Tolu Akinyemi

Nigerian poet, writer and creative

Toluwalope Akinyemi, also referred to as Poetolu is a Nigerian writer, poet and creative director.Tolu Akinyemi was born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Tolu Akinyemi in 2019

Quotes edit

  • “Your Father Walks Like a Crab”
    • [1] Tolu Akinyemi speaking in an interview about his book.
  • "Find Someone To Grow Old With, And You’ll Never Grow Old. Find A Cause To Live For, And You’ll Never Die"
    • [2] Tolu Akinyemi talks about life.
  • "The beauty of poetry shouldn’t be in how well the poet hides meaning between the lines. It should be in how easily he makes his readers discover them.  A poem does not have to be difficult to be profound; ‘simple’ and ‘profound’ are not mutually exclusive."
    • [3] Tolu Akinyemi writes about his writing philosophy.

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