Thomas Newman

American composer

Thomas Montgomery Newman (October 20, 1955–) is an American composer and conductor.


  • I’m a huge fan of not overemphasizing music. Sometimes you can get a sense of music underlining things the audience already understands. And, as you say, silence is great. The more silence there is, the more chance you have to underline a newer moment with more refreshment.
  • Frequently lately it’s reading a script, but that can come with some jeopardy because reading a script predisposes you to a kind of movie you expect to see, and then when it falls short of that expectation you have to realign. Sometimes the best experiences are when I know nothing about this movie, I’ve never met the director and I come and see something and I’m blank because then it’s coming at you in a way it would never come at you if you’d read the script, with an expectation.
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