: I'm comin'! I'm comin'! Em, this is pretty unsteady over here.
Emily: Matt, you've got to do something right now! What are you waiting for?
Matt: I'm thinking! Let me think!
Emily: Don't think, you idiot, just get me outta here!
[If the player chooses Supportive: You're gonna be fine.]
Matt: Emily, you're upset. You need to calm down. You're gonna be fine.
Emily: Ugh, stop talking! I can't take it!
Matt: Stop yelling at me and let me work this out, okay?
[If Matt let Emily go to find Sam and defended her.]
Emily: Yeah, you just take all the time you need, not like I'm going anywhere.
[If the player chooses Concerned: Don't move.]
Matt: I'm gonna try and get to you and pull you up.
Emily: Now, will you please get me off this goddamned tower? Please, please, please, Matt! Just do something!
[If the player chooses Save Emily.]
Matt: I'm coming. Here. [Tries to grab Emily's hand, but she falls]
Emily: Shit! Oh, shit! Matt!
Matt: Whoa, whoa! I don't wanna tip it!
[If the player chooses Save Emily.]
Matt: Oh, come on! Come on!
Emily: Jesus!
[Matt and Emily reach for each other's hands, but the tower shakes, causing Emily to fall, with Matt watching on.]
Matt: Emily! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!
[Matt jumps to a ledge when the tower falls, knocking him out. Matt wakes up.]
Matt: Emily? Oh, no. Em– Em– EMILY!!! EMILY!!!
[Matt walks towards a cavern, but is grabbed by a figure.]
Matt: NO!!! GET OFF!!! GET OFF!!! ARGH!!! LET GO!!! LET GO!!!
[If Matt refused to go to the fire tower with Emily.]
[If Matt has the flare gun.]
[While being dragged by the figure, Matt flashbacks to when Emily gave the flare gun to him at the fire tower. He takes the flare gun out of his pocket, cocks it, aims it at the figure, and shoots at it, causing the figure to let Matt go. Matt turns back to look at the figure.]
Matt: Holy crap.

[In the lodge, Chris walks down the stairs to the main floor of the lodge where Ashley is waiting.]
Ashley: She wasn't up there?
Chris: I don't know. I didn't see her. She must have come down here.
Ashley: I haven't seen her either.
[Ashley passes by a candle, which is suddenly lit, jumpscaring her.]
Ashley: Did that just happen?
Chris: Dammit! What is going on around here?
[While walking down the stairs to the first floor.]
Ashley: Chris.
Chris: Sa– What?
Ashley: Chris, I just wanna say, what happened back there in the shed, I know how hard that was. Josh was your friend.
Chris: Ashley, stop.
Ashley: No, I wanna say– I mean, thank you– thank you for saving my life.
[If Chris chose to save Ashley instead of Josh.]
Chris: Ash, what was I gonna do? Okay? I– I couldn't let anything happen to you. I couldn't.
[Ashley and Chris walk into the cinema room.]
Chris: Ash, you alright?
Ashley: Yeah, I just– I know you and Josh were close, Chris.
Chris: Let's just find Sam, okay? That's what we're doing now.
Ashley: I mean, oh my god–
Chris: Ashley, just stop, okay? I don't want to think about what just happened.
Ashley: Chris–
Chris: We're finding Sam!
[Ashley finds pieces of the broken vase on the floor.]
Ashley: [Picks a piece of the broken vase up and looks at it] Look at this. Chris, what happened here?
Chris: Well, I'm not forensics expert, but it looks like it was thrown.
[Ashley puts the piece down on the floor and walks out of the cinema room with Chris. As Ashley and Chris walk out of the cinema room, the door slams behind them, jumpscaring them.]
Ashley: What the heck!
[Ashley opens the door to the guest room, but the door slams in her face.]
Chris: This is so eff-ed up!
[As Ashley walks towards the door to the hallway, it opens, causing Ashley to get scared. As Ashley and Chris walk into the hallway, Ashley sees a ghost walking at the end of the hallway.]
Ashley: What a minute. Did you just see that?
Chris: Uh, did I see what?
Ashley: That, Chris. That!
Chris: What "that" was that?
Ashley: It was like– It was like a see-through shape. Like a ghost.
Chris: Oh, boy.
Ashley: I'm serious. Why don't you believe me? I said I saw it. Doesn't that count for anything?
Chris: We– We've been through Hell tonight, okay? Your mind is fried. My mind is fried. I don't even trust what I've been seeing.
[If the player chooses Concede: I don't know what I saw.]
Ashley: I don't know. I don't know. I just– I saw something, Chris.
Chris: Ash, it's okay. You're just– we're both– kind of out of our heads right now. I mean, we just– we gotta pull it together, okay? You with me?
Ashley: Chris–
Chris: Let's just– Let's just keep out heads.
Ashley: Are we going crazy down here?
Chris: It's the only place left Sam could be, Ash.
Ashley: I wish we could just go find everybody else, and–
Chris: What if Sam needs us? What if she's in trouble?
Ashley: Oh, God.
[The door to the basement opens. Chris runs inside and walks down the stairs to the basement. Ashley follows him. They hear a loud noise. Then a louder noise with an item flying out of a cabinet.]
Ashley: What the HELL is going ON?!
[Ashley turns around, sees a rocking horse, and gets scared by it.]
Chris: Whoa!
Ashley: Oh, my god, that scared me!
Chris: You knocked into it right? You knocked into it?
Ashley: I don't– I don't think so. I mean, I don't know! How did everything get so freaky around here? Doors slamming and candles lighting up out of nowhere and that specter or whatever it was–
Chris: Ashley, I think you're kind of ignoring what's really happening here–
Ashley: Don't tell me you didn't see that translucent white figure just passing right by us.
Chris: We– We could be seeing things.
Ashley: I'm not imagining things!
Chris: Yeah, well, I saw things too! I saw what happened to Josh in the shed! You know? And that's what I'm worried about!
Ashley: Oh, Chris. I know. I know.
Chris: You know what I'm really worried about? Okay? I'm worried about Sam! What's happened to her? If there's some maniac out here, then she could be dead too!
Ashley: Don't say that! Please, Chris.
[Ashley walks into the cellar on the right and approaches the door.]
Ashley: There's no handle.
Chris: Dead end.
[Ashley sees the ghost walking by and points.]
Ashley: Wait! Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!! The ghost!!
[When Chris turns around, the ghost is already gone.]
Chris: What?
Ashley: Didn't you see it?
Chris: No.
Ashley: You were looking at your phone, you dip! What are you tweeting?! Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us?!
Chris: Ash, calm down, okay. There is no ghost here. Ghost of what? You're freaked out because of what happened with Josh–
Ashley: You're not paying attention. I saw it. I saw a ghost and it looked like Hannah! It looked like Hannah!!
Chris: Wait, wait, wait, what?
Ashley: Or– Or maybe Beth.
Chris: Jesus, Ash. What, do you think they followed us up here from the seance?!
Ashley: I don't know, maybe!
Chris: They didn't! Because ghosts don't exist, okay?
Ashley: Okay, who was talking to us at the seance, Chris?!
Chris: I don't know.
[Ashley and Chris hear a scream. A picture down the hall falls off the wall, scaring Ashley and Chris.]
Ashley: What did that?
Chris: How does a picture just jump off the wall like that?
[Ashley approaches a dollhouse.]
Ashley: Look, look, look, look, Chris. You can see in the windows.
Chris: See what? Tiny furniture?
Ashley: No, it's a whole scene, with dolls and everything.
Chris: Yeah.
[Ashley turns the little circle window on the attic of the dollhouse to reveal a hidden keyhole.]
Chris: Huh. I guess you need a key if you wanna play around in there.
[Ashley walks down the hall, finds a key hanging on a hook, and takes it off the hook. She shows it to Chris.]
Ashley: Huh. Here you go.
[Ashley sees the ghost down the hall. As the ghost walks away, Ashley points at the hall for Chris to see the ghost.]
Ashley: Oh, my god! There! Look there, Chris! You can't tell me you didn't see that!
Chris: Wow, that's–
Ashley: See? You do see it!
Chris: That's– I don't know. I– I just– This is fucking crazy. [Runs down the hall]
Ashley: Chris, it's showing us the way.
[Ashley walks back to the dollhouse. She puts the key in the keyhole and turns it.]
Ashley: Ohhh, this is unbelievable. I feel like the ghost wanted me to see this.
Chris: Why? What?
[Ashley opens the dollhouse and she and Chris see dolls sitting in the bedroom.]
Chris: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is going on here?
Ashley: Oh, god, it's lile–
Chris: It's not's like anything. That's us, hiding there, waiting for Hannah, last year.
Ashley: But it's– it's so accurate. I mean, that's exactly where I was sitting, and that's where Matt was–
Chris: This was setup by someone, who was there.
Ashley: Or someone, or something that was watching us.
Chris: Maybe it's a warning. I think someone– I think someone put this here to mess with us.
Ashley: No, it has to be the ghost. It's trying to tell us the maniac killed Hannah and Beth!
Chris: I think it's this bastard, and he's– he's just trying to fuck with our heads.
Ashley: Why would he set this all up, Chris?
Chris: He's trying to tell us he's going to come after us all too.
[The Hannah doll tilts its head to the right and opens its eyes, jumpscaring Ashley and Chris. The top of the dollhouse opens, revealing Hannah's Diary inside it. Ashley picks the diary up.]
Ashley: It's– It's Hannah's Diary.
[Ashley reads a page that says "I really think Josh is doing better now that he's out of the hospital. I saw him today and he seemed better. He's pretty upbeat, but he talked like he's been doing therapy for such a long time. I guess I didn't know. Mom and Dad never let on. Funny how you cannot even know your own brother. I kinda need a good cry thinking about how lonely he must feel..."]
Ashley: [Reads] "I really think Josh is doing better now that he's out of the hospital. I saw him today–" This was, before, a couple months before we all came up. "I saw him today and he seemed better. He's pretty upbeat, but he talked like he's been doing therapy for such a long time. I guess I didn't know. Mom and Dad never let on. Funny how you cannot even know your own brother. I kinda need a good cry thinking about how lonely he must feel..."
[Ashley reads a page that says "Mom finally agreed. The invitations are out! The party is gonna happen!! I HATE that I have to wait. So far Ash, Matt + Sam have said definitely yes. Nothing from Mike... :(" Ashley reads a page that says "O.M.G!! Mike confirmed!! He phoned Josh this afternoon. :D" Ashley reads a page that says "Woohoo!! PARTY TIME tomorrow! Everyone being here together on the mountain is gonna be SO AWESOME! cozy fires and hot tubs and OMG Mike! I am so psyched to spend some time with him! Totally got to stop obsessing but I can't help it – and don't want to."]
Ashley: "Everyone being together here on the mountain is gonna be so awesome. Cozy fire and hot tubs and, OMG, Mike. I am so psyched to spend some time with him." I can't read this! It's so sad, Chris. [Closes the diary and puts it back on the top of the dollhouse]
[Down the hall, a door creaks open.]
Ashley: What was that?
Chris: It came from down there.
[Ashley and Chris walk down the hall. Ashley opens the door to the basement and starts to walk in, but a ghost appears in front of her and jumpscares her. Chris runs inside, but the door closes, separating him and Ashley.]
Chris: Goddammit!
Ashley: Oh! Chris! Chris!
[Ashley pounds on the door. Chris opens it from the other side.]
Chris: Nothing.
Ashley: But you did see it, Chris, for real.
Chris: I saw– something. But– But where'd it go?
Ashley: [Walks over to a table and finds a Lightbulb Catalogue] Hey. Hey, look at this. [Picks the Lightbulb Catalogue up] Doesn't seem as old as some of the stuff down here.
Chris: It's a catalogue for industrial lightbulbs?
Ashley: That is so random. [Reads the Lightbulb Catalogue, then turns a page] Look. One of the bulbs is circled.
Chris: That's a powerful bulb.
[Ashley closes the Lightbulb Catalogue and puts it back on the table. She finds the scissors that were underneath the Lightbulb Catalogue.]
Ashley: [Picks the scissors up] Huh. [Puts the scissors in her back pocket]
[Ashley walks over to a table with two empty boxes on it. She moves one box aside and discovers a camera.]
Ashley: [Picks the camera up] Uh, Chris? [Puts the camera back on the table] You think it's the guy?
Chris: Well, that'd make sense, I guess.
Ashley: I don't like being watched.
Chris: [Turns the camera to the right] Better?
Ashley: [Picks the camera up and looks at it] Go suck an egg! [Puts the camera back down] Now it's better.
Ashley: [Picks a doll's head up] Just when you think it can't get any creepier–

[Turns the head and cockroaches come out of it, causing her to drop the head] Jeez!

Chris: Ugh. Nightmare fuel.
[Ashley starts to follow Chris when the lodge shudders.]
Ashley: Uhhh, what was that? Huh.
[Ashley and Chris walk into the laundry room.]
Chris: Wait, there's a whole 'nother room through here. It's mammoth.
Ashley: Chris, I don't know if I wanna keep going.
[Ashley and Chris walk down the stairs and the hall to the Old Hotel.]
Ashley: Where in the world are we now?
Chris: Are you kidding me?
Ashley: Did you know this was here?
Chris: This? This is like a whole 'nother hotel. I had no idea this was here.
[Ashley walks past the elevator and approaches Chris.]
Ashley: I don't think I can take anymore of this.
Chris: Yeah, I'm about at my limit here too.
Ashley: All I wanted to do was forget last year ever happened.
Chris: To be honest, I'm not sure what Hannah thought she was doing.

[Ashley and Chris are tied in chairs across each other of a table.]
Chris: Ugh, my fucking head. Oh, shit. Oh, crap. Ash? ASH!!
[If Ashley stabbed the Psycho in the shoulder with scissors and the Psycho punched Ashley in the eye.]
Chris: [Seeing that Ashley has a black eye] Aw, Jesus, Ash, what did he do to you?
Ashley: I think he hit me.
Chris: Shit. I'm gonna murder his fucking face off.
Ashley: What is this?
Chris: This is him. This is the guy who killed Josh.
Ashley: No, Chris. Oh, my god, no!! Oh, god, Chris!!
Chris: You murdering piece of shit! You MONSTER!
Ashley: Look around!! We're gonna die, Chris! I don't think I'm ready to die.
Chris: No one is going to die.
Ashley: I wish I could tell you, it's just not fair!
Chris: What? Tell me what?
Ashley: It's too late! Chris, what's the point?
Chris: Stop it, just say–
Ashley: We're always talking around it, and now, I mean, we've wasted everything!
Chris: Ashley, none of it was wasted.
Ashley: What do you mean?
Chris: Every second that I spent with you was the only thing I ever wanted to do with my time.
Ashley: What are you saying, Chris?
Chris: I'm sorry. I should have told you how I felt.
Ashley: Chris!
Chris: Ashley, I swear, when we get out of this–
[A saw above them functions and starts slowly moving down on them.]
Chris: Oh, god!
Ashley: AHH!!! No! Help, Chris!
Chris: Ashley, I'll get you out of this! I won't let you die!
[Ashley screams and sobs.]
Psycho: Hello there, my special little subjects.
Ashley: I'm so scared, Chris.
Chris: [Picks a pistol up from the table] Aw, shit. Don't be scared.
Psycho: Oh, you should be, Ash, because here's the twist: Chris has made one fatal choice already today.
Ashley: Oh, no, no.
Psycho: And now he must make another. Chris, you can take that gun in front of you and shoot Ashley, or you can shoot yourself. Whoever is left can live. The choice is yours.
[Chris attempts to shoot the saw. The Psycho chuckles.]
Psycho: Don't be so silly, Chris.
[If Chris aims the pistol at his own neck.]
Ashley: Wait, stop! You can't do it, Chris, it should be me. You chose to save me before.
Chris: Oh, fuck!
Ashley: Let me choose this time. Let me choose to save you. If I do one last thing in my life, let me do this! Chris, please! Oh, god. No! Oh, god. [Cries and sobs]
[Chris shoots himself in the neck.]

[In the Old Hotel, the Psycho is revealed to be Josh.]
Chris: Josh?
[Josh starts laughing.]
Sam: Josh!
Mike: Josh.
Josh: Oh, oh, very good! Every one of you! You got my name! And after all you've been through! Good, good-good-good-good-good. I mean, how does that feel?
[As Sam unties Ashley, Mike unties Chris.]
Josh: Right? How does it feel? Do you enjoy feeling terrorized? Humiliated? I mean, panicked? All those emotions that my sisters got to feel once one year ago! Only guess what? They didn't get to laugh it off! No! Nope! No, no, no! They're gone!
Mike: I don't know if you noticed this, Josh, but none of us are laughing.
Josh: Oh, come, come-come-come-come. Why the long faces? Come on! It's good to get the heart racing every now and then, right? And race they did, I mean, every one of you, just pitter-pat, pitter-pat! I hope you appreciated my little phantasmagorical spectacle!
[A clip shows how Josh turns the candle on, startling Ashley.]
Ashley: Ahh! Did that just happen?
Josh: I mean, no detail too small! No opportunity missed! It was such a delight to play the puppet master to– to all of your Pavlovian panic!
[A clip shows how Josh creates the ghosts.]
Josh: And all that gore? I mean, gore, there was gore galore!!! Fake bodies. I mean, god, that shit was expensive!
[A clip shows how Josh did the saw trap with Ashley and himself.]
Josh: And no retakes! Nope, nope, nope, only double takes! You should have seen your faces. Hook, line and sinker, for every little stinker!
[If Sam had found all the clues in the Psycho's workshop.]
Sam: Josh, your fingerprints were all over this. It was obviously you.
Josh: Oh, really? Really, really, really?
Sam: You're crying out for help, Josh. Come on, you wanted to get caught, didn't you?
Josh: Oh, sure. I'm totally just crying out for help. "Help me! Oh, help me! Help, help!" Come on! Come on! It was just for fun! I mean, so you got a little bit of egg on your face, right? Nobody got hurt.
Mike: What are you talking about, you ass hat? Jessica is fucking dead!
Josh: What?
Mike: Did you hear me? Jessica is dead, and YOU ARE GONNA FUCKING PAY, YOU DICK!!!!
[At "DICK", Mike hits Josh over the head with the gun, knocking him out cold.]

[Mike and Chris are taking a bound Josh to the shed.]
Josh: Guys! Guys, come on, seriously, this is crazy, you know?
Mike: Shut up.
[If Josh punched Ashley in the eye.]
Chris: Why'd you hit her, man? Huh? Why'd you have to fucking hit her? [Punches Josh in the face]
Josh: What are you talking about?
Chris: You punched Ashley, you piece of shit!
Josh: [Gets up] I got so mad.
Chris: You don't hit a girl. You just don't.
Josh: Dude. Dude. Chris. Bro–
Chris: I'm not your bro.
Josh: Where are we going? Where are you guys taking me?
Mike: Locking you up, bro.
Josh: What?
Mike: So you can't do anything stupid before we call the police in the morning.
Josh: Come on. I didn't do anything.
Chris: Are you serious, bro?
Mike: A goddamned murderer is what you are.
Josh: I didn't do it, Michael, please! Just listen to me, man! I did not hurt Jessica.
[If the player chooses Scold: You deserve this.]
Chris: Are you insane? Like, really? Do you not understand what you've done?
Josh: I'm a healer, man! I bring people together! Not like you assholes.
Mike: That's enough.
Josh: You only see what you wanna see! You're blind!
Mike: Stop talking!
Josh: You're– [Screams out in pain]
Chris: Dude.
Josh: It's not my fault you suckers can't take a joke.
Mike: Oh, oh, wait, did I hurt you? Did you just feel a little– a little bit of pain? Right now, I am SO, SO, SORRY!
[Josh screams out in pain.]
Josh: Stop it!
Chris: Jesus, dude.
Josh: Stop, Michael, I'm sorry, man. I can't tell how sorry I am that something happened to Jessica, but I swear, I swear to you I have no idea what happened to her.
[If the player chooses Skeptical: Something feels wrong.]
Chris: Shit, Mike, this– I dunno, something feels wrong here, man.
Mike: Are you joking?
Chris: I– I'm just having a really hard time figuring out he would, like, do anything to hurt Jess.
Mike: I saw what he did to her. With my own eyes. This– This– This is her blood.
Josh: Can't we all just get along? OW! DAMMIT!
Mike: We're not dicking around.
Josh: It's not right, nope, this is not how it's supposed to go down. You're just a bunch of bullies. You can't hang out a guy just to dry like this, guys. Huh? Not like– Not like you got the guts to really do anything about it, anyways!
[If the player chooses Defensive: You're the coward.]
Chris: Oh, stuff it. You're the biggest coward there is.
Josh: Uh, huh? I DID something. I MADE you believe in the world I created and I showed you parts of yourself you were too afraid to visit.
Chris: You manipulated us, you tricked us, you hurt your friends and you did it all while you hid in the shadows. You're a coward, Josh, that's all you are.
[Mike forcefully shoves and sits Josh down on a stool near a pole.]
Josh: Okay, tying me up now, okay.
Mike: Stay still, man.
Josh: Right, right, right, right. Still can't tie 'em up if they just wiggle around.
[Josh wiggles around.]
Chris: Josh, dude–
Josh: Leave me a little wiggle room, huh?
Mike: What does it take to shut you up?
Josh: Ow! Not so tight, okay? Not so tight, okay! I can't wiggle around. Plastic ties. That's where it's at. Yeah.
Mike: What in god's name is he talking about?
Josh: Plastic ties, plastic ties. Way more effective for hostage type scenarios.
Chris: This is hard to watch.
Mike: He ever say this kind of shit before?
Josh: Guaranteed for at least three hostages, or your money back!
Chris: No, I never seen him like this.
[If Chris chose to save Ashley instead of Josh in the first saw trap.]
Josh: Everybody is stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. Chris and Ash, Chris is an ass, Ashley's a dumb dumb.
Chris: I'm sorry what did you say?
Josh: I said you're a dummy, dummy.
Chris: What's wrong with you?
Josh: Oh, Ashley.
[Josh flashbacks to when Chris promised to Ashley he would never let her die while in the first saw trap.]
Josh: "I never imagined in my wildest dreams that you liked me."
Chris: Stop.
Josh: You know what that sound is? It's the sound of never kissing Ashley, you pussy!
Chris: Stop!
Josh: You know? You might as well let Ashley sleep with Mike, I mean, at least he's got some notches on his belt, you know? He'll treat her right! You're fucking pathetic, Christopher!
[Chris picks a wooden board up from the floor and lifts it up, preparing to hit Josh.]
Chris: I'm gonna beat his head off!
Mike: Don't listen to him. Not worth it.
Josh: Hey, Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!
Mike: What?
Josh: What happened with Jess, Mike?
Mike: You know what happened.
Josh: No, no, I don't. I got a problem, Mike. I don't remember killing Jess.
Mike: Jeez. Christ.
Josh: I mean, like, I feel like I would remember killing her, you know? She's so soft, and she's probably got like a really tight bod–
Mike: Shut your fucking mouth!
[Mike points the gun at Josh.]
[If the player chooses Disarm: Mike]
[Chris hits the gun out of Mike's hands with the board.]
Mike: Seriously?
Chris: Wh– what?
Mike: Did you think I was gonna shoot him?
Chris: I– I don't know.
Mike: Come on, Chris, you know me better than that.
Josh: Yeah, Chris, you know me better than that.
Chris: Ah, yeah. Well, just, next time, give me the heads up, alright?
Josh: Oh, you poor little piggies, can't even get their good cop bad cop routine to work. Leave to the pros, bros!
Mike: Why don't you head back to the lodge and make sure everyone's alright? I'll stay here with this lunatic until morning.
Josh: Oooh! Sleepover! C– can we order pizza?
Chris: You sure you're okay?
Mike: They'll wanna know everything's fine back there.
Chris: You're right. See you in the morning.
[Chris drops the wooden board on the floor and leaves.]

[If Emily is alive.]
[If Chris shot himself and not Ashley and shot the Wendigos and survived.]
[Mike, Ashley, and Chris arrive in the basement where Sam and Emily are.]
Emily: Oh, my God! You guys! Thank God!
Sam: What took you so long?
Chris: It's not so good up there right now.
Mike: Understatement of the night.
Sam: Chris, where's the flamethrower guy?
Chris: Ah, yeah, he, uh–
Ashley: He didn't make it?
Emily: Oh, no.
Sam: What happened?
Chris: The thing, it– it tore him apart right in front of me.
Sam: Oh, god.
Mike: Alright, these all the doors?
Sam: Yeah.
Mike: Are you sure?
Sam: What are you looking for?
Mike: Another way out.
Sam: Mike, look, I really don't think that's a good idea. We should stay put, right here, until dawn. At least we're safe down here.
Mike: Oh, yeah? All wrapped like a little present with a bow on top for that thing to tear us apart on Christmas morning?
Sam: People will come for us, in the morning.
Mike: You don't sound so sure.
Sam: That is what'll happen, right, Em?
Emily: Yeah, I mean– right?
Mike: Well, you can wait. I'm leaving.
Emily: Mike, there's no key for the cable car.
Mike: Josh. He's gotta have it.
Sam: Josh?
Mike: One of his dirty little tricks.
Sam: Great. Great.
Mike: If that fucking thing got a hold of Josh, then we're shit outta luck.
Emily: I don't know, Mike, it's possible.
Sam: What's possible?
Emily: It may have taken him down to the mine.
Mike: What?
Emily: I saw some horrible stuff down there. I think it's where that thing lives and– [Sees the Stranger's Journal on the table] Huh. [Picks the Stranger's Journal up from the table]
Sam: [Watches Emily pick the Stranger's Journal up from the table] Em? What?
Mike: Fuck it. I'm gonna get that key, right from thing's goddamned bedroom, and then I'm gonna get us all the hell outta here.
Sam: [Sees the Stranger's belongings on the table] Em, what is all that?
Emily: It's, uh, that old guy's bag.
Mike: [Sees a map on the table] Is that a map?
Sam: The guy was prepared for anything.
Mike: Not quite.
[Sam, Mike, and Emily examine the map on the table.]
Emily: What is this place?
Mike: Oh, my God.
Sam: Wait, wait, wait. What is that?
Mike: I was down there. It was horrible.
Sam: You were?
Mike: There'd been a cave-in, in the fifties, I guess, and these miners got trapped down there.
Sam: Oh, my God.
Mike: Some of 'em survived, but, like, fifteen of 'em didn't make it.
[If Mike found the Mine Danger Map, the Broken Camera, and the Old Newspaper.]
Mike: There was this reporter and I think he figured out there'd been some, like, big cover-up going on. I found these plans. They knew the mines was a death trap, but they let the miners keep working anyway.
[If Mike found the Restraining Chair.]
Mike: And I'm not sure what it means, but I found this chair, with dried blood all over the place like somebody'd been tortured.
Emily: Michael, I'd like to maybe focus on how we're gonna get the fuck out of here, please.
[If Mike found enough clues.]
Mike: I'm just saying it's weird how much crazy shit's gone on up here.
Emily: What's weird is that there's a tunnel leading from the lodge to the Sanatorium, see?
Mike: That's how I got back here.
Emily: I saw this when I was down there. That's where it lives.
[If the Wendigo bit Emily on her shoulder.]
Ashley: [Places her hand on Emily's shoulder and sees the bite on it] Em? Em, what is that?
Emily: Huh?
Ashley: What is that?
Emily: Ash–
Ashley: Em, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God! Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!
Emily: It's– It's nothing, it just– it bit me and–
Ashley: It bit you? What bit you?
Emily: The– The Wendigo.
Mike: The what?
Emily: It's nothing, really, it's not a big deal.
Sam: You okay?
Mike: Shit.
Emily: It doesn't hurt anymore. Really. It's– It's not that bad.
Mike: Em, if that thing bit you–
Emily: I– I know what you're thinking, and I'm fine.
Mike: Are you?
Emily: Yes!
Sam: Emily, at least let us check it out.
Mike: Emily, if the Wendigo bit you, you could turn into one of those things.
Sam: Oh, that's ridiculous.
Ashley: He said it was from eating each other, remember, he said that!
Sam: Wait, is that how it worked?
Ashley: Yes, it happens if it bit you, you're gonna turn into one, and then you're gonna turn on us! Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!
Mike: You can't be down here with us.
Emily: What?!
Sam: Mike!
Mike: You gotta go.
Emily: Are you kidding me?!
Mike: You're putting us all in danger.
Emily: Like hell I am!
Mike: Emily, you can't stay here.
Sam: Mike, just cool your head okay? We don't know if it works like that. Maybe it's just a bite.
Chris: I've seen what these fuckers can do. I don't wanna see it again.
Emily: What is this? Guys, what are you doing?
Mike: Door's right here. I am letting you do this voluntarily.
Emily: Oh, no, you're just making yourself feel better about sending me to my death since, you know, there's a Wendigo out there ready to rip me to pieces like it did with–
Ashley: Okay, oh, my God, will you just go?! Go, get out of here!
[Mike grabs the gun from the table and aims it at Emily, who backs up against the wall and climbs on top of the table.]
Sam: Whoa!
Emily: Okay–
Sam: [Tries to stop Mike from shooting Emily] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Mike, calm down!
[Mike pushes Sam away from him.]
Emily: You're– You're gonna shoot me? Mike– me?
Mike: This is the safe room, Em!
Emily: Please!
Mike: It's not safe as long as you're in it! Not for us!
Emily: No! Don't– Don't do this!
Mike: I'm really sorry.
[If Mike chooses not to shoot Emily.]
Mike: Fuck! I can't do this!
Emily: Oh, my God.
Sam: You did the right thing.
Ashley: I hope you did.
Mike: Maybe, for now. Shit, fuck, fuck. Keep an eye on her. If you see anything weird, you guys know what to do.
Ashley: Yeah.
Mike: No one leave, okay? It's not safe out there. [Puts the gun down on the table] I'll be back soon.
[As Mike leaves the basement, Sam sits down on the table next to Chris.]
Emily: I thought that– that he was gonna help us.
Sam: Who? The flamethrower dude?
[Ashley picks the Stranger's Journal up from the table, walks over to the table, sits down on the chair, and reads the journal.]
Emily: Now we don't have a chance.
Sam: No, guys, it just means we've gotta be tough. We gotta do this on our own.
Emily: I don't know if I can.
Ashley: [Reads the page about Cannibalism] This guy's a little OCD. [Reads the page about History] There's a lot of history to this. [Reads the page about Combat] This says that because the Wendigos are mutated from humans. When they hunt us, they know how to perfectly mimic their prey. [Reads the page about Bite] Oh– Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Sam: What? What is it? What does it say? [Gets up from the table and approaches Ashley]
[If the player chooses Reassure: Em, you'll be okay.]
Ashley: It says that– the bites, if it bites you, it's not infectious. I doesn't do anything.
Sam: [Takes the Stranger's Journal from Ashley] Let me see that.
Emily: [Gets up from the table] I'm sorry, what did you say?
Ashley: [Gets up from the chair] Em, it says you'll be okay.
Emily: It says what?
Sam: You're gonna be fine.
Emily: Fine? Mike almost shot me! Is that fine?
Sam: He didn't shoot you.
Emily: And this bitch almost let him!
Sam: Hey! That's not fair! She was scared.
Emily: I'm the one who's scared.
Ashley: I– I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Emily. I didn't know what was going to happen. None of us know!
Emily: There's– There's no excuse! There's no excuse for this!
Ashley: Please, Emily, please, just try to understand–
Emily: Understand the palm of my hand, bitch! [Slaps Ashley, knocking her down to the floor]
Ashley: [Gets up] I'm sorry. I'm so, so, so, so sorry.
Sam: [Reads the Stranger's Journal] Shit. Shit, shit, shit. We've gotta get to Mike, like now!
[Sam puts the Stranger's Journal down on the table next to the gun and leaves the basement, with Emily, Ashley, and Chris following her.]

[If Mike got to Jessica in time.]
[If Mike did not antagonize Jessica.]
[Jessica, in her bra and underwear and injured, wakes up in the mines on the elevator grate.]
Jessica: Oh, shit! [Gets up] Shit! Oh, god. [Finds a miner's jacket and puts it on and then puts the miner's boots on] Oh, my god.
[Jessica hears a Wendigo screeching and turns around.]

[If Emily and Chris are alive.]
[Sam, Emily, Ashley, and Chris are walking through the tunnel to the Sanatorium.]
Sam: Come on, guys! Hurry up! We gotta find Mike. Come on!
[Ashley sees Chris leaning against the wall and approaches him.]
Chris: Hey, I'm kinda gimping out here, guys. I think maybe you should go on without me.
[If the player chooses Reassure: We're not leaving you.]
Ashley: No, Chris, we're not leaving you. We're sticking together. Mike will just have to wait.
[Chris moves from leaning against the wall and follows Sam, Emily, and Ashley to the door to the Sanatorium. Ashley finds a Danger Totem which shows Josh transforming into a Wendigo.]
Sam: [Tries to open the door to the Sanatorium, but is unable to] Oh, shit! Mike must've locked it behind him. CRAP! There's gotta be another way in.
Ashley: [Finds a manhole covering] Wait, hey! What about this? I mean, should– should we try it?
Sam: Well, it's not like we got a whole lot of choices here.
[Ashley grabs a pipe and uses it to open the manhole covering. Sam and Ashley carry the manhole to the side.]
Ashley: Okay. Okay, this is the last place I would wanna be right now.
Sam: So who's going first?
Emily: After you.
Sam: [Climbs down the ladder] It's not so bad. You think this is the tunnel to the Sanatorium?
Ashley: Of course it is. Where else would it go?
[Emily climbs down the ladder.]
[If Ashley chooses not to leave Chris behind.]
Ashley: Chris, I know you're hurt, but you gotta move it, alright?
Chris: I'm tryin', Ash. [Climbs down the ladder]
Ashley: [Starts to climb down the ladder] Hey, we should close this, right? I mean, what if something's following us?
Sam: Yes, fine. Close it. But we gotta keep moving. Can you just catch up, please?
[Sam, Emily, and Chris walk off into the tunnels.]
Ashley: Yeah. [Drags the manhole lid back and climbs down]
[Ashley walks through the tunnels when she approaches two paths and hears Jessica's voice.]
Ashley: Hello? Who's there? Anybody? Jessica, is it you?
[If the player chooses Investigate Voice]
Ashley: [Approaches a ledge and jumps down] Jessica, is that you? [Walks through the path and approaches a banging trapdoor] Oh, God. Oh, no, no, no, no.
[Ashley finds a Loss Totem which shows Josh about to get his head crushed by the Wendigo.]
[If Ashley chooses not to interact with the trapdoor.]
[Ashley walks past the trapdoor, approaches a ledge, and jumps down. Sam, Emily, and Chris approach Ashley.]
Ashley: Oh, my God. I am so glad to see you.
Sam: Glad you're safe.
[Sam, Emily, Ashley, and Chris arrive in a large cavern and see a large rock wall. Sam and Ashley approach the large rock wall.]
Ashley: [Points up at a broken ladder] Look. Look there.
[Sam and Ashley look up at the broken ladder.]
Sam: Wow, great.
Ashley: The ladder's toast, we're never gonna make it up there.
Sam: No, no, no, I think I can– I think I can do it. It's like a rock wall. [Approaches the large rock wall] I'm gonna keep going. You should head back to the lodge, I've gotta get Mike.
Ashley: Good luck!
[Emily, Ashley, and Chris leave the cavern.]

[If Matt and Jessica are alive.]
[In the mines, Matt jumps down from a metal fence, approaches a table with a lantern and a lighter, picks the lighter up, and uses it to light the lantern. Matt picks the lantern up from the table and turns to see Jessica about to swing a shovel.]
[If the player hits Triangle.]
[Matt grabs the shovel.]
Matt: Jess, is that you?
Matt: Jesus, Jess, what the hell happened to you? How the fuck are you still alive?
Jessica: Yeah–
[If the player chooses Question: What happened to you?]
Matt: How did you end up here?
Jessica: Mike and I were– we were messing around and– and– then it– it was–
Matt: What?
Jessica: I don't– I don't know. I was by the window and there was all this glass and– it was in the snow and then it was moving so fast, fuck. And then I was– down here.
Matt: Jesus.
Jessica: Oh, God.
Matt: Can you move?
Jessica: Yeah.
Matt: Come on, Jess.
[Matt walks through the mines, with Jessica following him.]
Matt: [Approaches the elevator cave-in] Look at that. Some sort of cave-in here.
Jessica: That was me.
Matt: What?
Jessica: I fell through that roof.
Matt: You fell this far? Jesus. That makes two of us.
Jessica: What?
Matt: I fell off a goddamned fire tower down here.
Jessica: You're kidding me.
[Matt finds a Loss Totem which shows Mike being incinerated in an explosion.]
[Matt walks down a tunnel, by some rail tracks and tool stands, down another tunnel, and reaches a wooden wall, with Jessica following him. They hear a Wendigo screeching and turn around.]
Jessica: Fuck–
Matt: Jess? [Starts to run, but stops] Which way?
[If the player chooses Hide]
Matt: Alright, come on, Jess.
[Matt and Jessica hide behind a wooden wall.]
[If the player executes the Don't Move segment.]
[The Wendigo looks around and then leaps down the tunnel. Jessica starts to stumble forward.]
[If the player hits Square.]
[Jessica almost falls, but Matt catches her.]
Matt: Jeez– Does this hurt?
Jessica: Oh, God.
Matt: Alright, alright.
[Matt leaves the room with the wooden wall, with Jessica trying to keep up.]
Matt: Let's go. We gotta do this, get out of here. Come on! Jess, come on.
[Matt starts running further down the tunnel, with Jessica trying to keep up. They arrive at two paths.]
[If the player chooses Hide Together]
[Matt breaks through the wooden boards and almost falls off a cliff, but steadies himself. Matt and Jessica move to the right to hide from the Wendigo.]
[If the player executes the Don't Move segment.]
[The Wendigo looks around and then leaps back into the depths of the mines. Matt and Jessica breath sighs of relief and then see the lodge in the distance.]


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