2009 film by Jac Schaeffer

TiMER is a 2009 film about what life is like in the near future when everyone can find their soulmate by getting a TiMER, a device that counts down until the day you meet them.

Directed by Jac Schaeffer. Written by Jac Schaeffer.
You can't hurry love.


  • Oh my God tell me what you did or I'm gonna pee on your bed!
  • It's a fucking Greek tragedy up in here.


  • See that's what's stupid about the TiMERs it says you have one path and you can't take detours. Life is about detours.
  • Don't worry the guys will be at the bar for a few more hours. You know taking turns with our groupie.
  • Grady if I'm a pussy I'm about to have the best lesbian sex of my entire life!


  • Espero que algún día te unas a dejar que me hacen feliz.


  • Matchmaker Patty: (After implanting TiMER that shows they're not a match) Awkward.


Oona: You ready?
Brian: Uhh, yeah, umm...about this.
Oona: Brian, you like me right?
Brian: Yes, definitely.
Oona: But what's the point in continuing without a guarantee?

Oona: Hey what time do you get off?
Mikey: What?
Oona: Do you want me to repeat it?
Mikey: Yes into the loudspeaker if you don't mind.

Oona: I don't wanna know how old you are.
Mikey: Ok. How old are you?
Oona: I turn 30 this January.
Mikey: Whoa.

Oona: Maybe this was a bad idea.
Mikey: No. No, no no no no, it's a really good idea. It's up there with gravity, cold fusion, or what have you.

Dutch: In the service we had a name for people like that.
Steph: Pricks?
Dutch: Cocksuckers.
Steph: Even better. How's it hanging Dutch?
Dutch: Down to my knees angel. You keep your head up.

Oona: What are you doing here?
Mikey: I wanted to see you again.
Oona: ...Why?
Mikey: (silence)
Oona: You make a strong case.

Steph: Are you naked?
Oona: What! No! I'm wearing a robe.
Steph: But you are naked underneath. You don't sleep naked.
Oona: Sometimes I do.
Steph: No, you don't. You think it makes rapists job easier.


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