Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress and politician

Tonto Dikeh (born 9 June 1985) is a Nigerian actress, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.

Tonto Dikeh in 2019

Quotes edit

  • "Learn which parts of yourself to nourish and which sections to heal."
    • [1] Tonto Dikeh talking about healing on her Instagram page.
  • "The creator of the stars, mountains, oceans, galaxies is not too busy for you. He is available and accessible. You do not need a special place or a religious person to talk with Him, just talk with Him. He is right here and He is obsessed with you!"
    • [2] Tonto Dikeh emphasizing on our God is obsessed with you.
  • "People should never regret. If it is good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it is experience."
    • [3] Tonto Dikeh advising her fans never to regret on her Instagram page.
  • "Take your heart back from the past, take your mind off the irrelevant, and take the time to be better."
    • [4]. Sharing motivational quotes on her Instagram handle.
  • "I appreciate the mistakes I made in the past cause it is shaping my future."
    • [5] Tonko Dikeh speaks on appreciating mistakes.
  • "In your flaws are hidden your strength. Your perfect imperfection will lead you to change."
    • [6] Tonko Dikeh speaks on embracing your flaws.
  • "I’ll never regret the love I gave anyone, even if it wasn’t reciprocated. Love always comes back full circle, that love is coming back to me in some shape or form. Keep putting love into the universe, because it’s coming back with interest!! No Regrets, Just Lessons To Grow!!"
    • [7] Tonto Dikeh speaks on not regretting to show her love.

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