Ubu Roi

French avant-garde comic play by Alfred Jarry, first performed in 1896

Ubu Roi ("King Ubu") is an absurdist burlesque written in French by Alfred Jarry and premièred in Paris in 1896. Set in "Poland – that is to say, nowhere", the play satirises European philosophies and their absurd practices.

Merdre !

First ActEdit

  • Merdre !
    • King Ubu
    • Opening line of the play; French expletive merde ("shit") with an extra "R", variously rendered into English as "shittr", "pshit", "sheeyit", "shitteth", "shikt", "shrit", etc.

Fifth ActEdit

  • S’il n’y avait pas de Pologne il n’y aurait pas de Polonais !
    • If there was no Poland, there would be no Poles!
    • King Ubu
    • Final line of the play

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