Tobechi Nneji

Nigerian radio personality

Tobechi Nneji (19 January 1987) is a Nigerian radio personality, and television host. In 2013, ThisDay described her show as "the most listened-to show in all of Eastern Nigeria at mid-day In 2013, she had a short stint on TV, hosting Channel O's special edition program “Top Ten Most. The Music Commentators” and represented Nigeria in the second season of BET'S Top Actor Africa. She has also published a podcast series, MPW - offering support to new radio personalities. she is regarded as a witty , fun, and smart lady who loves travelling.


  • My voice is clear and strong but yet, very malleable. I also have a quick turnaround time and I'm able to deliver work to any part of the world via email and other web tools
  • I mean it's not everyone that is capable of objectively going through their past efforts and recognising loop holes and fixing them. For all I know, they may be having post-event meetings (this is me, giving them the benefit of doubt, and assuming they have a structure that includes a post event report and analysis) and patting themselves in the back, speaking about how successful their award ceremonies have been.
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