Tom Tugendhat

British Conservative politician (born 1973)

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Georg John Tugendhat MBE VR (born London, 27 June 1973) is a British Conservative Party politician and former Army officer. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tonbridge and Malling since May 2015. Since 12 July 2017, Tugendhat has served as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Tugendhat's official portrait


  • Fundamentally I think soldiering is pretty similar to politics. It’s not about you, it’s all about the people you serve with. It’s all about the results, it’s all about the operation, it’s all about the mission. The reason we’re here at all in politics is to serve the people.
    • Interview in The Times, 28 July 2018.
  • We have a real choice: either we choose to shape events or we will be shaped by them. Over many centuries, the people of the United Kingdom have got into the habit of being actors in this world, rather than being acted upon by it.

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