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Tutenstein is an American animated television series, produced by Porchlight Entertainment for Discovery Kids based on the comics by Jay Stephens. It features young mummy Tutankhensetamun (based on real-life Tutankhamun and usually called "Tutenstein" as in the title) who is awakened about 3,000 years after his accidental death and now must face the fact that his kingdom is gone.

Season 1Edit

The AwakeningEdit

Luxor: It's alive! It's....a kid?
Tut: Nice to meet you, where's the bathroom, I really got to go. Got to go, got to go got to go.... [runs for the bathroom and Cleo gasps]

The Curse of the PharaohEdit

Cleo:...jackal demons from the Underworld tried to chew us up!
Tut: Yeah, well. Stuff happens.

The Boats of Millions of YearsEdit

Cleo: Luxor, this movie is so cheesy it's great! What are you so scared about?
Luxor: That mummy eats brains!
Cleo: Luxor, get real! Tutenstein's a mummy, he doesn't eat brains!
Luxor: So far.

Near Dead ExperienceEdit

Tut: See, your body is trying to expel the hostile demon that's possessed it!!
Cleo: Yeah, the great demon called Snot.

Tut: What is this yellow pond with the floating dead chicken?
Cleo: My mom's special cure.
Tut: Animal sacrifice? Amateurs! [throw the bowl out the window] That will not save you from your impending doom!
Cleo: At least I don't have to eat it.


Clash of the PharaohsEdit

Tut: [last lines] Thank you, Cleo. One more thing, how about a dance?


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