Tommy Lasorda

American baseball player and coach

Thomas Charles Lasorda (born 22 September 1927 in Norristown, Pennsylvania – January 7, 2021) was a Major League baseball player and manager. In 1999 he marked his 50th year of involvement, in one capacity or another, with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers organization, the longest tenure of any individual in the Dodgers baseball organization.

Tommy Lasorda

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  • Manny Mota and Vic Davalillo have 100 years between them. The average age of our bench is deceased.
    • As quoted in Scholastic Coach (Vol. 48; 1978)
  • I knew something was up when he couldn't go to his right. He said he was living his fantasy, and I said it was my fantasy to get his [rear] off the field.
    • Obituary, LA Times, 2011-07-07
    • Describing how he caught "Great Imposter" Barry Bremen in a Mets uniform shagging balls in the outfield before the 1986 All-Star Game at the Houston Astrodome.

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