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Tron (franchise)

science fiction media franchise

Tron is an American science fiction media franchise that began in 1982 involving films, video games, a comic series, and a television series.

In the franchise, the character Tron is a security programme developed by user Alan Bradley to monitor communications between the programme Master Control Program (MCP) and the real world.  After being captured by MCP and forced to play on the Game Grig, he's freed by user Kevin Flynn and instructed by Alan to shut down the MCP.  Tron is injured after the programme CLU 2 seizes total control over the Grid, and serves as a mentor to the programme Beck in inciting insurrection against CLU's new régime.  He is eventually captured by CLU and repurposed to be CLU's lead warrior, Rinzler, but through strength of will, remembers his previous identity and turns against CLU.


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