Transformers: The War Within

Transformers: The War Within is a Dreamwave Productions comic book written by Simon Furman. It consists of three miniseries.

War Within - Volume 1


Issue #1

  • Bluestreak: Sentinel Prime is dead. They say Megatron himself ripped the spark core from his shattered torso. They say that he took his sweet time, killed Prime diode at a time. They say-
  • Optronix: They say a lot, don't 'they'.

  • Optronix: I'm trying to work here, Bluestreak. I have sixty-three datafeeds to input, with more incoming on five breem pulses. If you believe every eye-witness report, Megatron has personally devastated sixteen provinces and assassinated thirty ranking custodians. All in the time it's taken you to tell me about Sentinel Prime.

  • Bluestreak: One moment, everyone's getting along. The next we have Decepticons, a rogue faction we never even knew existed, and a full scale civil war! Suddenly I'm no longer just a Cybertronian merchant, I'm an Autobot soldier!

  • Skywarp [On a non-allied unprotected base]: You know, Thundercracker, it's so criminally easy, I have to ask myself- Should we really take advantage?
  • Thundercracker: And?
  • Skywarp: Oh, sure.

[Grimlock rendezvous with Jazz and Prowl in Praxus, a destroyed city
  • Grimlock: You here, good. Much to discuss. This place, it metaphor for the old ways, gone now. No more time for contemplation or mysticism. We out of time.
  • Jazz: Oh brother!

[The Matrix is passed to Optronix]
  • Gravitas: We are gathered here today, on this most sacred of occasions to bear witness as the torch is passed. Give honor to the new Prime. The wheel turns - The eternal cycle continues. Let the creator's vision fill this vessel and unlock it's hidden depths. In these dark times, more so than ever before, we have need of a strong leader to guide us into the light. Only a true Prime shall contain the Matrix fire. This, then, is the sign - The truth, the wisdom. This is Optimus Prime

  • Optimus Prime [Speaking to the Decepticon assassins]: If it's me you want...
  • Darklight: It's your head, actually. On a spike. Megatron has decreed it.

Issue #2

  • Megatron: Alas, poor Xeon. If only he could have known what a dark smear his death would leave on the history logs of Cybertron. Would he, I wonder, have been so quick to accept our bribes, to turn a blind eye, if he could see now all he unwittingly set in motion? The emirate's greed was the opportunity, his death the spur. The beginning and now the end.

  • Prowl [On the evacuation]: This is not a popular decision-- You know that, right? A lot of voices raised in opposition.
  • Optimus Prime: Tell me, Prowl, is yours one of them?

Issue #3

  • Voice of Cybertron: You are a not alone. You are a part of something far greater than you realize, Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus Prime: I think that fall did more damage than I realized.

  • Optimus Prime: So...I'm talking to myself. Right? If you really are this kind of inner voice, do you have any words of wisdom?
  • Voice of Cybertron: Just two: Behind you!

  • Starscream [On Megatron's failed attempt on Optimus Prime's life]: Oh dear. Things are not going quite to plan?

Issue #4

  • Shockwave: Where is Megatron?
  • Starscream: Dead. A tragic accident. I'm calling the shots now, Shockwave.
  • Shockwave: Really. After I have broken the back of Autobot resistance and claimed Iacon in the name of the Decepticons we will review the situation. Shockwave out.
  • Starscream: Pfah. We'll see.

  • Megatron: This place seems to twist and turn of its own volition. But when in doubt, blow a big hole in something!

  • Megatron [Beating up Optimus Prime]: A jumped-up records clerk, carrying power he barely comprehends. Really, they might have just as well given the Matrix directly to me!

Issue #5

  • Kup: What is it with you and authority, Grimlock? I know it's the image, right? "Me, Grimlock -- Badass", but c'mon, there must have been someone you respected.
  • Grimlock: No.

  • Kup: You don't think much of our current Prime, I see that. But Sentinel Prime? He had his head screwed on.
  • Grimlock: Eh. Not at the end, he didn't.

  • Kup: What about Megatron? C'mon! You've stood both sides of the wire, seen this war from the inside out. Don't tell me you gave him attitude. I mean, when Megatron wanted you to jump, what did you say?
  • Grimlock [Slams Kup against a wall]: Me, Grimlock -- Badass!

  • Prowl [On defending inner Iacon against the Decepticons]: Instead of giving it all up, let's give it our all!

  • Scrapper: It's not just a matter of shifting the power from there to here, Starscream...The planetary turbines have a whole different combustion ratio. And the mechaforming process itself requires intricate planning, staged implementation--
  • Starscream: Scapper. I.DON'T.CARE! Do as I command or I'll have Motormaster here mechaform you!

  • Kup: Uh-oh.
  • Ironhide: Uh-oh? [realizes that the Decepticons have found them] Ohhh...Uh-oh!

Issue #6

  • Kup [On defending Iacon]: Face it -- It's not looking good. Reminds me of the time...
  • Ironhide: Kup, please! We're outnumbered three to one, pinned down with little or no real cover, and Cybertron is turning itself inside out. Don't try and tell me you've seen it all before.

  • Thrust: Hey, Autobot, come out and die!

  • Starscream: Autobots -- Gone! Shockwave -- Gone! Iacon -- Gone!
  • Scrapper: Starscream, please, listen to me! The mechaforming platform isn't compatible with the energy from the planetary turbines. The system's overloading!
  • Starscream: Gone. All gone!

[Iacon is collapsing]
  • Jazz: C'mon, Prowl, on your feet. We have to go!
  • Prowl: Go? Go where?

  • Motormaster: Engage forward ramming shields. Activate targeting scanners. Lock weapons. Fi--[Grimlock rams Motormaster] Aarh!
  • Grimlock: Tsk tsk. Shame on you, Motormaster. Forgot to check mirror when pulling out! Have to revoke license!

  • Wheeljack [Replying to an incoming transmission]: Say again. Who--? Oh. You want me to go where? Do *what? Oh!

  • Wheeljack: Sixteen cycles of hard graft in advanced nano-mechanics. A sustained cluster of symposiums with the finest techno-theoritical minds on Cybertron and it all comes down to this!
    [Shoots a missile towards the main turbine]

  • Optimus Prime: [shows Grimlock a Golden Disk] You see this? It was given to me by Gravitas, just after I became Prime. It contains the combined wisdom of those who came before me. But you know what? [tosses the disk away] I choose my own path!