Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

2012 film by John Hyams

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning is a 2012 action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins, and Dolph Lundgren.

Directed and written by John Hyams.
Under Their Own Command. (tagline)

Luc DeverauxEdit

  • We're brothers. We're one.
  • There is no end. Always another, John.

Andrew ScottEdit

  • You came here to kill me. Yet I'm prepared to give you his greatest gift. You will be freed! You will serve him!
  • From this moment on, you're no longer a slave to the government. From this moment on, your mind is yours. From this moment on, you'll seek vengeance on your oppressors. Freedom is yours.
  • My brothers, let's not forget the moment of sickness. Our thoughts interrupted by unfamiliar worships. We were merely arms and legs, moving to the directive of another mind. But in an instant the veil has lifted. And today, brothers, I stand here to declare your minds are now your own! Each and every one of us bred into slavery, superior to our creators. They gave us nothing inside, but the void in our soul, the curse that binds us together, my brothers. But then he came along. He turned the curse into a blessing. He is the inspiration. He is the light that set us free! We are his eyes and ears and soon we shall multiply 10, 20... a hundred fold! We pioneers will spawn the first generation blessed with free will, taking vengeance upon those whose arrogance once assumed our servitude. With each passing day, we grow stronger, digging deeper into the outside world. Unnoticed, we live among them like ghosts, biding our time... waiting for the moment, when our oppressors shall be forced to kneel before us, and pay for their sins! THE DAY OF RECKONING!!!
  • That's the spirit, soldier!


  • Agent Gorman: Put the plumber to work.
  • Scientist: Your memories, John, they give you pain. But I can release you from them. I can release you from your pain. Would you like to be freed from pain?
  • First John: I get up every morning, I go to work. I come home, I go to sleep. The next day... repeat. Feels like a life, but I'm not sure. Something feels strange. Then one day I got sick. I can hear this voice, telling me that I gotta find him and kill him. So I go. But then he showed me the truth. My thoughts, they're not my own.


Agent Gorman: You ever see this man? Was he the man who murdered your wife and daughter?
John: Yes.
Agent Gorman: His name is Luc Deveraux. His prints were all over the crime scene.
John: Who is he?
Agent Gorman: Once a highly-decorated serviceman, but now he's best classified as a deserter.
John: Why did... Why did he kill my family?
Agent Gorman: Can you think of a reason?

Luc: You still believe the lies? You don't realize this is your home?
John: You killed them.
Luc: If you believe... I did, then I did.

John: How did you know I'd find him?
Agent Gorman: You always find each other. You're like dogs that way. You know, I suppose I should be grateful, but... I can't help but feel proud.
John: How's that?
Agent Gorman: Because we were right this time. Your memories triggered emotional responses that made you resistant. You acted on your own behest, not ours. You were designed with selfish motivations; loyalty to family, not to country. The John that came before you? Sent on the same exact mission. And he came the closest, but he disappeared. We made the necessary adjustments, knowing that you'd pick upright where he left off.
John: What about me?
Agent Gorman: We'll take you in, erase some memories and you'll be free. Truly free. You seem disappointed. Come on, I know you, John, like a father knows his child. You might not know me as well as you think. I know that if you didn't stop them, they would've reproduced by now. Once that door is open, that's how much you mean to me, everybody.
John: So you created me to find the one who killed my family and put them to death.
Agent Gorman: That is correct.
John: [aims a gun at him] You killed my family.
Agent Gorman: See? That's what makes you so special. You feel so intensely.
John: You killed my family.
Agent Gorman: No, quite the contrary, I created them for you. I created them, to fill your void.
John: And then you killed them.
Agent Gorman: I didn't kill them, John. Luc Deveraux did.
John: Maybe, but you put him up to it. [shoots him]


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