Ubu Roi

French avant-garde comic play by Alfred Jarry, first performed in 1896
Merdre !

Ubu Roi ("King Ubu") is an absurdist burlesque written in French by Alfred Jarry and premièred in Paris in 1896. Set in "Poland – that is to say, nowhere", the play satirises European philosophies and their absurd practices.

First ActEdit

  • Merdre !
    • King Ubu
    • Opening line of the play; French expletive merde ("shit") with an extra "R", variously rendered into English as "shittr", "pshit", "sheeyit", "shitteth", "shikt", "shrit", etc.

Fifth ActEdit

  • S’il n’y avait pas de Pologne il n’y aurait pas de Polonais !
    • If there was no Poland, there would be no Poles!
    • King Ubu
    • Final line of the play

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