Topaz (1969 film)

1969 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Topaz is a 1969 film about a French intelligence agent who becomes embroiled in the Cold War politics first with uncovering the events leading up to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and then back to France to break up an international Russian spy ring.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Samuel A. Taylor, based on the novel by Leon Uris.
Hitchcock takes you behind the actual headlines to expose the most explosive spy scandal of the century!

André Devereaux

  • I am supposed to keep my mouth shut and uncover Topaz? At the risk of my own skin? That's quite a job, my friends.

Rico Parra

  • There are no color bars in Cuba. We're a free and democratic nation. All men are comrades.

Juanita de Cordoba

  • I'll never leave here. I am Cuban. I love my country. No matter what, I have to see it through.
  • You are being a damn fool. You have made up a story because it's what you want to believe, because of me! I don't believe he had any contact with your man Uribe. I don't think anyone else will! If you are doing him any harm, I will raise such hell. And you know I can.

Michèle Picard

  • Oh, the Cubans. I love the Cubans. They are so wild!

Francois Picard

  • I've been shot...Just a little.


Nicole Devereaux: Okay, I'm going. And you two secret agents can settle down and be secret agents.
André Devereaux: I wish you wouldn't use such words, my love.
Nicole Devereaux: Why? Who do you think you are fooling, my master spy? Everybody in Washington knows that you are not a Commercial Attaché. Everybody in Washington knows that the Chief of Russian Intelligence is the chauffeur who drives a car for...
André Devereaux: Everybody in Washington does not know these things. And I would thank you not to repeat them. Go to bed.
Michael Nordstrom: Nicole, where did you hear that about the Chief of Russian Intelligence?
Nicole Devereaux: From my butcher.

Rico Parra: He was persuaded to tell me what I wanted to know - before he went on his journey.
Juanita de Cordoba: Journey?
Rico Parra: The journey from which no traveller ever returns.

André Devereaux: Diplomats' wives should not talk.
Nicole Devereaux: All wives talk.

André Devereaux: You are putting two and two together and getting eight.
Rico Parra: The things you learned from those papers about Russia and Cuba - is the reason why are you suddenly here.
André Devereaux: And that makes nine.

Philippe Dubois: I think I'll be a reporter. I'm loaded with press cards. Who do you think I ought to work for tonight? Ebony? Playboy? The Jersey City Post-Ledger?
André Devereaux: Ebony.
Philippe Dubois: I think Playboy is more my style.
André Devereaux: [shakes head] Ebony.
Philippe Dubois: Man, you're square!

State Department Official: Colonel Kusenov, does the word "topaz" mean anything to you?
Boris Kusenov: In what context?
State Department Official: Just the word "topaz".
Boris Kusenov: It's a gem, still used in jewellery.
Michael Nordstrom: In intelligence matters?
Boris Kusenov: Where have you seen this word?

Nicole Devereaux: Andre, you are French, and not supposed to be mixed up in this Cold War between the Americans and the Russians. You are neutral.
André Devereaux: No one is neutral.

André Devereaux: Watch yourself, Philippe.
Philippe Dubois: It's the best thing I do.

André Devereaux: I don't want that name used, mentioned, ever.
Nicole Devereaux: Why? What is she to you?
André Devereaux: She is in the Cuban underground. She sometimes works for me.
Nicole Devereaux: Ah. What else does she do for you?
André Devereaux: Nicole! She is the head of the network in Cuba. I shouldn't tell you these things! It is dangerous to talk of her! Even to hear that know that...
Nicole Devereaux: But I do know, that's the trouble. I wish I didn't. I know that you go to Cuba four or five times a year. And that - she is beautiful.

Nicole Devereaux: André, I don't want you to go. I am afraid for you, for your career, for your life!
André Devereaux: I've got to. I promised. I started all this and I am going to finish it.
Nicole Devereaux: Let the Americans do their own dirty work.

Rico Parra: You shouldn't have done this. To fool me. To work against me.
Juanita de Cordoba: You are part of it.
Rico Parra: Now we will have to do to you what we did to the Mendozas. To find out the names of all the others. All the things that you have done. And we will find out. And the things that will be done to your body. This body.


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