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A tomb (Greek: τύμβος tumbos[1]) is a repository for the remains of the dead.

Quotes edit

  • He that unburied lies wants not his hearse,
    For unto him a tomb's the Universe.
  • I would rather sleep in the southern corner of a little country churchyard, than in the tombs of the Capulets.
  • And so sepulchred in such pomp dost lie;
    That kings for such a tomb would wish to die.
  • Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound.
    • Isaac Watts, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Funeral Thoughts, Book II, Volume IX. Hymn 63.
  • Some of the followers of certain Mohammedan sects work all their lives to have a big tomb built for them when they die. I know sects among whom as soon as a child is born, a tomb is prepared for it; that is among them the most important work a man has to do and the bigger and the finer the tomb, the belter off the man is supposed to be.
    • Swami Vivekananda, Complete works (1.32)

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