Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

2005 Japanese manga by Clamp

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is a fantasy shōnen manga series written and illustrated by the mangaka group Clamp. It was serialized in the Kodansha publication Weekly Shōnen Magazine from May 2003 till October 2009. It was adapted into an anime series, Tsubasa Chronicle, animated by Bee Train, which aired 52 episodes over two seasons during 2005 and 2006. Five OVAs (animated by Production I.G) were also released between November 2007 and May 2009.

The series follows the adventures of Syaoran as he travels across different dimensions in search of the lost memories of Sakura, his childhood friend, which take the form of feathers . Accompanying him on his journey are Mokona, Kurogane and Fye D. Flowright.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Manga) edit

Chapitre 1: The World of Beginnings edit

Sakura: In my room at the palace, right before I go to sleep... I always think to myself, "What's Syaoran doing right now? Is he thinking about me?"

Chapitre 2: The Price of Memory edit

Kurogane: What do I have to give you?
The Dimension Witch: That sword.
Kurogane: What! I'll never hand over my Ginryu-!!
The Dimension Witch: Fine then, in exchange, you can roam around looking like a cosplayer, violate weapon laws, get arrested by the police, and get interviewed on television.
Kurogane: [Not understanding] Eh? Poli? Tele?

The Dimension Witch: But there are no coincidences in this world. There is only Hitsuzen. You were destined to meet each other.

Chapitre 3: The Wings of Hitsuzen edit

The Dimension Witch: Readiness and sincerity, qualities that are indispensible in order to accomplish anything. Qualities you are well provided with.

Chapitre 4: The Strength to Fight edit

Kudan: I am the master of those who govern fire. I was waiting for someone powerful enough for me. Do you desire the power?
Syaoran: ...Desire.
Kudan: To keep me and obtain the power, do wish to do that?
Syaoran: I want to protect someone special.
Kudan: I see a strong heart that wants to protect loved ones.

Chapitre 5: The Instant of Awakening edit

Mokona: Mokona is very popular!
Kurogane: You wish!

Chapitre 6: Strength of the Heart edit

Masayoshi Saito: Syaoran-kun is the same. A strong kudan, the best kudan, only goes with people who have a strong mind. A kudan is something that is controlled by the mind. A kudan reflects a person's strength of mind and I admire that.

Chapitre 7: Linked Worlds edit

Kurogane: I work by myself. Only for Princess Tomoyo.

Chapitre 8: The Country Where Gods Live edit

Sakura: [Holding Syaoran's hand] If I sleep like this, the first person I want to see when I wake up, is Syaoran.

Chapitre 23: The Country of Fog edit

Fujitaka: How was the birthday party?
Syaoran: The princess... smiled at me. I told her I didn't remember anything from the past. She wasn't angry at me, and she wasn't pitying me. She even decided a birthday for me. It's today, April 1st. And then she smiled at me. The princess's smile... It's so warm.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Anime) edit

Strength and Kindness [1.16] edit

Fai D. Flourite: Fighting’s fine, but losing looks like it’ll hurt, so that’d suck.

Fai: Was that you Kuro-pon?
Kurogane: I don’t wanna see your face ever again. Keep that helmet on until you die.

[Kiff and Sharume walk off holding hands]
Mokona: Oh, wow! They’re all lovey dovey!

Demon Hunters [1.17] edit

Fai D. Flourite: Kuro-woof-woof.

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