Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra

Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra is a four issue comic book mini-series published by Marvel Comics.

Issue 1 edit

Elektra: The blues? You mean like, "my-dog-can't-get-a-job, my-truck-left-me, my-woman's-howling-at-the-kitchen-door" blues?
Phoebe: No, that's country, you fool.

Phoebe: Mel, back home we'd call you a klutz.
Melissa: Use a lot of Yiddish back in Texas, do you?

Melissa: I think I actually heard her heart make this "BOING!" sound.
Phoebe: "Boing?"
Melissa: Hey, you're the music major, whatever sound the heart makes.

[Elektra gives Matt Murdock roses.]
Matt: I smelled these, and I didn't even think they'd be for me.
Elektra: Too forward?
Matt: No, just forward enough.

Issue 2 edit

Police Officer: The kid has friends. His family has friends, you understand? Our hands are tied.

Matt: What kind of guy would I be if I didn't at least see you back to your room?
Elektra: The ordinary kind.

Issue 3 edit

Elektra: Never had a boy defend my honor before.
Matt: Guess you haven't met the right boy.
Elektra: Guess not.

Phoebe: You look like death warmed up and served with gravy

Issue 4 edit

Elektra: The law's just a commodity, or maybe you haven't noticed how Trey keeps buying it.

Foggy: Everything's all right, isn't it, Matt? Isn't it?
Matt: No, Foggy. It's about as wrong as it can be.

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