Tim Gunn

American actor and fashion consultant

Timothy MacKenzie Gunn (born 29 July 1953) is an American fashion consultant, television personality and actor.

Tim Gunn in 2009


  • Make it work!
    • Gunn's catchphrase during his work on the television show Project Runway
  • I was called a fool when I was chair of fashion at Parsons and I invited PETA to speak to students. The industry went crazy. I said: "Wait a minute. The International Fur Trade Commission is coming here. I have a responsibility to bring another point of view, let the students decide." I would say if you're going to use fur, you have a responsibility to know its origins. … There's no reason to kill animals for fur. Wearing fur is like wearing a big sign reading, "I'm in favor of inflicting cruelty and pain on animals as a fashion statement." Unspeakable torture is inflicted on dogs, cats, bunnies, raccoons, foxes, minks and myriad trapped, helpless creatures in the name of fashion — yes, dogs and cats.
    • "Tim Gunn and me" by Patt Morrison, interview with the Los Angeles Times (23 November 2009).
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