Unknown World

1951 film by Terry O. Morse

Unknown World is a 1951 film about scientists who use a gigantic drilling machine for an expedition to the center of the Earth.

Directed by Terry O. Morse. Written by Millard Kaufman.
Drilling into the forbidding depths of the Earth!  (taglines)

Dr. Jeremiah MorleyEdit

  • I believe that humanity can escape annihilation, can find a temporary haven, a promise of hope that, come what may, life can be sustained deep within the Earth itself. Far below the Earth we shall seek a natural, a geologic shelter. We have a team ready for the effort. All we lack are funds.
  • The world's changed since yesterday.


  • Andy Ostergaard: You know once when I was working on the Holland Tunnel, I got cut off from my crew for ten hours. I felt this way then.
  • Dr. Joan Lindsey: Mean well? Next you'll be calling us starry-eyed idealists!


Wright Thompson: [referring to the scientists] Don't they ever talk?
Andy Ostergaard: Not unless they got something to say. That's the way it is with smart people,
Wright Thompson: Maybe they're not so smart. Maybe they don't know what they're doin' down here.
Andy Ostergaard: Listen, buster. Each one of them has taught at more colleges than you flunked out of.
Wright Thompson: So what are you doing down here among all those brains?
Andy Ostergaard: I manage to make myself useful. It might be well if you did the same thing.

Dr. James Paxton: Nature doesn't influence Man! Man influences Nature! One man, one strong man can change Nature!
Wright Thompson: Oh, you're wrong, Dr. Paxton. It isn't one man, it's many men working together. [Looking at Dr. Joan Lindsey] Right, teacher?
Dr. James Paxton: Men together are no more than sheep! One man standing alone leads the way, and the sheep follow!

Wright Thompson: You don't like my kind of guy, do you?
Dr. Joan Lindsey: Not very much, but I'll make an exception in your case-you, I don't like a lot.

Wright Thompson: What kind of place is this? Flowers that crumble to dust in your hand, stones that look like pearls, fish without eyes! Nature's sure a practical joker!
Dr. Jeremiah Morley: I suppose you could've done better?
Wright Thompson: In 10 million years I couldn'ta done worse!

Dr. Jeremiah Morley: Go back to what? To a world bent on self destruction? We can live the rest of our lives here in peace.
Dr. Joan Lindsey: Morley, you're wrong! This isn't peace! This is a resting place for the living dead! I don't believe it's the end of the world! I don't believe it's the end of mankind!
Dr. Jeremiah Morley: You're young! You don't know! I've lived through the terrors of two great wars! I've had enough!


  • Drilling into the forbidding depths of the Earth!
  • A Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • A thousand miles down...Ten-thousand Thrills Deep!
  • SHOCKING drama of a woman who's lost life's most precious gifts!
  • DARING scenes of the forbidden depths at the heart of the world!
  • Adventure into the unknown!


  • Victor Kilian — Dr. Jeremiah Morley
  • Marilyn Nash — Joan Lindsey
  • Bruce Kellogg — Wright Thompson
  • Otto Waldis — Dr. Max A. Bauer
  • Tom Handley — Dr. James Paxton
  • Dick Cogan — Dr. George Coleman
  • Jim Bannon — Andy

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