Three's Company/Season 2

season of television series

Three's Company is an American sitcom that aired from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984, on ABC. The show revolves around a man who must pretend to be gay in order to move in with two female roommates. It is based on the British sitcom, Man About the House.

Ground Rules [2.01] edit

Chrissy: [realizes Jack is flirting with Veronica] Oh, am I interrupting something?
Jack: I hope so!

Janet: Oh, gee, Chrissy, I hope you don't have that same problem I had last week with Bob.
Chrissy: What problem?
Janet: Well, he kept looking for a parking place for his hand.
Chrissy: Ugh. When will a guy realize that when a girl says no she really means no?
Janet: Right.
Chrissy: Except when she means maybe.

Jack Looks For a Job [2.02] edit

Janet: You know we can't afford to eat all kinds of food every night.
Chrissy: Especially with one of us not working.
Jack: Oh, you don't have to spare my feelings, Chrissy. Why don't you just come right out and say it? We all know which one of us is not working.
Chrissy: All right. You're the one that's not working.
Jack: That hurt. You got a mean streak in you, Chrissy.

[Jack has been offered a job as a nude model]
Jack: I don't think I wanna do this.
Harvey: Ashamed of your body?
Jack: Of course not. It's just I have certain principles and there's some things I will not do. And one of them is...
Harvey: Did you come here to debate or to make ten bucks an hour?
Jack: Oh, where do I get undressed?