Tobacco industry

includes companies that produce cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, snuff or bidis

The tobacco industry comprises the companies engaged in manufacturing, distribution, import and sale of tobacco products and tobacco-related products.

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  • Infectious diseases do not employ multinational public relations firms. There are no front groups to promote the spread of cholera. Mosquitoes have no lobbyists. The evidence presented here suggests that tobacco is a case unto itself, and that reversing its burden on global health will be not only about understanding addiction and curing disease, but, just as importantly, about overcoming a determined and powerful industry.

  • Thanks partly to the First Amendment, U.S. tobacco makers also aren’t constricted by some of the more stringent branding and health-warning rules introduced elsewhere. In Britain and Australia, cigarettes are sold in drab, greenish-brown packs with a large health warning and a graphic photo illustrating smoking’s risks, from diseased lungs to blindness.

  • Legal setbacks in the US have forced the tobacco industry to concede that its products are harmful, and that for decades cigarette producers deliberately misled the public about the health effects of smoking. [...] They should be regarded as a warning: The industry couldn’t be trusted in the past, and it shouldn’t be trusted to do the right thing in the future. [...] Governments and health organizations like ours are at war with the tobacco industry, and we will continue fighting until we beat Big Tobacco.

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