Unni Wikan

Norwegian anthropologist

Unni Wikan (born 18 November 1944) is a Norwegian professor of anthropology.


  • Tallene overrasker meg ikke i det hele tatt. Mange innvandrere opplever at norske kvinner sender dem signaler om at de ønsker seksuell kontakt. Og da kan det fort gå galt. Mange norske kvinner har altfor dårlig kunnskap om ikke-vestlige menns kvinnesyn
    • (English translation) The numbers do not surprise me at all. Many immigrants find that Norwegian women send them signals that they want sexual contact. And then it can soon go wrong. Many Norwegian women have far too little knowledge of non-Western men's view of women
  • Nobody has been able to come up with the source where I allegedly said the outrageous thing that has been attributed to me. My name is being misused, but not in Norway or Sweden or Denmark where my position on violence in the name of religion or culture is so well known that it would be absurd to attribute a defense of rape to me.
    • 25 April 2007 protest of misattributed quote below


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