British TV show and rip-off for young children

Tweenies is a British live-action puppet children's television series created by Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan. The programme is centred on four pre-school aged characters, known as the "Tweenies", playing, singing, dancing and learning in a fictional nursery in England. They are cared for by two adult Tweenies and two dogs. CBeebies in UK, Clan TVE in Spain, Noggin in USA, RTÉ in Ireland and CNBA1 in Japan. In 2015, The BBC announced that Tweenies will not return for Series 8. Tweenies is not available on BBC iPlayer.

Series 1 (1999)


Colours [1.18]

Max: Hey, that was great! Can I try now?
Milo: Uh-oh...

Series 2 (2000)


A Walk in the Country [2.32]

Judy: [singing] There is so much to see in the country, there is. Oh, so much more than the town, there are fields, there are trees, there.

Series 3 (2000)


Dirty Hands [3.21]

[After Milo left Jake with Fizz's special cushion, which he got his dirty, muddy handprints on, Fizz herself, along with Bella, entered the room]
Fizz: [laughing] Stop tickling me, Bella...!
Bella: Please stop tickling me...!
Fizz: No!
[They both laugh.]
Jake: Oh, dear...
[Just then, Fizz she sees her special cushion all dirty. Horrifed, she gives out a series of gasps, which get more intense by the second]
Fizz: Oh... Oh... Oh...
Jake: [worried] Fizz?
Fizz: OHH... OHH....
[Here's where Fizz goes berserk]
Jake: Ohhh! Ooh...
Bella: What's the matter, Fizz?!
Fizz: My... special... cushion!!!
Jake: Oh, no!
Fizz: Jake! What have you done??
Jake: Uhhh, but it wasn't me! Honest!
Bella: [angrily] Well, who was it, then?!
[Jake sputters, then hangs his head in sadness]

Fizz: [upset] Look at it! It's all spoiled!
Jake: Oh, dear...
Bella: [angrily] Oh, Jakey! How could you?!
Jake: But...
Bella: Why didn't you wash your hands like everyone else?!
Jake: But I did wash them but-- but... not everyone did.
Bella and Fizz: Ohhhh, MILOOOOO!!!
[Jake whines, and buries his face with the cushion with hand prints of dirt.]

Series 7 [2002]


Tweenies Live! The Christmas Present

[Tweenies shouting their farewells before they leave on stage]

Voice cast


Original UK version

  • Sally Preisig as Bella (1999-2000)
  • Emma Weaver as Bella (2000-2002)
  • Bob Golding as Milo / Max
  • Colleen Daley as Fizz / Izzles
  • Justin Fletcher as Jake / Doodles
  • Sinead Rushe as Judy



Tweenies Live! The Christmas Present (2002 UK VHS Rip)

US version

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