Thumbelina (1994 film)

1994 American animated film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

Thumbelina is a 1994 American-Danish animated film in which the heroine must evade the clutches of various toads, moles, and beetles before she can proceed with her courtship with her dream lover, Prince Cornelius.

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Written by Don Bluth, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
Follow your heart and nothing is impossible.

Dialogue edit

Thumbelina's Mother: And here, the fairy prince and princess are having a wedding.
Thumbelina: And they live...happily ever after!
Thumbelina's Mother: Usually, my dear.
Thumbelina: [crawls by the picture of the prince] I...suppose it works best if two people are about...the same size.
Thumbelina's Mother: [unsure] Yes, of course.
Thumbelina: Well...well, that's not fair. I...I must be the only little person in the world. I wish I were big.
Thumbelina's Mother: Oh, no, Thumbelina. No. Don't ever wish to be anything but what you are.

Thumbelina: [not knowing that Cornelius is the prince] Tell me about the fairy court. Is there a prince?
Prince Cornelius: Yes.
Thumbelina: He must be terribly handsome.
Prince Cornelius: Oh, he is.
Thumbelina: Strong and brave.
Prince Cornelius: None like him.
Thumbelina: I'd love to meet the prince.
Prince Cornelius: Oh, I'll tell him.

Thumbelina: I wish I had wings.
Prince Cornelius: Maybe someday you will.

Thumbelina: Well, I must get off this lily pad, but...that's impossible.
Jacquimo: [laughs] Nothing is impossible!

Thumbelina: Let's be practical. This isn't the Vale of the Fairies, and Cornelius is never coming back!
Prince Cornelius: [comes up behind her, singing] And I'll never let you fall!
Thumbelina: [seeing him alive] You! It's you! Cornelius, you're alive!

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