Trinity Seven

Japanese manga series

Trinity Seven, also known as Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians, is a Japanese manga series by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao. It has been adapted into an anime series by Seven Arcs Pictures. The story follows Arata Kasuga, a boy who becomes a mage in order to rescue his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, from the mysterious Breakdown Phenomenon. He meets the Trinity Seven and must learn how to master his incredible magical potential from them if he is to be successful in finding his cousin again.

Season 1


Administer and Third Selection [episode 01]

Arata: [floating through darkness] All I can see is black, a world around me surrounded in total darkness. [a girl appears in the distance, reaching out to him] I'm not sure how, but I knew I had to take her hand. I knew I must do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. Anything, anything.

[Arata wakes up to find he had inadvertently grabbed Hijiri's breast]
Arata: Oh, hey there Hijiri. Good morning. Is it time for breakfast?
Hijiri: [upset] Don't you dare talk to me about breakfast!
[cut to them both sitting at the breakfast table]
Arata: Oh come on, you still mad?
Hijiri: Don't you have anything to say to me about what just happened?
Arata: Well, I think you're growing up, I guess.
Hijiri: Oh my god!
Arata: What do you mean? I totally meant it as a complement.

Lilith: Awaken to your destiny, Arata Kasuga, for if you do not, I will have no chioce but to kill you.

[a gunshot suddenly rings out, but Hijiri erects a barrier to deflect the shot]
Hijiri: Hey there, that was quite an entrance. I must say I'm impressed. It's been awhile.
Lilith: So you decided to show your true colors? How nice of you.
Arata: Wait a sec, you're that girl with the sweet rack.

Hijiri: Take this, you'll need it. [she gives Arata a small grimoire] I beg you, save Arata from this destruction. Grant his wish and keep him from harm.
Arata: Wait, Hijiri, who are you talking to? What the hell is going on here?
Hijiri: Now after I'm gone, try to wake up on your own. Make sure you eat enough, a full three meals a day, alright? And try your best to keep the place clean. Take care of yourself. Stay out of trouble. [she kisses Arata, then starts to disappear] Don't ever forget me. Always remember your Hijiri.
Arata: Hijiri, wait. Hijiri!

Lilith: You must make a choice, Arata Kasuga. I implore you, command this grimoire to destroy this farcical world you created, in which case, I will allow you to live, and you can spend the rest of your days in peace. The caveat being that I will destroy the grimoire and your memories of Hijiri Kasuga will be decimated. If you do not hand over the grimoire, I'll be forced to end your life. You wished this world into existence, and only can send it back into oblivion.

Arata: I've made my choice. I'm not handing over the grimoire.
Lilith: So you wish to die?
Arata: Nope, I don't think I'm gonna do that either. I'm gonna go with a third option.

Arata: Who puts a magic school out in the middle of nowhere?

Lilith: I'm appalled. The fact that you got away with that stunt is insane. It's never been done before.
Arata: Why is that such a problem for you? Anyway, good to see you again. Every bit of you.

Arata: Alright then, guess it's settled. I'm gonna be a mage, sounds like I'm already pretty great at it.

Selina: So Arata, what kind of girls do you like?
Arata: I'm partial to big ol' boobies.
Lilith: Arata!
Selina: Did you really just say that?
Arata: Although I could dig a girl with small ones too if she's hot.
Selina: [to herself] This guy has no shame does he?
Arata: Oh, and a decent face, badonkadonk...
Selina: Right, so you like all girls and all girls hate you. Good to know.
Lilith: Hope you're proud of yourself.

Headmaster: There are seven students here who are a little more like final bosses than drooling teenagers.
Arata: Final bosses?
Headmaster: They're the Trinity Seven. I forget why we named them that. Whatever, not important.

Arata: Holy crap, you're a ninja.
Levi: Yeah, pretty cool, right?

Levi: I'm super awesome. I mean, I am a sexy ninja after all. A sexy assassin who takes people out with my sexy ninja techniques.
Lilith: Hey, enough with the sexy ninja talk.

[Arata was just walked into the men's bath only to find a girl already in there]
Arata: Uh, hello.
Arin: Good evening.
[Arata starts to wash his hair as if nothing is amiss]
Arin: Excuse me, that one isn't the shampoo. That one's the shampoo.
[Arata screams]
Arin: Did it get in your eyes?
Arata: What is wrong with you? Why aren't you freaked out by all this?
Arin: Oh?
Arata: Go ahead, scream or something?
[Arin let's out a flat, monotonous scream]
Arata: That is terrible.

Arin: It's a difficult concept.
[repeated line]

Lilith: Oh my god, could you please put on some pants?
Arata: I could, but no thanks.

Prison Lock and Grimoire Security [episode 02]

Arata: Ever since this morning, you've been following me around like my shadow.
Arin: No I haven't.
Arata: Really? You've been watching my every move.
Arin: You're pretty self conscious.

Arin: I'm interested because, you're the Demon Lord candidate. I'll never stop watching you, and I have a good reason. It's my fate, to become the bride of the Demon Lord.
Arata: What do you mean?
Arin: Your wife, spouse, betrothed, life partner, which ever you want.

Arata: Oh yeah, a gaggle of lovely ladies just awaiting in my room.
Selina: I'm here to interview you.
Levi: I'm just here to watch the fun.

Arata: It's a blackout. Stay calm everybody.
Lilith: Hey, who is touching me!?
Levi: It isn't me, sadly.

Headmaster: You rang? Well, here I am.
[the Headmaster jumps through a window, only to ram headfirst into a wall]
Arata: [to Arin] Well, I guess that happened. Alrighty, shall we go somewhere and finish this discussion?
[Arata and Arin start to leave]
Headmaster: [in dismay] What, nothing for that entrance? I used an incredible technique to violate the spacial continuum for crying out loud and you're just going to ignore me?

Arin: You want to have premarital sex?
Arata: Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon.
Lilith: What is wrong with you people?

Arin: [to Arata while he's flirting with Lilith] Wait, are you committing infidelity already?

[Arin has just forced Arata to create a Breakdown Phenomenon]
Lilith: All the matter around us is being reduced to elementary particles. It's growing unstable. What you're doing is dangerous.
Arin: I know. You must understand, this is my thema. This is the closest one can get to Ruina. No matter how immoral the pursuit of a thema is, it's a mage's duty to follow through with it.

Arin: I want to know what lies on the other side, beyond the destruction and chaos. That's the endgame of my magic and thema, isn't it?

Akio: You know, this pisses me off. We travel halfway around the world to stop a Breakdown Phenomenon, and find another one waiting for us when we get home.

Magus and Alchemist [episode 03]

Arata: Those swimsuits are pretty revealing. I like it.
Levi: They're designed to entice guys who like flat-chested girls.
Selina: Hey, you take that back. Mine are just fine.
Levi: What? The little bitty ones are the best. And the guys love them. Right, Arata?
Arata: I don't discriminate. I love boobs in all their wonderful shapes and sizes
Arin: Is that so?
Levi: Well, if that's what you're into, check these out.
[Levi exposes the revealing bikini Lilith was wearing under her shirt]
Arata: Yeah, approved.

Astil Codex: Oh, does that mean you decided?
Arata: Oh yeah, and my thema is... control.
Astil Codex: [glowing as its pages begin to flip] Yes. Wonderful. Your heart, your essence, the very thing that defines who you are, your soul, all of these things are encompassed within control - Impel. It can be found within the Superbia archive. I, the Astil codex, do hereby enter a binding contract with you.
Arata: Well alright. Connect to the Superbia archive. Execute thema.

Arata: We're going to control all the magic that's overflowing, and erase it. Now, Astil Codex.
Astil Codex: Yes, master?
Arata: I don't care if this is a Breakdown Phenomenon or not, I order all the magic flowing in here to dissipate.

Levi: [about Arata's magic] It erases other peoples magic and blows clothing off as a bonus.

Lilith: Okay, this is my magic: Outer Alchemic. It's essentially alchemy. Now, I use the term alchemy to describe it, but it has a myriad of different applications.
Arata: Alright, now grimoire, see if you can turn into a deadly weapon for me.
Astil Codex:: Hm, Outer Alchemic? Well, I guess I can give it a shot. [hovers in front of Arata and glows as its pages turn] Process one... cleared. Process two... cleared. Process three... cleared. [turns into a pistol]
Arata: [laughing triumphantly] I'm the greatest magical mage in the world.
Lilith: What? I don't believe it. How is that possible? [grabs the pistol] You shouldn't be able to use it so easily.
Astil Codex: Well, it's not perfect. I just copied your magic and rewrote it to better suit Arata's archive and thema. It's your magic re-tuned for him.
Selina: So wait, he can do what?
Arin: That's my husband.
Lilith: If I'm not mistaken, that means he can use anyone's magic.
Every Girl: So then, can you do that?

Labyrinth and Magic Gunner [episode 04]

Arata: What kind of school has a dungeon?
Headmaster: Don't you read? We're a magic academy, duh.

Arata: Whoa, this is creepy, but kind of awesome.
Lilith: Yeah, well it's always been a giant labyrinth, just not so spooky.
Arin: It's true, this is all Yui's magic. I get the feeling she's about to awaken.
Arata: Awaken? What, is she asleep too?
Levi: It's not like a normal sleep state. Yui is a kind of mage who lives in another realm, in a world of dreams. That's what her thema is about.

Levi: Come on, let's try to find her before Mira and Akio get to her. It would be bad if they beat us.
Arata: Why's that?
Arin: Grimoire Security is supposed to deal with it. But they have a strict zero tolerance policy. They reformat the Breakdown Phenomenon and destroy the cause.
Levi: If they find Yui before we do, they will destroy her for sure.

Levi: That's how it's gonna be?
Akio: Oh, do you really want to get into it with me, Levi?
Levi: I like these intense plot twists. They really get me going.
Akio: You're damn right. I've always secretly hoped for the opportunity to pummel a little ninja.

[a gust of wind from Levi's magic causes Mira's skirt to blow up]
Arata: Ah, bunny rabbit panties.
Mira: Akio, hurry up and beat her so you can crush this filthy idiot and get his repulsive face out of my sight forever.

[a sign on the door reads: Office of Yui the evil mage Hours 9:00~15:00 Yui is now "in"]
Lilith: We made it. This is Yui's room.
Arata: So what's with this goofy sign?
Lilith: I can only guess that either Levi or the headmaster made it.

Levi: A ninja can't expect much from anyone. And the nature of Yui's magic makes it really hard to get close to her. She and I are a lot alike in that way.
Arata: Why can't you expect much?
Levi: That's how a magic thema works. It's composed of a quality you don't have. At least, that's how it usually is. So since I can't expect much from anyone, I expect a lot from myself.
Arata: Magic is doing the thing that seems furthest from what your rational mind wants you to do.
Levi: Are you someone who want's to control everything?
Arata: I am. I especially want to control what's going on here, and stop the Breakdown Phenomenon.

Levi: I never expected this, a Demon Lord candidate who lived up to my expectations and eradicated a Code D with a single hit. This could turn out to be very interesting.

Dream World and Sub-Administer [episode 05]

Arata: So, I wake up, and there's a naked loli in my bed.
Arin: [mumbling while asleep] My husband...
Arata: Two, actually.
Yui: [mumbling while asleep] Big brother...
[there is a knock at the door]
Lilith: Arata, what are you still doing in bed? You're going to be late. [comes in] Honestly, you're too old not to wake up on your own... [stops as she sees Arata in bed with Arin and Yui]
Arata: Got room for one more.
Lilith: I said get out of bed!

Yui: Oh Arin, you don't have anything to worry about.
Arin: Hm?
Yui: I don't mind being Arata's mistress.
Arin: Sounds like a plan to me.
Arata: Oh my god, I love this place.

Arata: So I'm guessing you're friends with the ninja because you don't really understand how friendships are supposed to work. She can't expect anything from anyone, so expectation is her thema. You don't get the concept of friends, so friendship is your thema. Sound about right?
Yui: Well, it's not how I would put it, but more or less. I've been asleep by myself in here this whole time. I might never have woken up if it hadn't been for you. You know, I'm kind of glad I didn't have anyone before.
Arata: Okay, so my magic undid your power and because of that, you were able to wake up and be in the material world?
Yui: Yes, that's right.
Arata: Interesting. All right, well, do you think you want to be my friend?
Yui: Your friend?
Arata: Well sure, you need more than just the ninja. I'll research that thema of yours, we'll do it together.
Yui: Yay, that's great. Big brother and I are friends now.

Yui: So, since we're friends, and we're going to be doing stuff together, you can have your way with me whenever you want.
Arata: Uh, can have my way with you?
Lilith: Don't even think about it!
Arata: Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Lilith: [is actually talking in her sleep] You shouldn't be doing that. You're gross.
Arata: That girl even dreams about crushing my fantasies.

Akio: Of course things would get interesting just as I decided to take a nap.

Lieselotte: Hello Miss Lilith, hi dear Mira. It's been awhile. And, oh yeah, I'll be taking your magic now.
Levi: What, you're not even going to acknowledge us? That's pretty rude.

Lieselotte: Well done, Selina.
Selina: You must have forgotten that I can use Logos Art too. You can't fool me, sister, I can calculate where you're going to appear.
Lieselotte: That makes me so happy. You really are my sweet baby twin sister. You've been researching, making your magic stronger, haven't you?

Lieselotte: So the new Demon Lord is nothing but a creepy little pervert? Wonderful.
Arata: Yeah, turns out all this magicy stuff doesn't really have a lot of rules or scruples.

Lieselotte: Yes, now this is taboo. There just happened to be a Demon Lord element stored in the Eternal Library.
Lilith: This is bad.
Lieselotte: And now that I've acquired that magic, I'm a Demon Lord candidate. Isn't that nice?

Dark Mage and Big Event [episode 06]

Lieselotte: I'm sure that you're aware that every mage ultimately wants to become a Demon Lord. So shouldn't it follow that any one of us will do whatever it takes to become a candidate?
Lilith: That's true, but you are supposed to research your thema first.
Lieselotte: Why would I waste time doing that? I'd rather jump straight to the finish line, like Mister Demon Lord candidate over here. Skip all the boring process stuff and get straight to the results. It's just the way I like to do things, you know.
Arata: Well, I've always been a fan of shortcuts.
Lieselotte: Totally, right?
Lilith: What? Arata?
Arata: I'm with you, I don't like going to too much trouble. If there's an easier way to get to the end I'm always going to choose that option. However, you've done more than that. I don't really like stealing magic, it just seems wrong to me.

Astil Codex: Really, do you wish to fight her? She's far stronger than anyone we've fought before.
Arata: Yeah, well being a Demon Lord has kind of become my new thing.
Astil Codex: Good point.

Lieselotte: Well, Demon Lord candidate, why don't you come on over to the dark side with me?
Arata: And be an evil mage? What makes you think I would do that?
Lieselotte: You afraid to be a real bad boy in front of our teacher and security?
Lilith: Arata, don't listen, you can't trust anything she says.
Lieselotte: I will tell you this, and I think you'll like it. [an image of Hijiri appears in front of Arata] If you want to save Hijiri Kasuga, the girl who was swallowed up by the Breakdown Phenomenon, coming to my side would save you a lot of time.
Arata: How the hell do you know about Hijiri?
Lieselotte: You really want to know? I can tell you, only if you come over to my side, Arata Kasuga.

Mira: I will eliminate you in the name of Grimoire Security. You're done, Lieselotte Sherlock.
Lieselotte: That sounds fun, let's get down to it. Soon you will see I cannot be defeated by you or your friends.

Lieselotte: Oh wow, that was close, huh? If I hadn't stolen the Demon Lord candidate's magic, I would have had a serious problem.
Mira: Damn it, he's always at the heart of all of our problems.

Mira: You have the rather fortunate ability of somehow copying the magic of other mages.
Arata: Well yeah, but it doesn't always work because of some rule about processes or something like that.
Mira: That's my point. You can only figure it out in practice. So you're going to fight Akio.
Akio: That's right buddy, and I want you to make an attempt to take my favorite spell, Mantra Enchant. Let's get down to it.
Arata: Whoa, wait wait wait! I still don't know what process means.
Mira: I know and you're going to need to figure it out sooner than later, or you're going to die.
[Akio delivers a kick that shatters the ground in front of Arata]
Akio: Here I come, you better get ready.
[Akio continues to attack Arata, who is running away]
Arata: Isn't this a dangerous way to go about teaching me?
Akio: Hey, get back here!

[one of Akio's attacks knocks Arata on top of Mira and he ends up groping her chest]
Arata: They're not exactly what I would call enormous. Then again, I wouldn't exactly call them small either, just the size that nestles perfectly in one's hand. [Mira comes to, immediately noticing the position they were in] Uh, okay. I'd like you to remain calm and listen. I'm aware that mere seconds from now, I'm going to be bleeding out right here on this field. So, with my last living breath, let me say, your breasts feel incredible. I'm oh so grateful for this. So blessed. And I'm sorry.

Levi: When mages choose themas, they usually go for ones that are completely different from their personal morals and principles.
Arin: And when it comes to Liese's thema, it's Stagna - stagnation.
Lilith: That means with her personality type, she can't sit still.

Headmaster: M'kay, the Grimoire Security inspectors are training Arata, and the rest of the Trinity Seven don't have much magic right now. Do you know what this means? The school's in big trouble yet again. Pretty damn exciting, don't you think?

Headmaster: Well then, Arata, if you don't get it together soon, a spooky, evil, villainous mage is going to wreak major havoc on this place.
Lieselotte: Oh yeah, I can only assume you mean me. It would be an honor to take you on for all the times you called me to your office, dear headmaster.
Headmaster: [laughs] I'm a little too old to be tangling with you, darling. So I'd appreciate it if you spared me. Although, no girl's ever made the first move with me like this. So I might just have to take you up on it.

Headmaster: [after Lieselotte's power breaks a window] I'm the one who has to keep fixing those windows, you know.

Lost Technica and Problem Solving [episode 07]

Headmaster: Well well well, I can tell by the look on your face you can see it now. May I present my little grimoire. It's called Solomon's Gate.
Lieselotte: Well I'm honored. Only people who possess a certain level of magic can see it, right?
Headmaster: Yes, that's right. But I wouldn't recommend looking at it for too long. Even some of the most highly ranking mages have gone insane from staring at it.

Lieselotte: I'm curious, what do you think of these? [exposes her chest to distract the Headmaster and easily kicks him out of a window] Too easy.
Headmaster: Worth it!

Levi: It seems like Arata's real objective is to see the all the members of Trinity Seven naked.
Arata: That is not true.
Yui: Are you saying you don't want to?
Arata: No, I do.
Lilith: Oh, good grief!
Lieselotte: I believe Levi's the only one you haven't seen. A ninja never lets her guard down, so that could be difficult.

Lieselotte: The term Trinity Seven refers to specific individuals. They've obtained the lost technica within their archives.
Arata: What's that mean?
Lieselotte: It usually has terrible consequences for the mage who uses it. But I'm willing to take that risk with you.
[the surrounding area turns grey and everyone else becomes stationary]
Arata: What happened? Is this one of those barriers, or another world?
Sora: I'm afraid it's much worse than that. This is the secret technique of Acadia.
Lieselotte: She's right. It's called Baal Peor, the last crest of the mage Pythagoras, founder of Logos Art, developed before he passed into the next realm. It takes a measure of all possible occurrences and drastically slows down time for all except the mage who casts it. To put it simply, it's the closest thing that exists to actually freezing time.

Arata: I saw something when I got the power from Akio. It was Akio when she was a little girl. She was praying continuously. [kneels down in front of Lieselotte and embraces her] Akio and Selina, and probably Mira and Lilith, they all want you to come back to them.
Lieselotte: It's not true.
Arata: And I want Hijiri to come back to. That's why I could identify with it. That was the will that Akio and Selina entrusted me with. They love you. They don't want you to be in this lonely, monochrome world all by yourself. They miss their friend, and sister.
Lieselotte: Impossible, I abandoned my friends, my sister, and this world forever. I can't go back to their world. I'm stuck where I belong.
Arata: What does she mean by that?
Sora: There's a risk involved with using the last crest. Pythagoras, the mage who created the technique, was trapped forever in this world, moving faster than light. In other words, he could never return to the ordinary world again.
Lieselotte: Unable to move forward or go backward, he became stagnant and trapped in this world forever. That's the price you pay when you use the last crest.

Lieselotte: Thank you, Arata. If anyone had cared about me as much you seem to now, who knows, with someone like you, I might not have ended up like this.

Akio: That girl, she would do the same thing as her founder, wouldn't she?

Mira: So your name is Sora? How many processes has this deviant Demon Lord candidate completed for Logos Art?
Sora: Well, I'd say almost all of them.
Mira: I thought as much. So, it's official. As head of Grimoire Security, I have an order for Selina Sherlock. You must help Arata Kasuga master Logos Art ASAP, and then retrieve your sister from her own space time, and bring her back.

Study and Holiday [episode 08]

Arata: [to Mira] I see you're not wearing the bunny panties today.

Arata: I had no intention of planting my face into her crotch.
Sora: I'm sure you have no complaints.
Arata: It was magical.

Arata: So I'm guessing you're not turning back into your grimoire form anytime soon.
Sora: I'm a lot cuter this way, don't you think?
Arata: Well, you're not hard to look at, that's for sure. And you're soft and warm too.
Sora: You never fail to be inappropriate, do you master.

Mira: There's a network of teleportation magic that connects all of the magic schools to each other and the rest of the world. In layman's terms, it's a magical warp device.
Arata: [excitedly] A magical warp device!
Mira: All major cities in every country and other that have a magical academy are connected by a hyperdimensional...
Arata: A magical warp device!
Mira: Uh, yeah, sure, whatever.

Sora: There's a dark force interfering with the teleportation device.
Lilith: If that's the case, there's a strong chance we'll be thrown into a rift in space-time.
Arata: There's got to be something we can do, headmaster.
Headmaster: Oh don't you worry. In the name of my pride, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you get there safely. I apologize in advance if the coordinates are a bit wonky.

Mira: Where are we? Oh, wow.
Arata: Wait, do you know what this is?
Mira: Yes I do. I've been sent to this place once before. This is the Royal Liber Academy.
Arata: What? Hey, wait, I thought that that school got destroyed?
Familiar Voice: Hello Arata.
[Arata turns around to see Hijiri standing there]
Arata: Is that you, Hijiri?
Hijiri?: How have you been? It's been awhile, hasn't it?
Arata: Is that really you in there? Is this real?
Mira: That's enough messing around. You're not fooling anyone, I can tell your magic isn't human. In the name of the Justicia archive I command you, reveal your true form now.

Fake Hijiri: It looks like this isn't the right time for us to meet. I'll see you again soon.
Arata: Wait, please don't go. If you're not the real Hijiri, who are you? [the fake Hijiri disappears] Hijiri...

Bible Battle and Sweet Memory [episode 09]

Sora: I know her. She's the Iliad Fragment. She copied Hijiri's memories and appearance in order to act as her replacement. She's another grimoire like me.

Ilia: I see that your magic hasn't been diminished in the slightest by time, Astil Codex.
Sora: Well apparently you're still using all of your same old tired magic trickery, Iliad Fragment.
Ilia: Sadly for you, no matter how strong you are, you're in my house now.
Sora: Not so sure about that. We won't really know until we get started.

Arata: Hey, um, Mira?
Mira: What is it?
Arata: You're head of Grimoire Security's inspection division because of your strong magic, right?
Mira: Huh, well I guess so. It's more than that though.
Arata: What else is it about then?
Mira: Well, for one, my thema is Justicia - justice. I've chosen to take a righteous path in life.
Arata: Thema's are supposed to be the opposite of your real nature. So at some point you were a scumbag delinquent?
Mira: Uh, no, I wasn't.

Akio: [in a flashback] Listen Mira, you have been blessed with such powerful magic. You might as well own it proudly. Use it with confidence.
Mira: [narrating] Akio's words took root in my heart that day. What she said made a lot of sense to me. I wanted to be more open about my power and I knew it would earn me respect. So that's how it went, more or less. I wanted to own my power and fight for justice, to take responsibility. And it just felt right.

Arata: Okay then, Ilia. I'll agree to stay here with you if you promise to set this female mage free.
Mira: Arata, what is the matter with you?
Ilia: Oh, I see. So that's your play then?
Arata: Yeah, I'm assuming that I'm the one you need, right? I don't see any reason why Mira needs to stay here.
Ilia: Probably right. She honestly has no place in a world created for just the two of us. That being the case, Arata, why don't you come over here so we can be a little bit closer.
Arata: Sure.
Mira: Don't do it. You don't have to sacrifice yourself for me.
Arata: I know. But I'm the second-in-command. It's my job to make sure the boss gets out safe.
Mira: Well, as the boss, that's my decision to make. The temp work does not tell me what to do.
Arata: Sorry, but once you get yourself out of here, you can try to get me out from the other side. It'll be better this way.

Arata: Were you being honest a minute ago when you said that Hijiri was going to destroy this world?
Ilia: Yes, Hijiri is different now. She's not the same person that you grew up with and loved.
Arata: Huh? What do you mean by that?
Ilia: Well, I mean, she's going to destroy the world, and along with it all the lies and betrayals so that only purity remains. And when all that is over... you know what, maybe it'll be better for you to ask her yourself when you see her.

Ilia: Never underestimate the lengths a girl in love with a boy will go to. She'll want to know everything about him. She would want to tie him down. She wouldn't allow anyone else to get close to him. That's just how a girl acts when she's in love.

Ilia: You shouldn't get so worked up over other girls, Arata. It's not right. Think of Hijiri. I'm sure she would be jealous.

Arata: Ilia!
Ilia: Arata? How can you look at me with such hatred in your eyes?
Arata: You don't understand. Loving someone means you want the best for them, and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. And I want that for my friends, the ones I love. That's all I want, more than anything.
Ilia: Wait, what are you saying?
Arata: Is this how you want it to be? To keep me trapped, by some irrational magical power, forever, to be your prisoner? Then I'm left with nothing. No control. No life.
Ilia: But, Arata.
Sora: Iliad Fragment, stop master!
Ilia: Huh?
[Arata undergoes a transformation, emerging as a demonic figure clad in black armor]
Sora: This is the true form of the Demon Lord candidate, the entity hidden within Arata Kasuga, the Astril Trinity.

Game Master and Satan Slave [episode 10]

Arata: Now, watch closely. This is what control looks like in its truest form.

Mira: Is he doing what I think he is? He's creating another Breakdown Phenomenon to exercise control.
Sora: This is the purest manifestation of my master's thema, control. It's essentially the true consciousness of a Demon Lord.

Arata: You have incredible potential, Magus.
Mira: Potential? What do you mean?
Arata: You will be well suited to my needs. I want you to be mine, and mine alone.
[goes to kiss her, but is slapped]
Mira: You, you're not him. You're not Arata. You're not the person I know, so I have nothing to give to you, I will not be yours, not ever.

Mira: We'll tell you the whole story after we've gotten some rest. Right now, let's get Arata back to his room.
Akio: What's this? Why are you calling your favorite pariah by his name all of a sudden?
Mira: [her face turns red] Um, well, I don't know. He is our temporary second-in-command after all.
Akio: Okay Mira, whatever you say.

Lilith: He has two grimoires? I'm interested to hear how that happened.

Hijiri: Oh Arata, I never thought I would say this, but it looks like you and I are going to be enemies.

Hijiri: You became a mage just so you could try and bring me back. That means more to me than you could ever know.
Arata: I would do whatever it takes to save you. Anything in the world. That's why I'm going to get stronger again, so I can keep trying to find you and bring you back.
Hijiri: You do know that you and I are now enemies, and that I am much more powerful than you have ever been.
Arata: Yeah, I did kind of get that feeling. But apparently I'm a pretty powerful magic user myself.
Hijiri: Yes you are. I'm so proud that the one who means everything in the world to me is a Demon Lord candidate.
Arata: Yeah, that's why I'll do everything in my power to make sure I reach you this time, Hijiri.
Hijiri: Good, I'll be reaching out my hand to meet yours. Which is why I must take you out right now while I have the chance, my Arata.
Arata: Uh huh, I figured you might.

Arin: I heard your voice crying out in pain, so I collapsed time and space to get here as fast as I could.

Akio: Oh Arata, sorry we're a little late. We came to save you.
Mira: Hey Arata, are you still alive?
Arin: Arata, what? You called him by name.
Mira: So? What's wrong with that?

Fianna Knights and Sisters [episode 11]

Lugh: Well, look at that. You were able to wound me without me even knowing.
Levi: That was my intention. Illusion conceals purpose to create opportunities.
Lugh: I find you even more impressive. How are you even able to keep up with me when I'm moving at such high speeds?
Levi: Nah-ah-ah, that's a little secret.

Lugh: It doesn't matter what technique you use, it's not ever going to work against me. I'm light itself, and nothing in this world can travel faster.
Levi: Thank you, I took eighth grade science, professor. We both know I can't keep up with you moving at the speed of light. But still, if there's one thing about ninjas, sometimes we enjoy breaking the rules.
Headmaster: Please, Levi, don't do it.
Levi: Keep your eyes open, I'll show you what a ninja can do. Reconnect to Invidia archive...
Selina: I hope she's not doing the same thing as Liese.
Yui: Levi, stop! Please don't!
Levi: Execute thema!
Lugh: So I guess that means you're prepared to die.
Levi: I'm coming for you. Say hello to Invidia's last crest.

Iscariot Leader: Oh Lugh, she really took you for a ride, didn't she?
Lugh: Excuse me? I take it you know what just happened?
Iscariot Leader: She pretended to use her last crest spell, when in reality, she simply ran away.

Selina: I'll go save her, Yui.
Yui: You can't, Selina.
Selina: I have to. I'm almost a member of the Trinity Seven, and Lieselotte Sherlock is my big sister. I've spent a lot of time studying with her. I know all of the spells by heart.
Yui: But you, Selina...
Selina: I'll be back. Here it goes!
Yui: Wait!
[Selina emerges from Yui's dream world, landing face up in front of Lugh]
Selina: Hey, say cheese, stupid.
[Selina clicks on her camera, binding Lugh with her Logos Art]
Lugh: I was afraid this was a possibility. This is most inconvenient.

Lieselotte: The dark and totally gorgeous mage of the Trinity Seven, Liese, is on the scene. I see you've been having quite a bit of fun playing with the ninja and my little sister. Now, Lugh, you're going to pay for this.
Lugh: I've heard of you. You're Lieselotte Sherlock, isn't that right?
Lieselotte: Mm hm, the hot body's Selina's, though.
Lugh: I heard you used your last crest, got yourself trapped in a frozen moment of space time just like magus Pythagorus.
Lieselotte: Yeah, that's what I thought too, actually. [looks around] Oh, the nurses office. I see, that's why she was able to make a connection with me. Way to go Selina. You were able to capture the frozen world I was in with your camera, now you're keeping my consciousness bound to your body. It's a great idea.

Hijiri: So Liese, you decided to go towards the light, have you?
Lieselotte: Yeah, well I had a little change of heart after meeting your Demon Lord boyfriend.
Hijiri: Are you sure about this? The world has no future, after all. That's why you decided to have your true form frozen in time, isn't that right? Because you knew it was true.
Lieselotte: That's right, I did. The last thing I want is to trap my sister in that frozen world. That said, I have hope in someone who saved me when I didn't deserve it. Someone who cared enough to tell me when I was hurting the ones who loved me. And yet, they want me with them. I prefer that to the desolate world you crave.

Hijiri: This may not be as easy as I anticipated. Lugh.
Lugh: Yes?
Hijiri: I'd move, if I were you.
Lugh: Huh?
[Arata falls from a magic teleportation circle, landing on top of Lugh and groping her chest in the process]
Arata: What is this soft sensation?

Mira: You're still nauseating. I see you couldn't help yourself and had to shamelessly grope another girl you barely met.
Arata: Wait, it's not like I keep doing this on purpose.

Lieselotte: Hijiri, thanks for all the warnings. I'm so grateful, but I think I've made up my mind about this. I'm staying on this side, with my friends and the Trinity Seven.
Arata: So then, Hijiri, I think we're ready to fight back.

Criminal Girl and His World [episode 12]

Arata: So guys, I know I may not deserve this, but indulge me this once. I need your help with something. Please help me get Hijiri back.

Lieselotte: Hey there, mister. Ta-da. So Arata, it's been awhile.
Arata: Huh? Is that you, Selina? No, no, those gems are Liese's for sure.
Selina: Hey you jerk, don't use our boobs to try to figure this out.
Arata: Now wait, hold on a sec, are you really Liese?
Lieselotte: I am, tis I, the one and only Lieselotte Sherlock.
Arata: You're super sexy. You are totally Liese.

Lugh: I'd like us all to take a step back for a moment. Well, that man just groped me, and is now completely ignoring me.
Levi: I wouldn't worry about it if i were you, Lugh. You know, it's almost as if his main goal in life is to feel up every girl he meets.
Arata: That's ridiculous.
Levi: Don't pretend you don't want to.
Arata: Well yeah, they're boobs.
Lilith: Arata!
Lugh: I'm shocked. Appalled, actually. I never would have thought Hijiri's Demon Lord would be a dirty little heathen.
Hijiri: Yeah, well that's kind of just his way. Arata's always been one extremely fortunate pervert.

Headmaster: So it begins. This should be interesting.
Iscariot Leader: Your right about that. so, what do you think we should do?
Headmaster: Well, Headmaster Liber, you're a Paladin, which of course makes you very powerful. And since I'm a Paladin too, if we were to join in, it could obliterate the entire world.
Iscariot Leader: Oh, I know, right? Perhaps we should just sit back and watch it play out.
Headmaster: Yeah, it's obvious who's going to win, anyway.
Iscariot Leader: Whatever, there's no way you can be certain about that. Even you have to have at least some doubts.
Headmaster: Don't underestimate them, Master Liber. You haven't seen first-hand how interesting this Arata Kasuga is.
Iscariot Leader: Oh? Then let's place a little wager on who will win, and make a contest out of it. Shall we?
Headmaster: All right. But go easy on the hair, please.

Arata: I'm putting every bit of my magic into this. Let's end this, Lilith.
Lilith: All right, our friends fought to give us this chance, so let's make it work.

Hijiri: I understand now. This is how the Demon Lord is going to manifest.

Arata: I think I know you pretty well. You're the least selfish person ever. And I know, I know that you're the opposite of your thema.
Hijiri: Yeah, I guess maybe you're right.

Arata: Hijiri, don't cry. My thema is control. I promise to control even the Demon Lord. You know what, if this world determines everything that happens, then I will take control of the whole damn thing.

Arata: I've teleported to other dimensions, but haven't been to town until now.
Lilith: Yeah, that's kinda why I invited you.

Arata: You know, Hijiri, I'm actually really happy right now. So don't worry about me. I won't make you sad, and I won't let these girls down either. Just wait. Someday soon, you're going to be laughing along with us. I'm going to make that happen.


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