Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

collection of three comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics

The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy is a collection of three comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics and set in the Ultimate Marvel universe. The series showcase the arrival of the planet-eating entity Gah Lak Tus on Earth.

Ultimate Nightmare Edit

Issue 1 Edit

Nick Fury: The signal's coming from Russia. Tunguska, in fact, which is kind of like Siberia without the scenery. And I tell you, I did not go through a Cold War and in fact end the Cold War to have a massively destabilizing terrorist communications attack come from Russia!

Nick Fury: Mister Putin has agreed to a small exploratory force. So it's you'n'me, Cap, and Widow, 'cos I need a Russian speaker -
Black Widow: And I get to hear more stories about how you put Yankee boot to Russian backside and tore down the Berlin Wall with your teeth, da?
Nick Fury: - and one more.
Captain America: Tony? Tony's the science guy.
Nick Fury: I like Tony. Everybody likes Tony. He's a friendly little freak of nature, you know? But someday he's going to pull his weak sister act in the wrong place at the wrong time and he's going to get capped. And we'll be without our double-brained freak of nature. So I keep others on the payroll.

Issue 2 Edit

Sam Wilson: Sir, your call wasn't very specific. What can you tell me about the mission?
Nick Fury: I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson, that information is classified at this -
Sam Wilson: Sir, with respect, I'm on the command deck of the Helicarrier, discussing strategy with Captain goddamn America, so I think I have the right to know.

Nick Fury: That lock looks recent.
Sam Wilson: (leaning over the electronic lock) Ah, that's a late eighties console, but... yeah, it's been wired straight onto a lock from the sixties. See, the Russian take on science for years was plug one thing that worked onto another thing that works. But with this exposed wiring, I can -
(the doors open)
Sam Wilson: And we're in.

Issue 4 Edit

Black Widow: According to their records, the thing they found... well, they're making up words, but they mean it was biomechanical in nature.
Sam Wilson: A device caused the Tunguska event?
Black Widow: A recovered device, apparently. And after the Second World War, they found out how to disassemble it. They used the parts, grafting them onto human test subjects to jumpstart their supersoldier program.
Sam Wilson: Plug one thing that works onto another thing that works...
Black Widow: Exactly.

Black Widow: These are the Russian supersoldiers, Captain. Medical jokes chained up underground. Tagged to nuclear landmines to prevent them from breaking loose. These are your Russian cousins. And you can still hear them screaming.

(The Ultimates find a man sitting partly in shadow)
Nick Fury: Look, it's another one. Well, we can take him.
Man in Shadow: No. You can not. American.
Captain America: That's new.
Nick Fury: Prison hierarchy. There's always gonna be one guy who gets enough food from everyone else to hold it together.
Captain America: And there's usually a good reason for that guy to be behind bars in the first place.
Man in Shadow: I am - what is the English? I am the trustee. The good workers of this place, they say. we make you great. Make you great so that one day, you fight Captain America. And I say to them, what about his shield? And they say to me, we cannot replicate his shield.
(Man in Shadow stands up, holding a shield. The Ultimates are shocked by something we can't see, then the view shifts so we see him from the front. The shield has a human face stretched across the front of it - it is made from one of the inmates)
Man in Shadow: So I made my own.
Nick Fury: OK, here's an idea I'm gonna run up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes it - let's shoot him a lot, and then move on.

Issue 5 Edit

Vision: There is a very old culture. They were the first to see what is coming and survive. Their word for it has traveled. In your tongue it means antimessiah/uncreator/poison wave/universal endbringer: Gah Lak Tus.

Nick Fury: Wilson, you will spend every waking moment of your life with the Vision robot until it tells you what the hell is gunning for us. And no, we can't tell anyone. This whole thing is officially sixty levels above top secret.
Sam Wilson: But... how will we explain away the broadcasts predicting mass death.
Nick Fury: ...Terrorists. Terrorists are good for anything.

Ultimate Secret Edit

Issue 1 Edit

Guard: ID now. You have ten seconds to comply.
Philip Lawson: They still making you say that?
Guard: It's getting to where I'm accidentally saying it at home. "Dinner now. You have ten seconds to comply." My wife smacked the hell out of me, Doctor Lawson...

Colonel North: Gentlemen, be seated. I'd like to introduce our core team on the Asis rocket - Doctor Sutton, Doctor Binder, and Doctor Lawson. If Doctor Lawson will give us his time.
Philip Lawson: I'm sorry, I was just looking at her.
Major Carol Danvers: Excuse me?
Philip Lawson: (pointing out the window) The rocket. Didn't see you there, Major. Sorry.
Colonel North: Doctor Lawson is, of course, a civilian, and should probably be forgiven. If not by me.

Philip Lawson: Unikode Halahand Heavenchair: stand ready to receive break kode.
Killer Alien Robot: Unikode confirm: rankstate.
Philip Lawson: Pluskommander Geheneris HalaSon Mahr Vehl.
Killer Alien Robot: Visualskan unconfirm: not Kree physiotype.
Philip Lawson: Uplink to kruiser Night's Enquiry, query file "Infiltration_Mahr Vehl_Surgery".
Killer Alien Robot: Uplinked. Stand by... File-related message from shipthane Yahn Rgg follows: "Mission parameters altered. Humans will not be allowed to escape the planet. Comply with destruction of Asis or be disavowed." Identity Pluskommander Mahr Vehl confirmed.
Philip Lawson: Oh, now you confirm my identity. I hate killforms. Does "disavowed" still mean "blasted to sludge and turned into a protein shake"? Tell Yahn Rgg he's a rectal wart and I'll kill him for this.

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