Tim O'Reilly

Irish computer programmer

Tim O'Reilly (born 6 June 1954) is the founder of O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly and Associates) that specializes in technology transfer through book publishing, the internet and conferences.

For a typical author, obscurity is a far greater threat than piracy.


  • Work on Stuff that Matters
  • Create more value than you Capture
  • Collective intelligence. Think of how Wikipedia works, how Amazon harnesses user annotation on its site, the way photo-sharing sites like Flickr are bleeding out into other applications... We're entering an era in which software learns from its users and all of the users are connected.
    • When asked "What innovation will most alter how we live in the next few years, as quoted in TIME magazine (24 October 2005)
  • For a typical author, obscurity is a far greater threat than piracy.
    • Sunday Tribune magazine (25 September 2005)
  • "I find, Andrew Keen's, his whole pitch, I think he was just pure and simple looking for an angle, to create some controversy and sell a book, I don't think there's any substance whatever to his rants."
    • The Truth According to the Wikipedia- IJsbrand van Veelen
  • "Just do something that lights you up, and lights up your customers, and lights up the world and scale to that."
  • If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.
    • This is a quote about television advertising from the 1970s. The earliest known reference is from a YouTube video. It was circulated in various forms, but the one nearest to this one was tweeted in 2010 by publisher Tim O’Reilly. (sourced from Quora)

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