Tigran Petrosian

Soviet Armenian Grandmaster and World Chess Champion

Tigran Petrosian (17 June 192913 August 1984) was World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969.

Tigran Petrosian in 1962


  • I have a weakness for any piece in excess of my opponent's numbers - from pawn to queen.
    • Quoted in Vik L Vasilev, "Tigran Petrosian His Life and Games" (Batsford, London, 1974) p. 166.
  • Chess is a game by its form, an art by its content and a science by the difficulty of gaining mastery in it. Chess can convey as much happiness as a good book or work of music can.
  • Some consider that when I play I am excessively cautious, but it seems to me that the question may be a different one. I try to avoid chance. Those who rely on chance should play cards or roulette. Chess is something quite different.

About Petrosian

  • In those years, it was easier to win the Soviet Championship than a game against 'Iron Tigran'
    • Garry Kasparov (2004). My Great Predecessors, Part III. Everyman Chess. p.80
  • It is to Petrosian's advantage that his opponents never know when he is suddenly going to play like Mikhail Tal
    • Boris Spassky "Tigran Petrosian's Best Games". chessgames.com. Retrieved 21 December 2013.
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