Ture Nerman

Swedish socialist
Struggle is life, and a movement, that no longer wants to fight, is beaten.

Ture Nerman (18 May 18867 October 1969) was a Swedish communist politician.

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  • Struggle is life, and a movement, that no longer wants to fight, is beaten.
    • Socialist newspaper Nya Samhället (24 September 1913)
  • The socialist society will not be a battlefield for class-war, because the classes will have been abolished, but that can only be accomplished through the greatest class-war the world has ever seen, as the modern proletariat rise up for justice and power.
    • Nya Samhället (3 November 1913)
  • A true socialist never hates people. He knows, that they are products of the great economical laws, which in the present society divides man into two nations of poor and rich… We socialists never hate specific individuals. But we hate the system - capitalism, militarism, reaction – and that system we scorn with a healthy, burning, eternal hatred.
    • Socialist newspaper Folkets Dagblad - Politiken (24 April 1918)
  • Capitalism is hard to reason with, but it vividly understands the fist of the working-class, and the Bolsheviks’ unforgettable honorary deed — no matter how the future may turn out, is that they for the first time in world history have shown the tormenters of humanity, an example of power that truly acts, not just talks. The fist in the face, that is the only argument capitalism understands, and Bolshevism has used the fist, hard, very hard but certainly justified.
    • Folkets Dagblad - Politiken (5 May 1919)

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