Unhinged (1982 film)

1982 film

Unhinged is a 1982 film about three young women who are taken in by a mysterious family at their rural mansion after getting into a car accident.

Directed by Don Gronquist. Written by Reagan Ramsey and Don Gronquist.
The Nightmare Begins When You Wake Uptaglines

Terry MorganEdit

  • A lot of really weird things are going on round here!... Breathing, strange sounds, your Mother, now faces at the window... I can't stand it!
  • I have a hard enough time taking Cinderella and her wicked step mother, but this new twist has really given me the willies.


Marion: Why did you have to hurt him?
Terry: He tried to kill me!
Marion: He was only playing with you!
Terry: [snaps] Playing?! Go look in the shed if you think he was playing!
[Marion stares at Terry, who drops her head while panting.]
Marion: [in deep, masculine voice] Carl had nothing to do with that...
[Terry slowly looks at Marion in confusion and shock.]
Marion: I'm sorry it had to end this way, Terry. [pulls out a machete] Just when you're getting to be such good friends...
[Terry attempts to run away, but Marion grabs her]
Marion: [hacking at Terry with the machete.] Do you think its been easy all these years? Do you? Do you think its been easy trying to take care of my brother? Trying to keep my secret from my mother? Fighting to keep my own secrets locked up inside? When I told you about Carl, I thought you would understand. I thought you would be different from all the rest! But oh no... You wouldn't believe me... You're just the same as all the others! All those years of trying to protect my brother. And that was the only thing that really mattered! But now... I am the strong! And you are the WEAK! Now I see you where you really belong..! Subservient... Groveling... Subhuman, as I was all those years! Now we're finding out who stand where, aren't we?! You... you putrid scum! Fouling the air with your very presence! Now we're finding out, aren't we?Aren't we?! AREN'T WE?!
[Finally, Marion rises the machete and stabs Terry, killing her]
Mrs. Penrose: [downstairs] Marion? Marion! Answer me! Do you have another one of your men up there?
Marion: [in a feminine voice] No, mother...


  • The Nightmare Begins When You Wake Up
  • Get your slice from the reaper. Violence beyond reason, victims beyond help.


  • Laurel Munson - Terry Morgan
  • Sara Ansley - Nancy Paulson
  • Janet Penner - Marion Penrose
  • Virginia Settle - Mrs. Penrose
  • Barbara Lusch - Gloria
  • John Morrison - Norman Barnes
  • Bill Simmonds - Carl Penrose

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