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True Jackson, VP

television series

True Jackson, VP was an American sitcom.


Season 1Edit


True: Oh, I'm not supposed to drink soda. It makes my tongue sweat. Is there any bubbly water?
Cricket: I can order you some. Do you want any juice boxes while I'm at it?
True: Oh, for real... Oh, are you just being snotty?
Cricket: Snotty.

True: Oh, LuLu this is Cricket, my assistant.
LuLu: Seriously, you're her boss, but she is so old.
True: LuLu!!
LuLu: What? You're a kid and she a grown woman. It's like backwards day.

Firing LuLuEdit

Amanda: So you might not be prepared for the excessory presentation. I couldn't help but over hear.
True: I know I saw your ear pressed against the glass.
Amanda: Yeh well I happen to do that to .. cool my ears.

Max Madigan: Kopleman don't be rude, OUT!

Amanda:Oscar, I'll like to get a seating cards lamminated. Do you know if we have a laminated machine any where in the... (Oscar takes out a small laminating machine) That's too small (Oscar takes out a large laminating machine) That's too big (Oscar takes out a medium size laminating machine) Aww.. Perfect.... Oh I'm also going to need (she was going to say extension cord but Oscar already gave it to her) OK, Then.

Max:Two things True. One I finally tastes that Happy Berry Yum Yum downstairs, delicious, Two Yum is not enough.
True: I know right, I like the tangerine tinkle, it make my nose itch.
Max: I've decided to get myself a cup a day.
True: Good for you and what was the other thing you want to tell me.
Max: You have to fire LuLu.
True: I What Now!!!

Season 3Edit

True DriveEdit

Ryan: I gotta be honest, I can't hear anything over the sound of this marble in my arm.

Ryan: That's not true, you left me alone yesterday!
True: And what happened?
Ryan: I sat on your computer.
True: And why?
Ryan: Because I broke your chair.
True: And how?
Ryan: Throwing hammers...

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