To Catch a Predator

American reality television series focusing on exposing pedophiles through sting operations.

Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator (2004 – 2007) is a series of hidden camera investigations by the television newsmagazine Dateline NBC devoted to the subject of identifying and detaining potential child sexual abusers who attempt to contact children over the internet. The stories, which have all been done by Dateline NBC correspondent Chris Hansen, are conducted as an undercover sting operation with the help of online watchdog group Perverted Justice. Since the third installment, law enforcement officials have also been involved in the operation, leading to many arrests.

About the seriesEdit

  • Media has done a tremendous service to our nation by bringing awareness to the issue. Proactive online investigations are effective in identifying and ultimately catching child sexual predators, when conducted by proper law enforcement authorities
  • The issues "To Catch A Predator" raises are tied to larger journalistic questions too important to be ignored. It should be left to the law to decide how the men exposed on the program should be dealt with. But it is up to media to police its own behavior, even when the topic is distasteful and satisfying answers are not easy to come by.
  • Our next guest is host of the funniest comedy on television. It's called To Catch a Predator. If you've never seen it, it's like Punk'd for pedophiles. It's a great show and you can watch it this Wednesday night on NBC. Please say hello to Chris Hansen.
    • Jimmy Kimmel introducing Chris Hansen to his audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Predator QuotesEdit

Decoy: Hey, ya out there?!
Robert Lyons: Hi
Decoy: Hey, let me finish brushing my teeth real fast, OK?!
Robert Lyons: What happened?
Decoy: I'm have crap stuck in my teeth!
Robert Lyons: Your feet?

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