Tour of Duty (TV series)

American television drama series

Tour of Duty was an American drama television series running from 1987 to 1990, following an American infantry platoon on a tour of duty during the Vietnam War.

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Acceptable Losses [3.16]Edit

Pvt. Danny Purcell: [angrily] Maybe you wanna go ahead and get your stuff off Taylor's bunk.
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Well, it ain't Taylor's anymore. It's Scarlett's. It's mine.
Pvt. Danny Purcell: That's how it is, huh?
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: [calmly] Now, you want me to come back and fight you boy, I'm gonna tear off your arm and beat you to death with it.
Pvt. 'Doc Hoc' Hockenbury: Umm... Look man. Taylor and Ruiz are our buddies.
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Well, that's good for them. They come back and I'll move. Meanwhile, me and the kid here, we need a place to sleep.
Pfc. Jake Kuslets: It don't bother you sleeping on a friend's bunk?
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: I've slept on more friend's bunks than you've had nights, reb. The war don't stop because someone don't come back. You get used to that.

Vietnam Rag [3.17]Edit

Lt. Myron Goldman: Well? Anything?
Sgt. Zeke Anderson: Yeah. Six confirmed kills.
Lt. Myron Goldman: You're kidding! That's great! NVA or VC?
Sgt. Zeke Anderson: Monkeys. They didn't say which side they were on.

Bennett: [interviewing] Hey pop, we were talking about the new president. You got any thoughts on Nixon's Peace With Honor?
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Politics.
Bennett: What about the Vietnamization of the war?
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Politics.
Bennett: But even president Thieu made a public appeal last week about the immediate pull out of American troops.
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Politics.
Bennett: You know, I get the distinct impression that you're not in agreement with the way the war is being run. Any particular reason for that?
Pfc. 'Pop' Scarlett: Did you ever hear of Korea, boy?

Pvt. Duckworth: How come this place is so brown? I thought Vietnam was supposed to be nine shades of green?
Purcell: Them ranch hands.
Pvt. Duckworth: Who?
Purcell: Ranch hands. The guys who dropped the defoliant. Did you ever hear their motto? "Only you can prevent forest."

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