Tilda Moyo

Zimbabwean radio personality

Tilda Moyo-Karizamimba (born 1 May 1966) is a Zimbabwean radio personality who is known for tackling sensitive social issues. She is married to Karizamimba. She presents the Tilda Show, the Sunday Secrets and Confessions and the Couple`s hour. Tilda started her broadcasting carrier with Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) Radio Zimbabwe. She joined Star FM after leaving ZBC in 2013.https://www.pindula.co.zw/Tilda_Moyo.


  • I am pushed by love for people, it is sad to meet people who cannot assist themselves and each day I feel happy when I help someone, but it is not easy, I get threats from various people when I am tackling issues, but I am not shaken. I believe God is there to look after me and at the end of the day I emerge victorious.
  • It's funny because I do not have any awards, each time I feel I am not ready, even today I feel I haven't reached where I feel I deserve an award.
  • To the youths, I say life is changing everyday, thing come and go but always be yourself and stay focused on your dreams.
  • To the young journalists, I say be original, know your job, be ethical and know that once you are famous, your life is a book, open to everyone to read. Such when you make a silly mistake, the papers will sell like hot cakes because you are a celebrity.

Quotes About Her

  • She made a name for herself at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)'s Radio Zimbabwe where she hosted a no-holds barred Sunday morning talk show which touched on various social issues. Some of the controversial issues that the programme has dealt with include those of satanists, child prostitutes, victims of rape and business people who use juju to enrich themselves. It was a phone-in programme and many a times perpetrators and victims called in airing their views and experiences making it worthwhile for the audiences to tune in.