Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising

American animated television film

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising is a 2013 American computer animated action adventure television film that concludes the Transformers: Prime television series. It was first broadcast on Hub Network on October 4, 2013. After the Autobots victory on Earth, Unicron returns in possession of Megatron's body with the intent on destroying Cybertron, forcing Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons to form an unlikely alliance to counter this threat.

Optimus Prime edit

  • As even Megatron has demonstrated on this day, every sentient being possesses the capacity for change.
  • Above all, do not lament my absence, for in my spark, I know that this is not the end, but merely a new beginning. Simply put, another transformation.

Megatron edit

  • The Decepticons are no more, and that is final.

Predaking edit

  • [to Megatron] In the name of the mighty legions of Predacons who preceded me, I shall never again yield to your charge! But I will heed your previous advice, and face my true enemy as a beast!

Skykynx edit

  • I say we show the 'Lord of the Undead' what it's like to be unliving!

Unicron edit

  • The past shall consume the future, the dead shall consume the living, and chaos shall reign supreme!

Smokescreen edit

  • Lord Smokescreen, Emperor of Destruction!

Dialogue edit

Optimus Prime: Because the Matrix must now be relinquished with the Allspark, it cannot be restored, or passed down to another. But while this may very well mark the end of the Age of Primes, leadership can be earned, with or without the Matrix. And in my view, you have each acted as a Prime.
Knock Out: Well, I... never really had the best role models...

Starscream: This is not quite how I envisioned my rise to the throne, but since Megatron all but surrendered it to me, I will gladly revive the Decepticons in my name. [the Predacons arrive] ...though, perhaps, the throne is more befitting of an actual king?
Predaking: I am not here to seize thrones, Starscream... but to settle scores!

Arcee: It isn't fair. How many more times do we have to save a world? Have to fight for the survival of our home?
Ratchet: Regrettably, the struggle between creation and destruction is an eternal one, and the battle lines which separate the two run through the very spark of Cybertron. Good and evil; order and chaos; one victorious, one vanquished. Each forming the core of their own separate worlds, Cybertron and Earth. And now the darkness has followed us all the way home.

Bumblebee: Optimus Prime would deem it a tragedy to stain Cybertron's fresh soil with any newly-spilled energon. So help us prove what Megatron was never willing to: that more than one race can peacefully co-exist on our planet.
Predaking: You assume that because I turned against Megatron, I can forgive the Autobots their role in the destruction of my brethren on Earth? Leave me be and dare not trespass here again.

Starscream: Praise the All-Spark! Master, you're alive!
Megatron: Indeed.
Starscream: Your new battle armor will take things to the next level, my liege. Together, we will reunite all Decepticons, and once again grind Cybertron under your mighty heel!
Megatron: NO!
Starscream: What? Why?
Megatron: Because I now know the true meaning of oppression...and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it.
Starscream: You've clearly been traumatized, Master. A good power-down and a stroll around the smelting pits will put you back in touch with your inner warlord.
Megatron: ENOUGH! The Decepticons are no more, and that is final.

Cast edit

  • Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime
  • Sumalee Montano – Arcee
  • Nolan North – Smokescreen & Skylynx
  • John Noble – Unicron
  • Daran Norris – Knock Out
  • Steven Blum – Starscream & Darksteel
  • Kevin Michael Richardson – Bulkhead
  • David Sobolov – Shockwave
  • Will Friedle – Bumblebee
  • Frank Welker – Megatron & Terrorcons
  • James Horan – Wheeljack
  • Peter Mensah – Predaking
  • Jeffrey Combs – Ratchet
  • Michael Ironside – Ultra Magnus

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