Toad Patrol

television series

Toad Patrol (1999-2002) was a Canadian animated TV series about a group of eight young "Toadlet" siblings and their struggle for survival in The Great Forest.

Season 1Edit

One for All [1.1]Edit

[After telling the legends]
Fur Foot: We will find them. But tell us where the fairy ring is?
Mistle-Toad: I don't know. Each season, the fairy ring appears in the different area of the forest. I left Toad Hollow, long ago.
Fur Foot: But what about the others? Someone knows the way.
Mistle-Toad: The Thunder Trees know. But few toadlets can only hear them.
D.J. Puff Ball: I guess Panther Cap is hearing things all day.
Beauty Stem: Panther Cap? Where is he?
Shaggy Mane: I thought he was with you.
Beauty Stem: Oh no, he's out there all alone.

[While Panther Cap is hearing from the Thunder Trees]
Beauty Stem: Panther Cap, answer me!
Mistle-Toad: Do you hear that, Panther Cap? Do you hear the Thunder Trees? Listen to them very well, they will guide you to Toad Hollow. Everyone, you must listen to Panther Cap. He will know the way, I wish you well.

The Giver of Names [1.2]Edit

[After Panther Cap hears the Thunder Trees]
Beauty Stem: Panther Cap, are you okay?
Fur Foot: Which way did we go?
Panther Cap: It said it will always point to the another Thunder Tree.
D.J. Puff Ball: It? What is that mean?
Panther Cap: I don't know.

The Fire [1.3]Edit

Tunnel Toad: (after the toadlets reunite) Darndest thing I ever saw.
Mistle Toad: I was convinced these toadlets would never find the Fairy Ring, but now, I'm not so sure.

Elf Cup: Are you all right, Morton?
Morton: No, I'm upside down. Wouldn't be so bad if I had something to read.

The Crystal Caverns [1.4]Edit

Scooped [1.5]Edit

Daphne: Let me guess. Your friends are hoppin' along -- la, la-la, la, la -- not a care in the world, and all of a sudden, WHAM! Next thing you know, the Stomper got 'em in a --
Panther Cap: A pink Gotcha!
Daphne: ...Yours was pink, eh? (dryly) Cute.

The Stay Away Place [1.6]Edit

Trojan Duck [1.7]Edit

Slippery Jack: (after being elbowed by Fur Foot) ... And can he sing! ... Can't he?
Oyster: I dunno! I had my ears covered! (twins giggle)

Night Fright [1.8]Edit

Trapped [1.9]Edit

Erebus: (singing) I'm alert, I'm awake, I'm a very wary snake / Who doesn't plan on getting any thinner, ha! / So beware, and take care, 'cause the forest is my lair / And everyone's invited as my dinner...

Bird's Eye View [1.10]Edit

The Cure [1.11]Edit

The Temple of Bufonidae [1.12]Edit

The Fairy Ring [1.13]Edit

Erebus: Let me down, you feathered fool! Let me down! Wait! Wait! Wait! Not here! I mean get me down. Please, take me down! Please!

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