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Ultima is a series of fantasy computer role-playing games from Origin Systems, Inc.. Ultima was created by Richard Garriott, a.k.a. Lord British. Several games of the series are considered seminal games of their genre. Today, Electronic Arts holds the brand. It is considered the longest running RPG game franchise, as well as being one of the longest running, if not the longest, video game series.

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle

  • Xenkan monk: Does the corn have a name? Can you hear the cry of the corn?
  • Dupre: (while looking in a mirror) Thou impudent snot!
  • Shamino: (while looking in a mirror) Thou art dung, Dupre.
  • Iolo: Why couldn't have Lord British sent us to Daisy Isle, instead?
  • Shamino: (when the player clicks repeatedly on a cat) Bloody cats!
  • The Avatar: Taste mine cold steel, Trapper!

Ultima VIII: Pagan

  • Pyros: For what pathetic reason have you summoned me, mortal?

Ultima IX: Ascension

  • Prisoner in Castle British dungeon: "He is Lord British, let him go!"
  • Prisoner in Castle British dungeon: "Shamino, speak up man!"
Blackthorn: My lord, the Avatar has arrived in Britannia, and has easily been dispatched by my wyrmguard.
The Guardian: Do not be so sure. The meddlesome champion of Virtue is not so easily defeated.
Blackthorn: Of course, my lord. But I ask you, where is he now? The mirror of darkness would reveal Lord British's lackey. If he lives—
The Guardian: The Avatar has been teleported to a place hidden from the mirror's sight. Our... virtuous paragon could only have been taken to Stonegate... and by one of great power.
Blackthorn: Shall I reduce Stonegate to a cinder, my lord?
The Guardian: No. I want the champion of Britannia to see what has become of the land and its people. I want to feel his rage burn as he sees what I have done to Britannia. You are to keep the Avatar occupied while I complete my plan for Britannia's conquest. What remains is yours when I am finished. Now leave me.
Blackthorn: Yes, my lord. (leaves)
The Guardian: (to himself) Blackthorn... you are indeed a fool to want Britannia once I have finished with it.
—Opening dialogue of the game
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