Tom Savini

American actor, stuntman, director and makeup artist

Thomas Vincent Savini (November 3, 1946–) is an American actor, stuntman, director, and award-winning special make-up effects creator.

Tom Savini


  • I make sure that they photograph everything they do. And they have to have a portfolio to graduate. You know, there’s no formula for success out there, but what works is: learn how [to photograph], photograph everything you do and you put those photographs in front of people that can help hire you. That works.
  • Love stories—yeah, there’s something about them. I cry when somebody does something good for somebody, not something horrible. I avoid all the horrible stuff. But to me, when a human being is sincerely generous, or kind or overly helpful to another human being, that’s when I tear up. I just love the idea of love.
  • I love CGI when it’s done well. It may sound strange coming from me, because if you watch my stuff in movies it’s happening right in front of you, but I wish we had CGI back then to solve some problems. Getting rid of an edge or enhancing stuff, which is what they have today. I love it when it’s done well.
  • Tom Savini Explains The Enduring Appeal of Zombies, In Film and On TV (March 14, 2014)

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