Thunderbirds is a mid-1960s Sylvia and Gerry Anderson television show which used a form of puppetry called "Supermarionation". Two seasons were produced, comprising thirty-two episodes in total. Production commenced in 1964 and the series premiered on British television in September 1965

Series OneEdit

Trapped in the Sky [1.1]Edit

[International Rescue has succeeded in saving the Fireflash aircraft via emergency elevator cars, but one driven by Virgil has crashed off the runway and is upside down]
Scott: Are you okay, Virgil?
[Virgil is trying to crawl right side up within his elevator car]
Virgil: Okay, Scott. Made good timing.
Scott: Great, Virgil! Just great.

Sun Probe [1.11]Edit

Brains: [On finding they've brought Braman, Brains' chess-playing robot, with them on a voyage to save Thunderbird 3] Oh no! Virgil, we've brought the wrong box!
Virgil: Base from Thunderbird 2, calling base from Thunderbird 2!

Series TwoEdit

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker [2.3]Edit

[Brains is driving into the London Airport under the pseudonym of Mr. Hackenbacker]
Brains: This is Hiram K. Hackenbacker calling Jeff Tracy. Come in, Jeff Tracy.
Jeff: Go ahead, er... Mr... Hackenbacker.
Brains: I am now entering the London Airport.
Jeff: Good luck Br- I mean Mr. Hackenbacker.

Recurring quotesEdit

Jeff Tracy: Thunderbirds are go!

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