Tokyo Mew Mew

Japanese manga series

Tokyo Mew Mew also known as Mew Mew Power, is a shōjo (girl-oriented) manga and anime series, created by illustrator Mia Ikumi and writer Reiko Yoshida.

Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode

  • Berry: He's like a little monkey!
  • Berry: Tasuku, how long have you been here?!
  • Berry: Tasuku, what are you doing up there? You're going to hurt yourself!
    Tasuku: I just wanted to make sure you got your hug first thing in the morning!
  • Berry: Isn't it cool? I'm a Mew Mew!
  • Berry: I didn't check up on anything about this school except the uniform...

Anime activity started in the mid twentieth century, when Japanese producers explored different avenues regarding the liveliness strategies likewise spearheaded in France, Germany, the United States and Russia. A claim for the soonest Japanese movement is Katsudō Shashin, an undated and private work by an obscure creator.[25] In 1917, the primary expert and freely showed works started to show up. Illustrators, for example, Ōten Shimokawa and Seitarou Kitayama delivered various works, with the most seasoned surviving film being Kouchi's Namakura Gatana, a two-minute clasp of a samurai endeavoring to test another sword on his objective just to endure defeat.[18][26][27] The 1923 Great Kantō tremor brought about boundless obliteration to Japan's foundation and the demolition of Shimokawa's distribution center, annihilating the greater part of these early works.

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Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Taruto: Being human is inconvenient, isn't it? (Pudding doesn't respond) Hey. (Pudding opens her eyes) Tell me you're scared already!
Pudding: I'm not.
Taruto: Wait what!!
Tillie Plink: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah? Are you?
Pudding: I'm not alone. My friend is beside me.
Taruto: Friend??
Pudding: Tillie, just shut the heck up and stop it, you bandit! (turns back to Taruto) Yup. Me and Taru-Taru, we're friends.
Taruto: Stop kidding me! We're not friends! (Pudding smiles; Taruto looks paralyzed)

Kisshu: Going on a date with another guy? How naughty of you. You're my toy now.
Esme: Yeah! Why did you spank her?!

Ichigo: I'm sorry, for being so much trouble...Aoyama-kun, I love you very much.
Daizy: No, it wasn't! You're lying! (points at Ichigo's nose with her finger) Your nose will grow like Pinocchio's if you keep yourself to lie and LIE!!!

Ichigo: A lot of things have happened, but it was good to find a new friend.

Ichigo: It's finally Sunday, and why do I have to help out at the store?!

Lettuce: Ichigo-san is pretty absorbed when it comes to Aoyama-kun.

Ichigo: (as a cat) That's the first time I went to Aoyama-kun's house. Maybe it's not bad being a cat after all.

Ichigo: (after transforming into a cat) NYAAAA! I TURNED INTO A CAT!

Ichigo: That's enough from you. You're just a kid!
Tart: J-just a kid?! Take that back, you old bat!!
Ichigo: Ol-old bat?! Runt!! Runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt runt!
Tart: Shut up!! Don't call me a runt!!

Mint: I must have tea daily.
Ichigo: Mint!! You can't just sit there and drink tea all day!!
Mint: It's a part of my daily routine. *Takes a sip* Shouldn't you be working, Ichigo?
Lettuce: If I'm curvy, does that mean I'm fat?

Ichigo (hiding behind a tree) : I'm sorry, Aoyama-kun... I don't like to fight, but... (the camera pulls out to reveal Kisshu behind her)
Kisshu: We meet again, babe. (Ichigo turns around)
Ichigo: Ack! You- (flashback of their kiss)
Kisshu: Thanks for that kiss that time. But this time, we're going a little deeper. (Ichigo turns blue) What are you thinking about? Ah, I see my kiss was good, huh? Shall we try once more?
Ichigo: Get out of here weirdo! (she swings her leg out) Like I'd do that again!
Kisshu: As usual, like a tomboy.

Kisshu: Hey, kitty. (Ichigo looks up and sees a shadow) This is where we first met, isn’t it? (He flies down to her) You've gained a little weight, huh?
Ichigo: Don't! (She pushes him away)
Kisshu: You're always so aggressive.
Ichigo: What did you come here for? (Kishu's facial expression changes) W-What?
Kisshu (pointing at Ichigo): I came to pick you up. (his eyes glow, Ichigo runs away, but runs into a dead end) Too bad... Let's go, Ichigo.
Ichigo (backing up): No!
Kisshu: Come on already. Even if you say "no", I'm taking you. I've already decided.

Kisshu: I came all the way to pick you up, so come with me.
Ichigo: Uh Uhhh! I have an important date! I don't have time for this!
Kisshu (walking toward Ichigo): You better come with me. Or I will take you with me.
Masaya (thinking): What's this uneasy feeling? Ichigo, did something happen?
Kisshu: Come with me, Ichigo. Let's go... Come on. (he lunges for Ichigo, she tries to run, but he grabs her by the neck and pulls her backwards toward his lips)
Ichigo: No!
Kisshu: Why won't you do as I say?
Ichigo: Why should i listen to you anyway? (Kisshu looks hurt)
Kisshu: "Why"...? Ichigo... (Ichigo looks confused) I went through the trouble of coming to pick you up... Now come with me... Just the two of us... To a world with nobody else, and without fighting.
Ichigo: Huh? What? What are you talking about, Kisshu?
Kisshu: This is the only way. This is the only option (he lets go of her neck and turns her around close to him)
Ichigo: I don't understand. I don't get what you mean! (Kisshu pulls her closer to him grabbing her wrist)
Kisshu: Let's go. (Ichigo shakes her head) Don't be scared. I know you'll understand. You'll come with me, right? (Ichigo shakes her head again) I said this much, and you still don't understand?! (he flies up with Ichigo, but she remains on the ground) Come! Come already, Ichigo!
Ichigo: I can't! I can't do that, Kisshu! I want to go see Aoyama-kun! He's the only one for me. (Kisshu looks hurt again, and finally lets Ichigo go)
Kisshu: Ichigo, you're still thinking about that human? So you won't come with me no matter what? (a sword appears in his hand) If you don't come, I'll kill you!

Taruto: Hey, what are you doing, being buried? (he grabs on Pudding's tail, and pulls her out of the ground) The exit's blocked. It serves you right!
Pudding: Thank you! Thanks for helping me out. Wait a second. (she reaches into one of her pockets, and takes something out) Here.
Taruto: What's this? (camera zooms in to show a piece of candy in Pudding's hand)
Pudding: That's a present for saving me.
Taruto (pointing at him): For me?
Pudding: Sure! (Taruto takes the candy and looks at it)
Taruto: Stop fooling around! Why should I have that?
Pudding: Listen, Taruto... You don't have to act like a bad guy. You know, we can't fight in here anyway. (Taruto's face twists up with anger)
Taruto: I can get out of here easily by teleportation! You're the one who's in trouble here! (Pudding giggles; Taruto sticks his tongue out)

Taruto: Listen. The exit's blocked, which means you can't get out of here. You'll die here!
Pudding: Someone will come and save us.
Taruto: Forget it... Since the Chimera Animal is now digging uncontrollably, the dome will soon collapse and you'll be as flat as a pancake. So. Are you scared now? (Pudding giggles) What's so funny? (Pudding scoots closer to him)
Pudding: In that case, we will be turned into fossils, together. (she giggles again)
Taruto: Like I said, I can get out of here easily.
Pudding: So... (she grabs Taruto's hand) let's hold hands.
Taruto (taking back his hand): Why?! What are you up to?!
Pudding: I think if we're going to become fossils, it'd be more fun to be smiling and holding hands.
Taruto: ...You're so weird.

Taruto (after teleporting with Pudding in his arms and putting her down, and trying to wake her up): Hey, how much longer are you going to sleep? (Pudding wakes up)
Pudding: Taru-taru!
Taruto: Stop calling me that! (Pudding gets up)
Pudding: Those are...? So you saved my life, Taru-taru?
Taruto: I told you to stop calling me that! (Pudding smiles)
Pudding: Thank you, Taru-taru! (Taruto looks embarrassed; Pudding rushes to him) You're a friend!! (she hugs him) My friend, friend, friend! (Taruto pushes her away)
Taruto: Stop! (he flies up) Listen. I only saved your life because I haven't seen you crying yet! (he flies away, Pudding giggles; he opens his hand with the candy in it, laughs, and teleports)

Lettuce: That woman was very pretty.
Mint: Zakuro onee-sama was not bad too.
Ichigo: By the way, do you know where Pudding is?
Pudding (still wrestling with Taruto): Pudding wants that Mew Aqua!
Taruto: Don't act like a baby! I want it, too!
Pudding: You are the baby!
Pai: That's not a Mew Aqua...
Kisshu: They seem to be having fun, and its funny.
Taruto: YOU are the baby! Hands off!
Pudding: No, you let go!

Ichigo (after Alto saved her): Alto.
Alto: C'mon, we're going! (he runs)
Ichigo: Oh, uhh... (she runs after him)
Alto: We'll be fine here. (Ichigo pants) See ya.
Ichigo: Yep, thank you. (Alto walks away, but stops)
Alto: Oh, yeah, you're the kissing maniac, right?
Ichigo: Huh? What? (Alto kisses her; he leaps and walks away)
Alto: See ya. (Ichigo picks him up, and he meows a lot)
Ichigo: Alto, what's with you? Apart from anything else, why do you always save me when I'm in trouble? You're like the Blue Knight. (she smiles) That can't be true. I'm always troubling you. (she holds him) I'll treat you to a can of cat food, so let's go. (she walks away; Alto squirms and meows)
Alto: It's at the limit. (Alto meows and glows blue)
Ichigo: Huh? What? (Ichigo falls back, he changes to a human)
Ryou: I'm out of time.
Ichigo (paralyzed): Shi-Shi-Shi... Shirogane!?
Ryou: Yo, are you doing good? Just kidding. (he gets up) Well, that's what's with me. Can't do much now you've found out. (he walks away)
Ichigo: No way, Shirogane's... Alto!?

Zakuro: Return this stone. (Pai turns around; Zakuro uses her whip) Ribbon Zakuro Spear! (Pai flies up and avoids the attack)
Pai: Cut it out. We don't want to fight for nothing.
Zakuro: What do you mean?
Pai: It's an ordinary stone that reacts to Mew Aqua. It doesn't have any value - for both of us. '(he drops it; Zakuro rushes and catches it)
Zakuro: It is not just an ordinary stone, ...for girls, at least.

Ryou (after kissing Ichigo and turning her into a cat): Idiot! Now isn't the time to feel sorry for me. (Ichigo meows angrily; Keiichiro picks her up)
Keiichiro: We are sorry. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to help you return to normal. (Ichigo lets out a frightened meow; Lettuce, Pudding, and Mint fall in the room)
Ryou: You guys... (he walks out of the room; Ichigo runs over to Pudding and kisses her)
Ichigo: Shirogane! (Ryou turns around)
Ryou: Hmm?
Ichigo: I'll never... I'll never ever feel pity for you!
Ryou: That's a good thought. (Ichigo walks up to him)
Ichigo: But... I'll do my best. (she runs away; Ryou looks at her as she runs)

Keiichiro: Yeah, he's on the second floor...but right now, probably...
Ichigo: Then I'll go see Shirogane. (she runs up the stairs) Shirogane? Shirogane! (she knocks on Ryou's door) Hey, answer me. (she opens the door a crack; she sees Ryou without his shirt on) (thinking) W-what... How come he looks like that? (she looks at Ryou's room) A bed... and a computer only...? It seems kind of lonely. And yeah, how come he lives in a place like this? He's a high school student, but he runs this place. ...and how come he knows about aliens? (opens the door a little bit more) And he's always... with me- (Ryou looks at her)
Ryou: G-gahhhHHHH~?!!
Ichigo: WUAHHhh~!
Ryou: What're you doing peeping at me!!?
Ichigo: Well, hurry up, and put on some clothes! (Ryou quickly puts on his shirt)
Ryou: What do you want?
Ichigo: No, nothing! (she runs away quickly)

Mint (while Ichigo's walking up to Deep Blue with the bell): Stop, Ichigo. It's dangerous. (Ichigo continues walking, and stops in front of Deep Blue)
Ichigo: Aoyama-kun gave me this bell. It's my number one treasure. (she rings the bell; Deep Blue swats the bell out of Ichigo's hand; Ichigo whimpers, and falls down to her knees in front of Deep Blue; Zakuro picks up the bell)
Lettuce: Aoyama-san, you really don't know Ichigo-san?
Mint: Didn't you become the Blue Knight in order to protect Mew Ichigo? I was always admiring the relationship you two shared. Nevertheless, this is too cruel.

(After the other Mew Mews have been attacked by Deep Blue)
Mew Ichigo: (rushing to them) Mint!
(She takes Mint's hand, only for Mint to swat it away. Mint then slaps Mew Ichigo across the face. Mew Ichigo holds her reddened cheek in shock)
Mint: Get it together, Mew Ichigo! It’s painful, but how long do you intend to act like a spoiled child?! That‘s not Ichigo!
(Mew Ichigo gasps softly)
Mint: The real Ichigo certainly always acts like a fool, but she’s always trying her hardest. How long are you going to weep for?

Kisshu: But be prepared... my purpose here today is to take Ichigo back to our world, then she will be mine forever.
Ichigo (thinking): It's the second floor, but I have to try. (Masha flies up to Kisshu, but gets swatted away; Kisshu sees Ichigo climb out of her window, and fall out) Wuahh! It's just too high! (she grabs a tree limb, but falls down) Wuahh, luckily I have these cat-like powers. (Kisshu laughs)
Kisshu: Wow, you really try hard. (Ichigo runs away) Okay, now it's my turn! (he flies after Ichigo; Ichigo coughs) You can run, but you won't get far.
Ichigo: Shut up! It's fault for picking such a time!
Kisshu: I couldn't help it. If we're to take Ichigo, there's no better chance. (he throws infusers at Ichigo) If you think your friends are going to save you, then you can stop hoping. (Ichigo turns her head slightly) At this same moment, Chimera Animals are striking all over the place. (he continues to throw infusers)
Ichigo: (stops to breathe and then runs)

Mew Mew Power

Mew Mews: Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power in your face!
Corina: I've dealt with these kinds of divas before! I'm a dancer!

Zoey: Ew! Who is that?
Corina: No one I know.

Zoey: Guy there! I mean, hi there!

Renee (to Gretchen): Now get out there and shine.

Dren: Well, it's about time. I though those two would never come out of that fun house. Let's see if kitty cat can handle this one.

Dren: I've got plans for you, pretty kitty. So just play nice, and don't try any of those tired, old Mew Mew tricks.
Minimew: That's it! He can't talk to you like that, Zoey! I'll show him! Attack! (he flies up to Dren, who swats him away)
Dren: Huh? (Zoey jumps out of her window)
Zoey: I guessed I should have transformed first! (she grabs a tree, but slips down to the root) (thinking): I think I just split a seam in my jammies. (Dren laughs)
Dren: I didn't know you were a tree hugger. (Zoey growls and runs away) Tag, I'm it! (he flies after Zoey; Zoey coughs) Didn't Mama tell you not to run outside in your P.J.s?
Zoey: Well, Mama never thought I'd be chased by aliens!
Dren: Aw, she didn't, did she? Well, here's something else she didn't plan on. (he tosses a few bomb-like infusers at Zoey) If you think that's bad, you should see what your friends are getting.
Zoey: Huh?
Dren: That's right, schnookums. Your teammates can't save you this time. (he continues throwing infusers at Zoey)

Dren (to the Blue Knight): Find your own toy to play with! Zoey's mine!

Elliot: Piece 'a cake.
Zoey: What do you mean "piece 'a cake"?
Wesley: He means she'll get over it.
Zoey: But how can you be over it?
Elliot: Actually, I was just wondering if anyone wanted a piece of cake.
Zoey: Elliot, this is serious! Corina could be scarred for life; she's completely out of it! And why didn't you tell us that the fifth Mew Mew would be a lone-wolf drama-queen like Renée?
Elliot: Yeah... (Zoey growls; a red mark appears on her head; Bridget pales)
Kikki (nervously): The red mark? That means she's about to explode.
Zoey: Listen, Elliot, Renée may be the fifth Mew Mew, but she has no interest in joining up with us! And if we really need her, then we're in big trouble! And if I've been going through all this for no reason, then somebody's gonna pay, and it's probably gonna be you! And why do we need Renée anyway? We're strong enough the way we are! (Corina passes by with a vase full of flowers; Wesley, Elliot, Kikki, and Bridget all stare at her) I mean, the last time, Dren did have some weird new predasite. But still, I think we can take him! (she turns around) Huh? Huh?!
Elliot: Sorry, Zoey. Now what was it you were saying? (Zoey growls; two red marks appear on her head)
Zoey (angrily): YOU HEARD ME, ELLIOT!
Elliot (calmly): Look, if Renée said she doesn't want to join the Mew Mews, you'll just have to explain to her she's making a big mistake.
Tillie Plink: (laughs; imitating Zoey) You really think she's gonna listen to that, well done for 8 weeks! Hahahahahah!!
Elliot: Yeah. (Zoey groans and tilts her head)

Elliot: Aren't you having a good time?.
Bridget: (laughs) Sure, I am.
Elliot: Yeah right, and I'm Mr. Congeniality.
Miss Rabbit: (yelling at the students in the lecture preservice) I SAID WRITE AN ESSAY! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!
Bridget: Sometimes I think the girls would better off without me Elliot, I mean, I try really hard but I don't think I'm good enough.
Elliot: You know, you need to stop being so hard on yourself, you're plenty good enough, you just need to let go of your fear and find strength within, trust me everything you need is right there inside, ok? (He leaves)
Bridget: (Surprised) Thanks Elliot.

Bridget: Gretchen was almost prettier than Renée.
Corina: Nobody could be prettier than Renée!
Zoey: Hey, whatever happened to Kikki?
Kikki (still wrestling with Tarb): YOU'LL NEVER GET BLUE AQUA!
Miss Rabbit (more loudly): SHUT UP AND WRITE 'EM!! (Kikki and Tarb flinch from Miss Rabbit's extreme fury)
Sardon: Should we tell them it wasn't Blue Aqua?
Dren: Why stop them now? They're having too much fun.

Renée: I'll be taking that necklace now. (Sardon turns around)
Sardon: Hmm? (Renée uses her Purple Dagger, but Sardon flies up and avoids the attack) That's enough! No need to waste your energy!
Renée: You afraid to lose?
Tillie Plink (as a teacher; very loudly): ONE: FUCK YOU! TWO: SCREW IT UP! THREE: KISS MY ASS GOODBYE! AND FOUR: WRITE BULLSHIT ESSAYS! (throws Dren's pencil at a window, causing it to shatter in massive pieces; Dren gasps)
Sardon: This gem merely reacts to Blue Aqua, but it is not the real thing. No sense in fighting over something that has no value whatsoever. (he drops the Rainbow Necklace; Renée lunges for and grabs it)
Renée: Someone loves this little Rainbow Stone. That gives it plenty of value.

Wesley: Look, ask Elliot what he thinks. Maybe he can steer you in the right direction.
Zoey: Yeah. Great idea, Wesley! (she runs up the stairs)
Wesley: But I think he's busy now!
Zoey: Elliot? Elliot. (she knocks on Elliot's door) Hey, are you in there? It's Zoey. I know he's home. (she opens the door a crack) Huh? (she sees Elliot without his shirt on) (thinking) Huh? What in the- What a goofball! He's posing for himself! (looking around his room) Hmm. So this is what his room looks like; pretty empty. Must need room for his ego. Wonder what makes him tick. Wonder what people would think if they saw my room. Wonder what-
Elliot: HEY! (Zoey screams) What are you doing spying on me?! You're like some kind of kid sister! Beat it, you pest!
Zoey: I was not spying! And I'm not a chest! (Elliot puts his shirt on) I mean, pest!
Elliot: Did you want something?
Zoey: Yeah right! (runs away angrily)

Zoey: All right. I have this meeting to demand better working conditions.
Elliot: Come off it, Zoey. Lives are at stake. Now isn't the time to be demanding anything. What's been up with your attitude lately?
Zoey: Attitude?
Elliot: Yeah. Not seeing your boyfriend enough? (Zoey growls, and turns red) (echoing): Not seeing your boyfriend enough? Your boyfriend enough... Your boyfriend enough... Your boyfriend enough... Enough... Enough... Enough... (Zoey screams)
Elliot: Oh yeah? Well, that's too bad!
Zoey (with her cat ears and tail out): You're nothing, but a slave-driver. And I've one more thing to say to you, boss-man: (she turns around and stamps out) I - AM - OUTTA HERE!
Wesley: Zoey, wait! (Zoey slams the door shut) So... I'd say we handled that well.

The Mew Kid in Town
Mark: (to Zoey) Hey, so I heard we have this sub today in history that looks just like a lizard, right down to the whole quick tongue flick thing between sentences...
Evil Widget: Shut up! Witches don't fly and I MEAN IT!!
Mew Two
Zoey: (to Elliot about the cafe interior) So you guys designed this place? This is your top-secret headquarters? *giggles* It's very manly! *giggles*
SpongeBob: It's not funny! (slaps Zoey across the face in a violent manner)

Corina: (When Zoey tries to return the handkerchief after washing it.) Oh don't give it back. You've soiled it.
Zoey: Yes, but (noticing about SpongeBob for what he did to her earlier) he bickered me in the face!
Bridget: (Justifying being bossed around by the popular girls) So, by the associative principle, I figure, if I do stuff for them, then they'll be my friends.

Zoey: Why?
Corina: To see the ghost, silly!
Zoey: I'm going home! No matter what!
Corina: No matter what?
Zoey: No matter what.

Zoey: [being dragged by Corina to Bridget's school via leash] Have I mentioned I'm afraid of ghosts?

Corina: What's that scary noise I keep hearing?
Zoey: (panicking) Ahh-h-h-h-h! (Corina blows on Zoey's neck) Eahh!
Corina: Heh, heh! Oh well, I guess it was just my imagination. Sorry to scare you.
Zoey: Can we go home now?
Corina: Go home? Whatever do you mean? We have to check inside!
Zoey: [As they explore the classrooms] Great. It's even creepy in here then it is outside...

Corina: (While talking down an upset Bridget) You've always got this dull ache in your heart, like you ate bad sushi.

The Lion Thing
Zoey (hiding behind a tree): Sorry, Mark, but right now, I've got to do something that you just wouldn't understand...
Dren: What? You mean you didn't tell him about us?
Zoey (she turns around): It's you!
Dren: Now how do you think that makes me feel? If I didn't know any better, I might think you like him better than you like me. (Zoey's face turns blue as she moans) Perhaps it's time we told him. Huh? What do you think? You know you like me better than that simple schoolboy. Why don't we go find him right now?
Zoey: I don't think so. (she swings her leg out to kick Dren) Get outta here!
Dren: Ha! You know, I kinda like it when you get feisty.
Zoey: I'm gonna get a lot feistier!
Dren: Good, 'cause you're gonna need to, kitty cat.

Tokyo Mew Mew New reboot (2022)

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