Tom Heehler

American author

Tom Heehler is an American author, known for his work The Well-Spoken Thesaurus.

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The Well-Spoken Thesaurus (2011) Edit

  • Common Sense and Education: The more you think you have of one, the less you think you need of the other.
  • The foolish read to escape reality; the wise surrender to it.
  • Good writers indulge their audience; great writers know better.
  • The educated don't get that way by memorizing facts; they get that way by respecting them.
  • Nuance: for best results apply with sledge hammer.
  • Courage is the ability to ignore your options.
  • If you are your own worst enemy, don't do yourself any favors.
  • Fear not the tyrant; fear the tyrant's wake.
  • Cultural pluralism is the only thing we all have in common.

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