Tuck Everlasting (2002 film)

2002 film by Jay Russell

Tuck Everlasting is a 2002 film about a young woman who meets and falls in love with young man who is part of a family of immortals.

Directed by Jay Russell. Screenplay by Jeffrey Lieber and James V. Hart. Based on the novel by Natalie Babbitt.
A secret is about to be discovered. An adventure is about to begin. (taglines)


  • For some, time passes slowly, an hour can seem an eternity. For others, there's never enough. For the Tucks, it didn't exist.
  • Winnie Foster was to be sent 500 miles away to be educated, but what her parents didn't understand was that she only wanted to step outside her fence... so she did. What in these quiet woods should be so forbidden? Winnie had always sensed a mystery waiting for her there.
  • For some, time passes slowly, an hour can seem an eternity. For others, there's never enough. For Jesse Tuck, it didn't exist.
  • Tuck said it to Winnie the summer she turned 15: Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live. And she did.

Jesse Tuck

  • How am I supposed to take you home when I can't make my feet move from this spot? If I could die tomorrow I would, just so I could spend one more night with you.

Angus Tuck

  • If there's one thing I've learned about people, many will do anything — anything — not to die. And they'll do anything to keep them living their life.


  • We all had a drink. Except for the cat, and that's important. The water tasted like... heaven. It floated over your tongue like a cloud. Tuck carved a T in the trunk and we moved on west to find a place to settle down. We put up a house for Mae and Tuck and a little shed for Jesse and me. That was the first time we figured there was something... peculiar. Jesse fell thirty feet and landed on is neck. He was up on his feet before Mae could work up a good cry. Didn't hurt him a bit, no broken bones... nothing. But that's not all... not by a long shot. Things began to happen. Some brush-poppers mistook Mae's horse for a deer. Thing is, the bullets didn't kill him. Barely even left a mark. Then Tuck got bitten by a rattlesnake, and you know what... he didn't die. But the cat did, of old age. And Miles got married. Tuck figured it early on. It was the spring. We all drank from it, even the horse. It had to be... the source of our changelessness. I begged her to come back... to me and find the spring and drink from it. The children, too. It was our only hope... to be together. She'd made up her mind that I'd... sold my soul to the devil. And she left me. She took my babies with her. Everyone... pulled away after that. There was talk of witchcraft... and... black magic. I went lookin' for wars to fight... and I saw brave men die at Vera Cruz. And then Gettysburg. Thousands of them in the blink of an eye. But not me. I couldn't die. Like Little Anna. The influenza took her before she was fifteen. And Bo. He'd be almost eighty now if he were still alive. And my sweet... my sweet young bride. She died in an insane asylum. Old and alone. But I'm still here... I'm still here.

Mae Tuck

  • [to Miles] You're as cozy as barbed wire.


Young Pastor: You speak blasphemy, sir.
Man in Yellow Suit: Fluently.


  • A secret is about to be discovered. An adventure is about to begin.
  • If you could choose to live forever, would you?
  • Tuck's family drinks water from a magical spring, which allows them to live for eternity.
  • The spring holds the secret, the secret of life and death.